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Telefonica´s Program for Partners Solutions

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Movilforum maintains alliances with major players in the ICT market, manufacturers of operating systems, devices and platforms to whom we provide access for our partners. We also offer ongoing training on new technologies and market trends of upcoming business solutions.

Some of the leading alliances of Movilforum are:

  • Huawei: We collaborate with Huawei in creating a portfolio of connected devices with Telefónica´s IoT, access to technical support and disclosure of M2M business opportunities exclusive to our partners
  • Intel: Our partnership with Intel focuses on encouraging the development of applications for x86 and promote the creation of Internet of Things devices that are based on Intel technologies
  • Qualcomm: With Qualcomm we increase the sales of devices through joint marketing actions, trainings and business meetings
  • Samsung: With joint forces together with Samsung we develop the market of applications and “wearable” devices, we promote Samsung Apps and amplify solutions for their devices
  • Sony: Our partnership with Sony is focused on help them to spread the advantages of Sony devices in spanish market, and the inclusion of content in the Application that Telefonica commercial network is using

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