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bots for Discord

Discord is a communication platform that was born focused on the world of videogames, but that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, its use was considerably expanded to other sectors mainly due to the fact that it allows making audio video calls completely free of charge, just like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger ...

Like other messaging platforms such as Telegram, Discord puts at our disposal a large number of bots with which we can automate repetitive tasks such as answering the same question, what song is playing, what are the contact methods ... which with the best bots for Discord.

The first thing to know about Discord bots is that there are two types: Certified and non-certified. Certified Discord bots have passed the Discord certificate program, so they assure us that they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The rest of the bots that are not part of the certificate program, can work without any problem 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but also they are likely to do it erratically, that is to say, that the same thing works that the same thing stops working.



MEE6 it is a perfect bot for very numerous Discord channels thanks to the large number of options available to us. It is one of the most complete since it is designed for content creators who have a lot of activity on Discord. The moderation tools it offers us are some of the best we can find for Discord.

You can configure welcome messages and automatic roles so that users must agree to the rules before joining your server. You can create custom commands that can basically do anything, like send messages to certain people or give certain roles… all of this completely automatically.

MEE6 also has a loyalty system to encourage engagement and user loyalty including customizable filters to cut trolls or pornographic content. You can also use MEE6 to create alerts for when any content goes live on Twitch, YouTube, and other social networks.


Dynobot It is a bot similar to MIEE6 designed to moderate the servers thanks to the large number of options that it makes available to us. It allows us to add custom commands, assign tasks to administrators and we can even use it to automatically play music based on commands in chat.



If we usually play the same games, we are always interested in knowing first-hand which are the new features that have been added or the improvements that have been implemented in the last update of the game.

Thanks to Patchbot We can have all this information at the click of a mouse, without having to search the web pages of each developer, a bot that undoubtedly saves us a lot of time if we want to be informed at the moment of all the changes

find time

When a community is made up of people from different parts of the world, agreeing in one hour is really difficult, because of the time zone differences. Fortunately for this first world problem there is a bot-shaped solution for Discord called find time.

Once the bot is configured, will automatically convert the entered hours in the chats at the local time of each user, an ideal bot to meet groups of friends from different countries at the same time without having misunderstandings due to the time change.



Not everyone speaks English, even if it is the universal language. For all those users who do not know other languages ​​besides their own, we find the bot Translator.

Discord Translator takes care of translate in more than 100 languages, so that all members of the chat can read the messages regardless of the language in which they have been written, since the bot is responsible for translating them automatically.

As long as colloquial words are not used, the translation will be of a high quality. Although it is true that it is not a free bot, if you have a large community that speaks in different languages ​​(although it is not usually allowed), it is a good option to consider.

Thanks Memer

This bot takes care of collect the most popular Reddit memes daily and makes them available to all users. In addition, it includes a large number of pictures of animals, games of chance, pets and answers

Using the currency system of Thanks Memer, users can gambling or stealing coins from other users. The coins can be used to buy items in the meme shop or to play a fun online game.



Yes, you read it right. You can put John Wick to protect your Discord server with this simple bot. Thanks to the bot Wick, you can automatically protect your channel from spam links and advertisements, as well as being a complete security center that tracks any suspected movement, expelling malicious users.

Double counter

Double counter prevent people from joining your server using multiple accounts, being one of the few moderation tools that offers us this very interesting function on certain occasions and types of account.

Check members who join through their IPs to check if they are using other accounts. So if a user is kicked off the server, that person cannot log back in using an alternate account unless change the IP.

This bot talso takes into account other parameters like cookies to distinguish users. You can also block VPN users so that people cannot forcibly re-enter.

If you have problems with the people who spam your server using Discord using different accounts, you will need a bot like Double Counter to keep people at bay.



When there were no mobilesOne of the hobbies of many young people was to play hangman, tic-tac-toe ... for which we only needed a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

The popular hangman is also available in bot form for Discord, a bot that will allow us to play with our friends or followers and having a few more than fun times.


pokecord is recognized as one of the best Discord bots of all time. Why? Because it allows your Discord users collect, fight and capture Pokémon directly from Discord.

Discord users on your server can use commands to search for Pokémon or fight others. Over time, your Pokemon will level up and get stronger. A bot more than interesting when the area where we live we hardly find other Pokémon GO users.



ProBot It is also like other moderation tools, but focuses on set custom welcome messages. It allows you to set the tone of your Discord server for anyone who joins.

But it also has other features like kick users out who are rude or post content that violates their guidelines. You can also use commands that help the moderation of the members.

The automatic moderation system can mute members, delete repeat messages and warn users for swearing. Punishments are customizable so you are in control of what happens when conditions are violated.


If you would like to play songs on your Discord servers, you may Octave be the application you are looking for. It is a bot that can play songs that are on Soundcloud or YouTube through their voice channels.

Not only can you create a playlist, but Octave can also show the lyrics of the songs. The commands are easy to use, audio filters are available, and the company is constantly releasing updates.

dab bot

dab bot

If you like music, you will have deduced that after the name dab bot a bot is found that allows us play music in our Discord chat. The sources that we can add range from YouTube to Soundcloud, through Discord.FM,, more than 1.000 radio stations ...

In addition, it is also playlist compatible, so it is a very interesting option if you want to liven up your chat with Octave and Fredboat.


Continuing with the music bots, now it is the turn of Fredboat a bot designed to integrate music from YouTube, Basecamp, Soundcloud even from Twitch on Discord. It is also compatible with playback links, live broadcasts from different streaming music services ...

This bot allows us to play the music we want entering only the song name and FredBoat will be in charge of searching for it in all the sources that we have linked to the bot. As if that weren't enough, it also supports playlists.



rythm is another solution for those who need a bot that can play music and stream it on your server. This music bot allows you to listen to tunes together with your friends and other members of your Discord server.

But Rythm is much more than that. It is also configurable, allowing you to blacklist channels, set DJ roles and avoid duplicate songs. You can also manage your music queue easily.

If you use the bot premium version, you will be able to unlock more features. You'll get volume control, audio effects, additional bass, longer songs, autoplay, and a permanent playback feature.

La paid version It is quite interesting, so if you like music and want to offer this service on your channel, you should give it a try.


Hydra is an ideal bot for satisfy users' musical tastesas it allows these to request songs for playback. Unlike other bots that are only in English, Hydra is available in 10 languages, among which it is in Spanish.

This bot allows us to link to YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud accounts and many others, so the lack of musical options is not a possibility in our Discord account.



Another bot that thanks to its name gives us a clue of what it offers us is Triviabot a game with more than 3.000 questions with which we can spend some very fun and entertaining moments among our followers and / or friends.

The only but of this bot is that like most, it is only in English, however, it is an excellent option to test our knowledge of the language of Shakespeare and incidentally expand our vocabulary.

Community Hubs

Community Hubs is a bot that helps you communicate with other Discord servers. The idea is to create a space where people can share information between different channels. If you want to interact with users outside of your channel, this is a good bot to help you with that.

It's not only good for gaming channels. It is also ideal for businesses. You can use Community Hubs to stream content on more than one channel. If your company has two communities but your live broadcast is relevant to both, this bot can broadcast your show to both at the same time.



Although many users assure that they are not worried about the numbers of their community, the reality is very different. If you want to know the number of members of your community, who are playing, people who are online at all times and much more, the application you are looking for is serverstats.


strodl is a multipurpose Discord bot with all kinds of entertainment-related features. You can use Strodl to play cards against humanity, have text-based adventures, and stream music in high definition. The Strodl bot can also be used to create an economy on your server.

It's not as good as other economy bots, but Strodl is great for Discord server owners who want a relaxed way to easily hand out loyalty virtual currency to their users, currency you can use. reward the most active users.

The concept behind it is simple. It allows you receive tips on your Discord server using cryptocurrency. So if you want to have an additional source of income, this bot can help you with that.

Supports more than 228 different cryptocurrencies and has fun games to help you engage your followers. It also offers tools for those who like to trade or mine cryptocurrencies.

The features are friendly enough that even new to crypto can join in the fun and action. There are no minimums or fees if you want to tip. And you can do it as many times as you want.

Despite its reputation as a platform for gamers, Discord can also be used in businesses. And there are bots that can be useful for those who need to offer a Customer ServiceAs

With this bot, you can tag specific channels and servers to get the ticket to the users. One of its features is that your employees can organize tickets and close them once your customers' concerns are addressed.

You can customize the messages and commands that users can see and use. It is one of those tools that can make your customer service department run more efficiently.

If we take into account that the customer service department of the companies is equal or more important than the product, if you have a business, you should give this bot a try.



Idlerpg. allows you to play a text-based role-playing game without leaving Discord. Users can create their own characters and complete missions. As in any role-playing game, you can buy items, create a party and interact with and even marry other players.

To start, you have to give the character a name and choose a class. You can be a warrior, wizard, thief, ranger, ritualist, raider, or paladin. From there, you can start having fun.


Basic moderation bots are boring, so we suggest instead nuggetbot, which has a series of moderation features, commands, and extra fun stuff for your Discord channel. Once NuggetBot is added to your server, you can manage everything from the NuggetBot control panel.

You can set a Welcome message for users joining for the first time and assign a role blocking users until they accept the rules. You can set controls to record user information and there are a whole host of moderation tools.



It's hard to describe what it does carl-bot because it does many things. One of the best features of Carl-bot is the reaction roles. With this, you can set messages that users can react to. The reaction they choose will determine the roles that will be applied automatically. It is useful for allowing users to identify themselves on large servers.

Carl-bot can also log all messages and has a moderation toolkit so you can send bans, warnings or send misbehaving users to private rooms where they can discuss their misdeeds.

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