Satellite Internet, what is it and what alternatives do you have

Satellite Internet, what it is and best rates

Connecting to the Internet is something that few people currently give up. However, the connection to it will depend on where we live. And it is that not in all areas we will have Internet access through a Fiber connection or through 4G/5G coverage. There are some parts where another alternative is necessary. And this one goes through satellite internet. Here we tell you everything you need to know about her and what options you have to hire her.

In rural areas -or those with difficult access-, access to the Internet becomes much more difficult. That is why solutions such as Fiber -the substitute for the famous ADSL- or 4G/5G mobile coverage do not reach certain parts of the Spanish geography. Hence, there are some alternatives using satellites to get Internet access.

What is Satellite Internet

Usually, when we think of an Internet connection at home, all the wiring that is distributed throughout almost the entire country comes to mind. It enters our houses and the signal is received by a router installed in our home. Mobile and Internet connections through coverage with 4G or 5G speeds can also come to mind.

This is what usually happens in the vast majority of cases. However, there are rural or difficult-to-access areas that do not have these alternatives and must resort to a solution called satellite Internet. Although it may seem strange to you, this type of service covers 98 percent of the territory. In addition, it is a technology that is widespread throughout the world.

What must you do to receive access to Satellite Internet? Well, as with satellite television, you will need to have a satellite dish installed in your home that is the receiver of the signal emitted by the satellite. That easy.

Satellite Internet Pros and Cons

Like all services, they have advantages and disadvantages. In the first section, as you will assume is that you will have Internet access wherever you are. In addition, service cuts are more complicated to carry out; It is not the same as what happens with ADSL, Fiber or mobile coverage in which there is a service drop and we can spend hours without an Internet connection.

However, the satellite Internet service has a much higher latency than what we can find in fiber or mobile networks. And it is that this delay can range between 500-600 ms. What does this mean? Well, the response time between giving an order and receiving the response is much higher than usual. Therefore, services such as online video games or video calls are incompatible with satellite Internet.

Alternative with the new Satellite Internet connections

Time is passing and technologies are improving. And among the new alternatives that we find in the market is Starlink, the company founded by Elon Musk and that offers a satellite Internet solution that promises a latency of about 25 milliseconds, well below the competition. Also, although the cost of the connection is the highest of the competition, the installation of the service at home is less complicated and more accessible for the user.

The best satellite Internet rates in Spain

We have already seen everything related to satellite Internet connections. And if you have seen how it works, what it is about and what its advantages and disadvantages are, now we will leave you with some of the best contracting alternatives that you have on the market.

SkyDSL – three tariffs and one reasonable price

The first alternative that we offer you is SkyDSL, a company that offers satellite Internet connection in three modalities: S, M and L. None of them has permanence, although we will have to pay 49,90 euros for service registration -for a limited time this charge will be 39,90 euros-.

  • SkyDSL S: Provides internet connection at a maximum speed of 12/2 Mbps with a limit of 15 GB download before an excess of 90 cents per extra GB is billed. Its price is 16,90 Euros a month
  • SkyDSL M: in this mode there will be no download limit. And the browsing speed will be 24/1 Mbps. The price of this rate is 26,90 Euros a month
  • SkyDSL L: there is no permanence in the contracted service either and the browsing speed reaches 40/1 Mbps. There is no download limit and its monthly price is 29,60 Euros

Further information: SkyDSL

Eurona – another alternative for more demanding users

Eurona internet satellite

On the other hand we have the company Eurone. It also has three rates with Satellite Internet that the domestic user can hire. These are the following:

  • Eurona Sat Mini: This rate is the most affordable, offering a 30 Mbps connection and a monthly download of 20 GB. Once this limit is exceeded, the browsing speed will drop considerably. Your monthly price is 28 Euros
  • Eurona Sat Max: It is the intermediate rate with a download speed of 50 Mbps and a monthly data download of 100 GB. Once this figure is exceeded, the speed will decrease to 3 Mbps. Its price per month is 45 Euros
  • Eurona Sat Top: the best rate offered by the company is this with a data download of 150 GB per month and a speed of 100 Mbps. After the limit, the speed decreases to 3 Mbps and the monthly fee amounts to 60 Euros

Further information: Eurone

Viasat – one of the newer satellite operators

Viasat satellite internet rates

One of the most recent companies in Spanish territory is Viasat. This company offers different rates with maximum browsing speeds of 50 Mbps and promotional prices during the first months, depending on the rate. In all of them must be added a charge of 49,99 euros for registration in the service.

  • Viasat Classic 30: This rate offers download speeds of 30 Mbps and a 25 GB data package. Its price is 39,99 euros per month, although the first six months will cost you 19,99 euros
  • Viasat Unlimited 30: with the same speed as the previous rate -30 Mbps-, this rate offers an unlimited download data package. Your monthly price is 54,90 euros per month, although you will have a discount for the first 6 months with a service cost of 39,99 euros
  • Viasat Unlimited 50: the same conditions as the previous rate, although its browsing speed is up to 50 Mbps. Unlimited data and its monthly price will be 74,99 Euros. Of course, during the first 6 months its cost is 59,99 euros

Further information: Viasat

StarLink – the most powerful and innovative alternative on the market

Satrlink, Elon Musk's satellite internet

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, StarLink -one of the companies founded by Elon Musk- arrived in Spanish territory. And it does so with one of the most innovative solutions in the Satellite Internet market. The company offers a single solution and does so with the main claim that its latency is the lowest in the sector, achieving figures of 25 milliseconds thanks to its fleet of satellites orbiting the Earth at a distance of 550 km.

That being said, the only fare he offers StarLink has a cost of 65 euros per month, it does not have permanence and its browsing speed can reach figures of 200 Mbps, although the average speeds they achieve are 130 Mbps.

At the previous monthly fee, the user must pay in a single installation and equipment fee to use the StarLink Satellite Internet service of 450 euros.

Further information: star link

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