5 tools to recognize songs online

recognize songs online

Surely it has happened to you more than once: you hear a song that you like, but you don't know what its name is, or who sings it. There is no way to identify her. Don't worry, technology comes to the rescue. Today we are going to learn about some tools that will help us achieve our goal: recognize songs online

These tools are capable of recognizing the music that we are listening to and providing us with all the details (artist, author, release date, etc.) that are needed to be able to locate that song that we were looking for and even download it.

 There are many sites on the Internet where we find this free service, so at first it would seem that it would be enough to do a simple search on Google and choose one. However, not all of them work correctly. That is why we have selected here those that, in the opinion of the majority of users, offer better results:



The platform to identify online music most valued by users: Shazam

Probably the most famous and most used tool in the world to recognize songs online. Its fame is not the result of chance, but of the demonstration that it works. Since its launch in 1999, Shazam has been constantly updating its services and functionalities to continue occupying the number one position within its segment.

since it was bought by apple As of 2017, Shazam is offered as a free (or nearly free) app for select iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, as well as most Sony phones and Windows Phone 8.

How does Shazam work? This application uses the microphone that most mobile phones have built in to be able to record the music that is being played at a given moment. A small sample is enough to create an acoustic fingerprint. Once the fingerprint is registered, it is checked against Shazam's extensive database for matches. The search can be prolonged more or less until finally… Bingo! When the match occurs, we already have in our hands all the information about that song: song title, artist, album and even links to iTunes, YouTube or Spotify, for example.

For all this, more than a simple tool to recognize songs online, Shazam is considered as a platform great for music lovers. However, its uses are even broader, as it can also recognize movies and TV shows with amazing accuracy. It is enough to bring the phone's microphone closer to the sound source.

Link: Shazam


sound hound

Sing the song you are looking for to SounHound and she will help you find it

How to use SoundHound It is really interesting, since it allows us to identify the song we are looking for without the need for it to be playing at that precise moment. This tool is capable of finding music through our voice. Yes indeed, we have to have some ability to sing (or even hum) and some ear for music so as not to confuse the seeker.

In other words, it can be an incredibly handy tool, but it may not be right for everyone. As much as SoundHound is a true "musical hound", it will not be able to help us much if we are not able to sing at least a recognizable fragment of the song in question.

SoundHoud is available for Android and iOS and is totally free. When the song that we are looking for is finally identified, the application will show us its name, possible YouTube videos of it, a link to see the complete lyrics and much more information. It should also be noted that in addition to the mobile application there is also a desktop version.

Link: SoundHound



Lyrster… Because sometimes the lyrics are more important than the music

This is a slightly different tool than the others on this list. The mode used by Lyrster to identify songs is not based on the music, but on the lyrics. It can be very practical, especially in those cases in which we have been able to retain a phrase or a chorus of the song. That will be enough to be able to pull the thread and find the song.

How It Works When entering the Lyrster website, a box appears in which you can write an extract of the lyrics. Then all you have to do is click the “Find my song” button and cross your fingers. Lyrster's search engine will search over 450 websites specializing in song lyrics. Naturally, the chances of success depend in part on whether we are able to write the lyric fragment without errors or misspellings.

To help us in our task, Lyrster will provide us with a series of suggestions as we write the letter in the box. It will also give us a hand with some simple tips to improve our searches. It must also be said that this is a completely free tool that it will not even require us to register with it.

Link: Lyrster



Midomi: for many, the best alternative to Shazam

Many users consider that Midomi is the best alternative to Shazam that exists today. Actually, it's an effective combination of the benefits and resources provided by Shazam and SoundHound, since it can recognize songs online both through the phone's microphone and through our own voice, if we're able to sing it with a minimum of solvency.

Regardless of the method used, Midomi will search until it finds the music we want to identify, offering us the results with a long list of related details: name of the song, lyrics, genre and artist, year of release... All in a matter of just a few seconds .

In addition to a song search engine, Midomi is also a meeting point for music fans from all over the world. Its user community works and collaborates constantly to expand its database thanks to individual contributions.

Link: Midomi



Recognize music online through ACRCloud

The fifth name on the list has made its way in recent times, reaching great popularity, thanks to its collaboration agreement with Xiaomi. And it ACRCloud comes from China, even though its initials are in English (ACR means Automatic Content Recognition, or automatic content recognition). That is precisely the music recognition technology that makes the miracle possible.

This great platform has a database fed by more than 40 million music tracks. Like other similar tools, to find that song that's around our heads and we can't identify, all we have to do is bring the microphone of our mobile or our computer closer to the sound source so that ACRCloud identifies it and provides us with all its details.

Link: ACRCloud

In addition to these five main options, it is worth mentioning some others that can be certainly useful to recognize songs online. AudioTag, MusixMatch, Name my Tune, Qiiqoo, Watzasong, In addition to the popular formula OK Google or Siri, They are some of them.

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