Error 0x80070570: what it is and how to fix it

Error 0x80070570 Windows

From time to time our computer shows us an error message. This assumes that something has gone wrong and that we cannot perform that action that we wanted to do at that moment. An error or error message that possibly it sounds like many is the Error 0x80070570, which has probably appeared on your PC on occasion. What does this error mean? Why does it appear on our computer?

Next we are going to talk about this Error 0x80070570 that comes out on occasion on the PC. We tell you more about the reason why this message appears on our computer. We also mention a series of possible solutions that we can resort to in those moments when it appears on our PC. In this way you will put an end to this ruling.

What is the Error 0x80070570

Error 0x80070570 Windows

This is an error that can appear in all versions of Windows, although it is something that is less and less common in versions such as Windows 10. Error 0x80070570 comes up when a file or drive sector is corrupt. Also a damaged drive can cause this error message to appear on our computer screen. If you get this message on the screen, then you will not be able to read or open that file correctly.

In some cases, this error can come out as well during the Windows installation process. It informs us that a file is corrupt, making it impossible to read. This means that the installation process stops then, as it is impossible to open files that are necessary for it. This is an error that has some symptoms, that is, if some behaviors are detected on the PC, then it is possible that it will occur at some point:

  • There is little storage space on the system disk and / or Windows runs slower than normal.
  • You get more spam error messages.
  • There is a clicking sound every time you start the system or when you access the hard drive.
  • If the PC takes longer than normal to access the data on the hard disk.
  • Missing or loss of information on the hard drive.

It is important be attentive to this type of behavior on the PC. Since they can be a hint of problems and it would not be weird if we soon encountered Error 0x80070570 at some point. So it is important to be attentive to possible malfunctions, since they usually bring more serious failures with them.

How to fix this error

Error 0x80070570

If we have encountered the Error 0x80070570 message in Windows, we will have to apply some solution. Since as you have been able to see, it is a failure that will clearly affect the operation of the computer or processes, such as the installation of an update on it. The good news is that we have a series of solutions that we will be able to apply if this error message appears in our case.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. For some users it will be a solution that makes everything work fine again, while in other cases several will have to be tried until finally the one that solves the problem is found.

Restart the PC

A truism solution, but what it works also to fix Error 0x80070570, as well as many other bugs in Windows. When we have an error message on the computer, restarting it is a good way to make everything work fine again. Many times some of these errors have their origin in processes that are carried out on the PC, which have had a problem.

It is the easiest solution in these cases, so it is always recommended that it is the first one that we are going to try in this regard. Since it may be just what works for many users. Therefore, try restarting your computer and try again to open that file or install that update.


An update may in some cases be the cause of this Error 0x80070570 on the screen, although not always. In addition, it can also be a solution that we can apply in this sense when we have this problem in Windows. In this case, the error message may be related to old or damaged corrupted files, which will be corrected if you upgrade to a new version of the operating system or the latest security patch available.

Go to the section of your operating system where you can see if there are updates available, as Update if you have Windows 10. If there is an update available for the PC, be it a system update or a security patch, proceed to install it. Maybe once you have installed it, everything will work normally and this error has stopped coming out.

Download the update again

Error 0x80070570

In some cases the Error 0x80070570 comes out when you try to install an update on your computer, as we mentioned before. If this is the case, you will have to force the installation of said Windows update on the PC, otherwise it will not be possible to carry it out. Especially if you have tried a couple of times to carry it out, but you keep getting this error message on the screen, making it impossible to complete.

You can restart your computer and then proceed to force this update manually. This is something that in most cases works and that will allow that update that is available to be installed without this error message going to appear on the screen. You will be able to check this in the Updates and computer security section, forcing Windows to look for that update that is already available.

If you do this, it is important that do not use apps or programs that need Internet access. Since this way you make sure that the connection or the bandwidth is better and is destined to the update in question. Of course, the ideal is to use either WiFi or a cable connection to proceed with the installation of an update in Windows. In this way, you will ensure that it is installed properly.

Check for hard drive damage

Maybe before this Error 0x80070570 message appeared on your computer, you have noticed some of the symptoms mentioned above. Because, it is something important to check if there is any damage to the hard drive. Since this could be the reason why we get this message on the screen. And it could be something that has been going on for a while, but that we have not detected until now. So a timely analysis is another solution to consider.

Analyze the hard drive of your Windows computer, but also another unit, if it is in this unit where we are getting this failure, such as a pen drive or an external hard drive. This way we will be able to check if there is really a problem with it, if there is any type of damage. This will give us valuable information about that unit and also thus we can determine since this was the origin of this error that appeared on the screen.

Download the file again

Another situation in which we get this Error 0x80070570 is when we try to open some file. It may happen with a file that we have just downloaded to the computer, but that tells us it is corrupt and that it is not possible to open it then. In this situation, we can try to download this file again. It is possible that the first download has failed or that there has been a problem in the same, which means that we cannot open the file.

Therefore, download the file in question again. If it is a program or app, try also from a different website or even from another browser on your PC. This may be the reason why the download failed at the time. Trying different options in this regard to download this file is something that works well and will allow us to have a file that we can open, which is not corrupt.

Shipping again

In other cases this error message appears when someone You have sent us an attachment in an email. If this is the case, you can ask that person to send the file in question again, as clearly something has gone wrong. Most likely, when that person sends us the file in question again, we can then open it normally. Of course, check if you are using the appropriate app to open this file, especially if it is a format that we do not know or do not use a lot on our PC, since it could be giving this problem in our case and is the reason why that we have not been able to open it.

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