5 Best Free Gun Games for PC

pC gun games

Nothing better than a good shooter to eliminate stress. This type of games is very popular among gamers all over the world, especially gun games. In this post we will review some of the best. To raise the adrenaline and enjoy from the screen of our computer.

Within the jargon of Gamers, the term shooter is used to define the subgenre of action games in which our main objective is to eliminate the different enemies that appear with a clean shot, shooting with all kinds of firearms.

They are usually classified into two categories, depending on what the player point of view:

  • FPS (First person shooter), games in which the player's perspective is first person. The eyes of the character carrying the weapons are our eyes. His hands, our hands. Some well-known examples of this type are Halo, Call of Duty, Far Cry o Battlefield.
    GST (third person shooter), in which the third-person perspective is shown. This is the case of games like BloodRayne o Fornite.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. gun shaped controls They are essential to get the best performance from this type of game, to enjoy it to the fullest and experience it intensely. All for realism. The difference between using the mouse and the gun is like that of night and day. If you don't have one yet, you should buy one. Otherwise you won't get a complete immersion in these vibrant PC gun games that we are discussing below:

Apex Legends


Best free PC gun games: Apex Legends

We open the list with this game that appeared in 2019 appeared with a game proposal type battle royale different, endowed with the necessary elements to become a success. And that was precisely what happened with Apex Legends.

One of the great virtues of this gun game for PC is its simplicity. It's a shooter in the first person without complications, where we find different characters, each with their own abilities and weaknesses. The mechanics are also simple: the fight to the death of 60 players on an island. All against all. The last one standing will be the winner.

However, to advance in the game and have any chance of success, cooperation with other players is essential, which is organized with the patrols of three You have to stock up, get weapons, explore the island and stay alive to face the final stretch of the game.

A new aspect of Apex Legends is the communication with other players through pings, thus dispensing with chats or microphones. Learning to master this type of communication is vital to gaining an advantage over your opponents.

For the rest, the graphics are remarkable (if we take into account that it is a free game) and the sound effects are very well done. All added together makes this game an excellent option, worthy of being on our list.

Link: Apex Legends

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Best Free Gun Games for PC: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

This is a case worth mentioning: Counter-Strike is a relatively old game that has managed to renew itself and update itself to stay ahead of the game and continue to occupy a position on all the best lists. shooters. The latest version for sale is Counter-Strike: Source, although there is a fantastic free version, which we are going to talk about here: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Although this game does not have a campaign mode, which players like so much, to compensate for it, it offers an excellent multiplayer mode and numerous options such as creating custom maps. Precisely the maps, very detailed and complete, are one of the strong points of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Another delicious detail of realism is the recoil of the weapons. You have to practice a lot to master them well! It is also a game that requires reflection and strategy on the part of the player, it is not enough to run and shoot like crazy. And, above all, control the money available.

Anyone who has already played previous versions of Counter-Strike knows what they are up against. It could be said that this free version repeats the formula, but improved and expanded.

Link: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

H1Z1: Battle Royale


Best Free PC Gun Games: H1Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 is a game type battle royale which was released many years before Fortnite, although unfortunately it has long been overshadowed by other better-known titles. The award for perseverance arrived and today it can be said that H1Z1: Battle Royale is one of the great PC gun games at our fingertips.

If there's one thing this game stands out for, it's one feature in particular: the Auto Royale game mode, in which 30 teams of four players each are formed. The teams travel by car and a brutal battle to the death ensues with only one remaining.

Link: H1Z1: Battle Royale

Quake champions

Best Free PC Gun Games: Quake Champions

This is undoubtedly the most successful and the most accomplished of the installments in the Quake saga. It stands out above all for its magnificent playability and fast-paced gameplay. Getting bored seems complicated when you're holding your gun in front of your PC screen.

En Quake champions We also find a considerable number of maps, each with its own peculiarities, that every good player should memorize to be successful in this challenge. There are various game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmach, Duel and many others. Each one offers a different level of demand.

Another notable aspect of Quake Champions is the graphic section, with a unique visual identity (and that's very difficult to achieve), with numerous quality details.

Link: Quake champions

Doom 3

Doom 3

Best Free PC Gun Games: Doom 3

To close the list, the third installment of a classic: Doom 3. An action and horror game, perfect for unleashing our baser instincts shooters.

We are talking about a first-person game that requires speed and reflexes. You have to be fast and have a lot of aim to finish off the enemies that come from everywhere. Fortunately, the player has a large arsenal to deal with all of them. And when the weapons run out, we can still fall back on our own fists.

Aesthetics is one of the great achievements of Doom 3: a dark world, of lights and shadows, where danger lurks in every corner, long corridors to walk through and a harrowing sense of threat that may not make this game the ideal option for hearts too sensitive.

Link: Doom 3

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