Facebook and Instagram will notify photos are made with AI

photographs made with AI on Facebook, Instagram and Threads

If you go up photographs made with AI on Facebook, in the near future, everyone will be able to know that it is not real. This is the news that we will see soon on Meta's social networks: Facebook, Instagram y Threads. I'll tell you everything we know about this new functionality.

Why will Facebook and Instagram notify when a photo is made with artificial intelligence?

News on Facebook

Hen/Stag Fake news and misinformation is a big problem that affects Meta right now. Users who use their social networks perceive more and more content created by AI on their platforms every day. This is a real danger if we understand that a large part of the community can move away from these applications to use more reliable ones.

Furthermore, it is a greater danger when this information can be modified with the ease that content creation apps that are based on artificial intelligence give us. For this reason Meta has created this functionality, so that its users know the authorship of the content they see.

Let's see how photographs made with AI will be notified on Facebook, Instagram and Threads, which also joins to receive news from its "big sisters."

How will you report AI images?


The Meta developers have included embedded metadata in the files of those images created by their artificial intelligence. That is why they are capable of understanding which of the photographs you upload to the platform are created by AI.

But what if you create an image with another artificial intelligence than Meta? Well, the developers behind Meta AI have also thought about this since They claim to be creating tools that can identify invisible markers in photographs and images from other companies such as Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney and Shutterstock.

This will be a great improvement within the services offered by the platform and its reputation on the internet. I say this because if Facebook, Instagram and Threads are able to regulate those false images within their communities, they will have a better evaluation by the public, in addition to feeling safer within their social network. uncovering scams or false content.

Imagined with AI

photographs made with AI on Facebook

As the distinction between human content and AI content becomes increasingly blurred (as you can see in the photo above, which looks real and is not), people need to easily understand the authorship of the content they see .

To help your users discern when they are viewing content created using AI, They have created labels called “Imagined with AI” indicating that they are created using their own Meta AI function.

But as I told you before, Meta still does not have tools to detect this type of creations from other companies like Google. So, for now, we can still find fake images on Facebook.

5 mobile applications to make images with AI

If what you want is to take advantage of the time left until this functionality is in practice (Meta's third-party data verification program is not yet live) and you want to surprise your friends, I'm going to tell you what they are the 5 best apps to create images with AI.


Momo artificial intelligence app

This app uses a powerful image creation tool with artificial intelligence to create different environments in your photos.

It is Recommended if you want to change the profile photo on your social networks. You have several options for this since you can create a professional portrait for LinkedIn or show off trips that you have not taken with funds in the largest and most famous cities in the world.

It has a free version and a paid version to enjoy certain improvements. When you spend the weekly credits that the app gives you, you cannot create more images. You will have to keep paying to continue creating super-realistic images.

I leave the app below so you can try it and change your old Facebook profile photo.

Momo - Ki Photogenerator
Momo - Ki Photogenerator
Developer: ScaleUp
Price: Free

wombo dream

wombo dream

This application generates images just by giving you a few words. You can ask WOMBO Dream to paint you an animal on a motorcycle and it will do its best to bring your idea to reality.

Serves as compaña to draw and create sketches since it has perfect functions to experiment with different colors, change angles or give your creation a twist.

Furthermore, thanks to its intuitive and simple interface, creating images with artificial intelligence on your mobile is a quick and uncomplicated process.

Download this app and keep imagining what you want to see while WOMBO Dream works for you.



You can upload photos made with AI to Facebook through this app. Wonder, like the previous app, works by introducing a phrase or concepts that fit so that the app turns them into art.

Wonder offers a number of preset styles that you can choose from if you need help with your creative process. Some of these styles are: steampunk, hyperrealism, anime, cinematic, pencil drawn, etc.

Discover new styles for your images with Wonder. You have the link below.

Wonder - AI Art Generator
Wonder - AI Art Generator

Vyro AI AI Art Generator

Vyro AI AI Art Generator

Vyro AI's AI Art Generator is more than just an AI art creation tool as it you can find a community within that shares its creations with the rest. This way you can take inspiration from the extensive library of art created by other users.

In addition, this app ups the ante in terms of styles to create images and it is that offers over 100 styles to choose from. It also has a payment system if you want to level up your creation capabilities.

If you want to use the app on your mobile, you have a link to download it here.

Imagine: KI-Bildgenerator
Imagine: KI-Bildgenerator
Developer: Vyro AI
Price: Free

AI Art Generator by Tapuniverse

AI Art Generator by Tapuniverse

Within this list, Tapuniverse's AI Art Generator is the application more oriented towards fantasy and original worlds. This is because it uses a database highly characterized by vibrant images from anime, video games and other fantasies.

Es capable of imprinting emotions on your images In case you want to give a sad touch to one scene or a happy touch to another, creating totally amazing images,

It is an app that offers constant improvements. Check out this app for yourself, which can help you upload photos made with AI to Facebook, from the following link.

KI Bild Generator
KI Bild Generator
Price: Free

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