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Telefonica´s Program for Partners Solutions

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With the initiative of Movilforum Telefónica supports the technological transformation of their customers by finding the best solutions on the market and encouraging innovation in sectors such as Mobility and Mobile Operating Systems.



New technologies are changing the way that companies and customers interact. To face this challenge, spanish companies work continuously on a transformation to improve their processes to adapt to these new market needs.

These changes of today’s business require the development of new solutions and tools to help achieving this goal.

Movilforum supports the mobilization of business processes by identifying the best companies with specific solutions for each sector. From solutions that make any business tool be accessible from mobiles and tablets to specific solutions for each business application.

Movilforum connects with the industry’s best companies that develop applications to create groundbreaking solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.

These are some examples of services in the mobility business that Movilforum offers:

  • Advanced support and consulting: We provide to your business all the accumulated experience of Movilforum in technology and market to help you in your development and accompany you on your successes. We are backed by 14 years of experience in the sector.
  • Events and training workshops: Training on new mobile technologies, operating systems and development platforms related to mobility.
  • Hiring devices: We leave these terminals that you need to advance in your development and testing.
  • Internal placement: We are acting as ambassadors for your solutions and services within Telefónica. Movilforum aims to identify the best market solutions to incorporate them in the Telefónica portfolio.
  • Advice and support for uploading Apps to the Markets.
  • Endorsement: If your development uses Telefonica platforms we certify and give you a special stamp to support it
  • Also we provide to you with contacts to our industry and technology partners as other partners of Movilforum to help you to develop your business

Firefox OS

The Firefox OS project is a very ambitious approach of Telefónica to provide a totally open smartphone operating system regardless of manufacturers which allows Mobile Operators to offer smartphones at low-cost and good performance. This should enable internet access to a large part of the world’s population regardless of their financial resources.

The project initiated by the Mozilla Foundation in 2011 under the name “Boot to Gecko”. In July 2012 it was rebranded to Firefox OS and finally it was released in Barcelona in February 2013 during the MWC.

In Movilforum we are following this project closely to keep our partners up to date on this new technology through informative events, first hand access to the project, loan devices and technical support for Partners interested in developing applications and services based on Firefox OS.

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