Find out who sees your Facebook profile without being your friend

Who sees your Facebook profile?

Facebook has been part of our lives for more than a decade. The social network has become the cradle of stalking, in which We have all investigated someone else's life at some point. (sometimes without being friends on Facebook). Because we know that this is common, we are also curious to find out who visits our Facebook profile to find out what's new in our lives. In this post we will see whether or not there is a way to find out and thus satisfy our curiosity of knowing who sees our Facebook profile without being friends.

The art of stalking on social networks

Stalking on networks.

Stalking on social networks is the order of the day. This action is carried out mostly by younger people. It could be said that It is a characteristic of millennials, who are considered the 'stalker' par excellence.

There are people who stalk out of simple curiosity or gossip, while others stalk their ex-partners to find out what they are up to. Around 48% of social media users claim to have stalked their ex-partner online. Mostly they do it to compare their lives with that of their exes after a breakup..

The most stalkers turn out to be women. 64% of them have admitted to having stalked their ex, and 52% of men also admitted to having done so.

As for stalking out of simple curiosity, this occurs towards old school or university classmates, former work colleagues, or even attractive strangers who pass each other on the street. The platforms of Preferred social networks to stalk these people are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. They are the favorites for investigating the lives of others because they contain more personal data.

How to know who sees your Facebook profile without being friends

View Facebook profile from your mobile phone.

Facebook itself has strict policies on user privacy. They limit the access of any third-party applications or tools to collect data from individual profiles. So, technically, there is no 100% accurate way you can use to find out who views your Facebook profile, posts, and photos.

On the other hand, what you can do on the platform is find occasional clues about some of these visits. One of them is the section 'People you may know'. Here Facebook suggests users who have recently visited your profile. While this information is far from complete, it at least gives you an idea of ​​some of the curious people who have snooped around on your account.

On the other hand, a clue to know who sees your Facebook profile is page visit statistics. Well, but for this you have to be an administrator from a page they are stalking. Administrators of a public business page can see aggregated visitor statistics. For example, the age ranges or gender of those who visit the page. But again, individual profile information cannot be accessed.

Finally, there are third-party applications and extensions, which claim to be able to tell you exactly who viewed your Facebook profile. However, the actual accuracy of these tools is unverified. We have already said that Facebook blocks access to this confidential data so it is difficult to work with certainty. We do not recommend them and if you use them, do so at your own risk.

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