3D Movies to Watch on PS4 VR

After the successful landing of Sony In the world of virtual reality games, it was a matter of time before I exploited those same resources to be able to watch 3D movies on the PS4 VR. The experience is absolutely incredible. In this post we are going to explain everything you need to know to enjoy it. From how to configure the headphones to a series of interesting tricks.

In addition to all its gaming functions that we already know, PlayStation VR also offers a specific function for viewing movies. Is he Kinematic mode, a solution so versatile that it is useful both for use in PS4 games other than virtual reality and for browsing the Internet in 2D. And, above all, to watch virtual reality videos in 3D.

Among other things, this mode gives us a improved screen size, much larger than that of any standard television. Without fear of exaggeration, we can say that it is like an IMAX cinema, but with the ideal screen size and complete isolation. The idea is that we feel that we are inside a movie theater. Something similar to what for example proposes Netflix VR.

But before launching into enjoying this wonderful 3D experience and obtaining the best viewing mode, some adjustments must be made:

How to set up cinematic mode on PlayStation VR

The cinematic mode of the PlayStation4 is very easy to set up. All we have to do is turn on the console and plug in the headphones. Just doing that the PS4 menu will appear through the VR viewer. There we will find the options to adjust the desired quality when watching our favorite movies

The first thing to know is that this mode allows us to watch virtual reality movies in three screen sizes different:

  • Small (117 inches).
  • Medium (163 inches).
  • Large (226 inches).

To adjust these screen sizes, in the viewer menu we have to first go to Settings, then enter Devices, choose PlayStation VR and finally select Cinematic Mode.

A little tip: although the 226-inch figure is very tempting (according to Sony, just like sitting in the front row of a movie theater), it is important to know that not always "bigger" means "better." The correlation is precisely the opposite: the larger the screen size, the worse the image quality. Don't expect a level of Blu-Ray quality at this size. For that reason we recommend opting for 163 inches.

ps4 vr

How to watch 3D movies on PS4 VR

Sony has released several updates to the console's Media Player application since its launch. Thanks to that, you can currently enjoy different types of content through PSVR. Thus, we can watch virtual reality movies in formats such as MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS, MPEG2 TS, AVCHD, JPEG or BMP.

Regarding audio quality, Sony corrected a notable initial deficiency, whereby the headphones could not play 3D Blu-Rays. It was all fixed with the PlayStation 4.50 patch, which introduced a couple of significant changes, including an update to the cinematic mode. A 120Hz refresh rate was also included for small and medium screen sizes. It is not a minor change, as it allows the user to watch PlayStation VR 3D videos (on sale for about 300 euros) for longer periods without feeling headaches, dizziness and other discomfort.

Of course, to enjoy this content it is necessary to use a USB memory or store the update on a local media server, since it cannot be stored directly on the PS4. At least for now.

We must add to all this that with the PlayStation VR we can also enjoy videos recorded in 360 degrees. And of photographs taken with an omnidirectional camera. We will also be able to play any kind of compatible content from an attached device.

But let's not lose sight of the topic of the post: 3D cinema and virtual reality. That is the great asset of the PS4 VR beyond the world of video games, a whole field of possibilities that we are just now beginning to discover.

3D Movies to Watch on PS4 VR

Since any 4D movie available on Blu-Ray can be viewed on the PS3 VR, obviously the list is endless. However, there are certain titles especially suitable for this experience. We have made a movie selection that appear to have been filmed on purpose for this platform. Some are some years old, but their characteristics make them ideal for this cinematic mode. Even if you've already seen them in the movies or on TV, we encourage you to watch them again and discover the difference:



Avatar: one of the best 3D movies to watch on the PS4 VR

I can't think of a better proposal than this to test the wonder of watching 3D movies on the PS4 VR. In editing the footage of Avatar Several innovative, never-before-seen visual effects techniques were used. James Cameron, the director, opted for computer-generated photorealistic characters, created using new motion capture animation technologies.

Innovations included a new system for lighting massive areas like the Pandora jungle and an improved method for capturing facial expressions.

The producers of Avatar poured a staggering $ 237 million into the film, though it grossed ten times more at the box office. A resounding success without a doubt. The film, far from being outdated, is still today a jewel worth enjoying over and over again. Especially in 3D.


gravity movie

3D Movies to Watch on PS4 VR: Gravity

Another perfect movie to feel the vertigo of 3D sensory immersion on PS4 VR is Gravity (2013). It was initially filmed in digital format, being transferred to 3D format in the post-production process.

For those who have not seen it, it is a wonderful thriller about an accident in the space shuttle Explorer in orbit around the Earth. The protagonists are George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, They received countless accolades for their performances. The same can be said for its special effects and the technology used in its production.

It was James Cameron himself who advised the director Alfonso Cuarón in the use of new digital technologies for the creation of the film. After the premiere, the director of Avatar declared with fascination that this was the best space movie ever made. Its amazing visual strength is multiplied when viewed in virtual reality.

The Lord of the Rings

A Total Immersive 3D Experience: The Lord of the Rings

Only with virtual reality technology can we travel to Middle Earth, the dark mountains of Mordor or the green hills of La Comarca. Indeed, The Lord of the Rings saga is another of the ideal proposals to savor with all the intensity through the PS4 VR.

There is little new to add about the great work of J.R.R. Tolkien and its adaptation to the cinema by the hand of Peter Jackson. Yes, we can talk about the innovative techniques and digital visual effects used in the production of these films, which shine even more when we see them on the PS4 VR.

Special mention for the sound effects. From the roars of the orcs to the whispers of Gollum, our ears will transport us to all those fantastic settings, giving us an unparalleled experience.

The Avengers

3D Movies to Watch on PS4 VR: The Avengers

What a great idea to dive back into the Venagdor saga in virtual reality! The four titles in the series (The Avengers, The Age of Ultron, Infinity War and Endgame) were produced in 3D, delighting both Marvel fans and fans of action and fantasy films.

That is precisely why the PS4 VR is a magnificent opportunity to re-enjoy the great moments of one of the highest-grossing sagas of recent years on the big screen. An improved experience.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park, the overwhelming film that does not go out of style

Finally, a classic with capital letters, perfect to be experienced in 3D through the PS4 VR. Jurassic Park it was released in 1993, almost three decades ago. However, it is one of those round movies (sequels are another topic) that you never tire of seeing. A mixture of adventure film, science fiction and horror that has not lost an ounce of its original charm despite the passage of time.

Virtual reality will bring about the prodigy that we walk among dinosaurs. We will feel his presence, fascinating and threatening, around us, living like this one of the great creations of Steven Spielberg in first person. A jewel that good movie fans will be able to enjoy in a different way.

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