OPPO smartphones can once again be sold in Europe

OPPO Find X7 Ultra

One of the best news that has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2024 is the return of the best OPPO smartphones to Europe. The Chinese brand has confirmed that its premium models will return to the European market. This means that some models that had not arrived in the region may soon be available.

For example, phones like the OPPO Find X6 or the OPPO Find X7 had been absent in this territory. Now, why was its sale banned in Europe? What did you do to make them available again in this region? When will they arrive? What models are expected? In this entry we will answer these and other questions of interest.

OPPO smartphones return to Europe

OPPO smartphone

OPPO / OPPO Smartphone

At MWC (Mobile World Congress) OPPO revealed news of great interest, both for Europe and the entire world. On the one hand, the new generation of Air Glass was revealed, as well as a new agreement with the Telefónica company. All in all, the most exciting announcement that was made was the return of the premium range of OPPO phones to Europe.

Bingo Liu, CEO of OPPO Europe, mentioned in a recent press release that the European market is “key” for his technology company. It is for this reason that everything possible was done to make these models available again on this old continent. But why so much emotion? Because The sale of these mobile phones was prohibited in this region due to problems between NOKIA and OPPO.

However, since this announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress, it is most likely that The Chinese brand has remained on good terms with NOKIA. As a result, OPPO could perhaps use the technology of some networks in its devices. However, it must be clarified that the agreement reached by both parties is completely confidential.

Why was its sale banned in Europe?

OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G

OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G / OPPO

Currently, the most premium mobile phone that you can get in countries like Spain is the OPPO Find X5 Pro, a mobile phone presented in 2022. And the reason is not precisely that the brand has stopped launching new mobile phones. So, why was its sale banned in Spain? This happened because a patent conflict with the NOKIA brand.

The problem began when in the year 2022 the Munich Regional Court 1, Germany, prohibit the sale of its mobile phones in the country. In response, OPPO limited the sale and the measure continued to extend to other places such as Spain. What were they accused of? Of infringing a series of NOKIA patents to use 4G and 5G networks on their smartphones.

But why was this problem so serious? By stopping selling the highest-end mobile phones in these countries, they lost competition with models from other brands. For example, the Find X6 Pro competed against the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, these models did not even reach Spain, so users had no way to test them.

When will they arrive in Europe?

Although the news for the European market is very positive, the truth is that some loose ends and questions have been left unanswered. In fact, no exact release dates have been given. of these OPPO mobiles. Therefore, users who want to use these devices want it not to take long. Furthermore, this would mean a higher level of competition in the market.

For example, phones like Find X7 and X7 Ultra have similar features to phones like Galaxy S24 Ultra, Xiaomi 14 Ultra or the Honor Magic 6 Pro. Without a doubt, with the return of OPPO's high-end, the European market will be much more interesting, both for users and for technology companies.

What OPPO smartphones are expected in Europe

Find N3 Smartphone

Find N3 / OPPO

Another unanswered question is what OPPO smartphone models are expected in Europe. Although the CEO of the Chinese brand revealed that “The next Find will arrive in Europe", It is not known which specific models will be available. That is why we can't help but wonder: will the Find X7, a phone presented in January 2024, arrive? Will we have to wait for the new OPPO Find X8? In any case, we will have to be patient until the time set by OPPO arrives.

Now, whatever models arrive in the region, we are sure that they will be very powerful phones at a very competitive price. To give an example, the OPPO Find X5 Pro, one of the phones launched in 2022, had an impressive photographic section, especially its wide-angle camera. So much so, that it remains one of the best so far in 2024.

For all this, users of this brand were eager to learn about the new generations of these models. Wishes that were interrupted by the unfortunate disagreement between OPPO and NOKIA. This is one of the reasons why The return of the high-end to Europe is one of the best announcements that were held at the Mobile World Congress.

OPPO smartphones back in Europe: excellent news for fans of the brand

Find X6 Series

OPPO Find X6 Series / OPPO

As we have seen, OPPO will return its most premium mobile phones to Europe after a year of absence in the territory. Until now we do not know for sure when these phones will be available. It is also not very clear which OPPO models will arrive. In fact, although the next OPPO Find X will surely be part of the launch, we are not sure if some of the previous models will be included in the list.

Now, what we do know is that these phones will have many new functions, such as generative AI. An aspect that has revolutionized the technological market, especially in smartphones. And something we cannot deny is that many consumers are really happy For the news.

In conclusion, We are eager to know any news that OPPO will bring to light in the coming days and months of 2024 about its high-end phones in Europe. Meanwhile, we can take a look at their latest phones, who knows, maybe we'll end up with one of their premium models this year.

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