A new feed of STEM content comes to TikTok

New STEM content feed on TikTok

Tiktok has confirmed the arrival of a new feed dedicated to STEM content for all of Europe. This launch is supported by the success of the same launch in the United States. Let's see why it is so important arrival of a STEM content feed to TikTok.

What is STEM content?

STEM outreach content

STEM is an acronym in English that refers to different branches of knowledge. These branches would be Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics correspondingly.

These four areas of knowledge are often seen together since they are transversal subjects that must be understood in conjunction with the rest. When we see them together forming what is known as STEM, it refers to an educational approach that seeks to integrate these four areas of knowledge with the objective of prepare students for the challenges of today's world.

The skills a student can gain from STEM study are valuable for any area of ​​life. Among others, we would have an increase in critical thinking, greater creativity or even better problem solving that goes beyond viral challenges like the TikTok pendulum.

Given that most of the content consumed on TikTok is ephemeral and does not represent scientific learning, the arrival of a STEM content feed to TikTok represents an important change in the company's strategy. I say this because with this feed you are looking for inspire a new generation of science students, as has already happened in the United States.

High-quality content supported by TikTok in the US

Particleclara STEM disseminator

The launch of the STEM feed in the United States in the last 3 years has had a more than positive reception. This has been partly thanks to the more than 15 million videos published on this subject already a third of the teenage audience that has been accessing this content every week.

And TikTok has established alliances with institutions, scientific organizations and disseminating experts to guarantee the quality and veracity of the content.

This is the case of Clara Nellist, better known as particleClara on TikTok who has commented on his impressions regarding the reception of STEM content on TikTok. ParticleClara is grateful for the opportunity TikTok has given her to reach millions of people around the world who are interested in CERN research. In addition to this, he highlights the importance of interacting directly with people when asked questions about physics and a career in this field.

And not only her, hundreds of scientific communicators have been pushed to success thanks to their dedication to understanding the universe from the comfort of a mobile phone, something that without a doubt reinforces the passion for science in the youngest.

Now that the success of this STEM feed on American TikTok is a reality, let's see who are the best-known STEM popularizers on TikTok Spain.

Some of the best-known STEM popularizers on TikTok

Best scientific communicators on TikTok Spain

Luckily, in Spain we have great scientific disseminators who already upload STEM content to all social networks. Let's see some of the best known and with whom learning science is fun.

Javier Santaolala

Javier santaolalla

Doctor in particle physics and scientific communicator, known for his participation in the YouTube channel “Give yourself a Vlog” and for his work at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Santaolalla is a reference in the world of scientific dissemination and its content stands out for its easy-to-understand language and everyday examples. His ability to explain complex topics in an understandable way is one of the main reasons why he has nearly 5 million followers on TikTok.

In addition to shedding light on the most complex topics in science and physics in particular, he is able to combine his deep studies of physics with a touch of humor, which makes their videos fun and adapted to all types of people.

Vlad Landeros


BreakingVlad is the scientific dissemination channel of Vlad Landeros, a Mexican physicist and popularizer who is capable of explaining countless everyday situations through chemistry. Vlad is able to make science accessible and exciting for all of us who come into his channel.

And on his channel, BreakingVlad addresses a wide range of STEM content from a modern and fun approach, with experiments and hypotheses that he puts into motion and that even the most clumsy in this subject can understand. Are more than 300 thousand followers those who gather every day to listen to the teachings of TikTok's leading chemist.

Clara Grima


Also known as Schrödinger's Cat, Clara Grima has a dissemination channel on most of the most used social networks in Spain. She is a physicist and, like her partner Javier Santaolalla of DateunVlog, is dedicated to offer science content in a fun and educational way for all audiences.

She not only explains and shows scientific experiments to her more than 150 thousand followers, but rather he interacts and collaborates with other scientists to promote science among the general public. This makes your channel a tool to learn, debate, and increase our critical thinking skills.

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón


Eduardo is the Spanish mathematician in charge of disseminate mathematics on his channel called Derivando. In addition to this, he is a professor of Computer Languages ​​and Systems at the University of La Rioja and has participated in numerous events dedicated to scientific dissemination.

More than one mathematics student has managed to pass their exams with the help of Eduardo and his ability to explain the most difficult concepts of science through everyday life. Although our math teacher does not accumulate 50 thousand followers on TikTok, its presence on other social networks is more than notable. Surely with the arrival of this STEM content feed to TikTok it will increase its interactions and followers.

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