How to know which mobile phone I have: Quick methods to identify your device

How to know the model of my mobile

After buying and using a new mobile phone, we know exactly what mobile model it is. But there comes a time when this information disappears from our heads as if by magic. Perhaps it is because of the very extensive catalog of mobile phones on the market or because we see other models and, of course, we are excited to try them. Be that as it may, if you have forgotten the model of your mobile and want to know, I am going to tell you the different methods to know the model of your mobile.

How to know the exact model of my mobile from the mobile settings

From mobile settings

Sometimes we need to know what model we have if we want, for example, to update the operating system of the terminal or simply buy us an accessory May it do well as a casing. If we don't know what brand or model it is, we would have a problem. But don't worry, this information is easily accessible.

In fact, for me the easiest way to access the mobile model It is through the terminal settings. It is very simple and is always at hand. If you need to know the model of your mobile phone and you don't remember it, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Mobile "Settings" from the top menu on the gear wheel or from the Settings app itself.
  2. Tap the option that says "About of the phone".
  3. There you will see a box with information of your mobile model.

As I say, this is the easiest way to see what mobile model we have. But it may not be the fastest way since there is another way that can be practically instantaneous.

Know the mobile model from the back of the mobile or in its box

From the casing

This method is the fastest that allows you to see the mobile model. Simply turn the terminal over, and on the back of the case you can have this information. For example, my POCO X3 Pro has this information on the case. Now, there are terminals that by design do not incorporate this information in the casing. But where it is surely incorporated is in the mobile box.

The problem with the box is that if we bought the mobile a long time ago we may have lost sight of it. If you have it on hand, simply open the box and look for the model in the book or manual that comes with the device. But this option may not be available to you, either because you do not have the cell phone box on hand or because your cell phone does not offer the model information on the back of the terminal.

If this happens, you may be interested in having an external application on hand that gives you this information.

Find out the model with third-party applications

Yasiru Nayanajith Device Information

The last way I am going to tell you to see what model of mobile phone you have is through third-party applications that you can download from the Google Play Store on your Android mobile. These applications typically offer the total information of your mobile since they check the hardware and software specifications of your device to give you this phone information.

One of the apps that has this objective and that has the best rating is Yasiru Nayanajith Device Information. Although it has ads and you can purchase within the app, it offers you all the most detailed information about your system.

You can find information such as details about RAM and its usage, the status of the mobile's internal and external storage, as well as the battery or CPU. In addition to this, it also offers you information about installed applications and the operating system. Of course It also gives you device information such as the model. I leave you a link so you can download and discover all the information related to your mobile.

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