How to activate Adobe Flash Player and what it will do for you

adobe flash player

Although its use is becoming less frequent, it is still possible to find web pages that ask us activate Adobe Flash Player to be able to view its content and play its multimedia files. The truth is that this application can still be downloaded on compatible browsers and operating systems. We will explain it to you in the following paragraphs.

Adobe Flash Player, which in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers is known as Shockwave Flash, was launched in 1996. At the time, it was a great advance that made it easier for users to browse the Internet, without the need to install specific plugins for games or for playing videos.

However, the use of Flash Player was declining little by little. One of the reasons was the security breaches reported, which were revealing important vulnerability problems.

The best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player
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The best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player

Despite this, the main reason why this program was losing weight and stopped being used over time it is the very evolution of the Internet world. The web pages that needed the "help" of Adobe Flash Player so that all their contents were visible were dispensing with the old formats. Already in 2010, almost all browsers advised their users to deactivate it.

End of Adobe Flash Player

adobe flash player end

The final sentence for Adobe Flash Player was passed in 2017, when the developer announced that it would stop distributing and updating the program as of December 31, 2020. The release was released with the intention of giving developers enough time to search for alternatives.

Above these lines, the statement released by Adobe in January 2021. In it, it not only reported that Flash Player had remained obsolete, but also recommended uninstalling it to avoid compatibility issues with different browsers.

Today, Adobe Flash Player no longer appears in browsers. In fact, it will no longer be able to run in later versions. If we still have it installed and want to use it, a pop-up window will appear with a message recommending removing it.

Can Adobe Flash Player still be downloaded?

adobe flash player

It is possible that, despite the recommendations, we may be interested in downloading and activating Adobe Flash Player on our computers. In fact, there are still pages that still need it to work. If so, the main obstacle will be finding a safe place to download the program. Although Adobe has already removed it from its official website, there are other sites that continue to host the latest versions of the program.

Adobe Flash Player is available for download from reputable sites such as Major Geeks o Softonic. Also in many other places, although not very recommendable.

One thing that must be taken into account is that if we decide to continue using Flash Player we will not be able to count on any type of support by Adobe. It should also be considered that using this application together with more modern protocols can cause incompatibilities that cause problems in the operation of our devices. That is why the developer also recommends its uninstallation.

HTML5, the successor to Adobe Flash Player


It is not the only alternative to Adobe Flash Player, but it is the best. It can be considered to HTML5 as its successor or its great substitute, simple and flexible for both developers and users. It is an open standard that does not require installation and is also much safer. The web pages that use this protocol can be viewed from any browser. It is also compatible with iOS and Android.

Beyond HTML5, there are other alternatives worth mentioning:

  • CheerpX, a solution based on HTML5 that works with a paid license and that is specially designed for companies and professional uses.
  • Ruffle, the most used alternative for those who want to continue enjoying the old Flash games.
  • ShubusViewer, which allows you to open Flash files and even edit them.
  • Supernova Player, an extension that is installed directly in the browser, allowing Flash content to be played easily.

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