How will Artificial Intelligence affect the price of mobile phones?

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The next technological revolution, which in fact is already underway, comes from the Artificial Intelligence. In the world of mobile telephony this is going to be the key that will mark the success or failure of future models. Nobody doubts that we are going to see real wonders integrated into our smartphones. But, How will Artificial Intelligence affect the price of mobile phones?

All big brands are betting heavily on generative AI to attract users' attention and distinguish themselves from the competition and attract consumers. For example, Apple is already preparing the launch of the first iPhone and iPad with this integrated technology. On the other hand, Qualcomm It is already working on the development of chips specially prepared to work with artificial intelligence.

We won't have to wait long to see how all these projects become a reality. It will surely be this year (experts are already talking about 2024 as The AI ​​year, i.e. the “year of AI”). There is also some unanimity in stating that all this is going to mean an incredible leap forward for the world of smartphones.

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But of course, for all this effort to be profitable, it is more than certain that it will be accompanied by a increase in sales prices of mobile phones. It is better to get used to the idea that everything is going to be more expensive.

Amazing new features


Although almost everyone already knows what it is, it is worth remembering what Generative AI. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that uses models with the capacity to create original content. Said content can be based on texts, videos, audios or data.

One of the best known examples is that of Chat GPT, presented to society by OpenAI at the end of 2022. This artificial intelligence, which amazed the world, is capable of generating fluid and meaningful conversations in several languages.

Artificial Intelligence applications for mobile phones are aimed at improving processes and tasks. Although until now the most striking thing that has been seen has been the possibility of interact and chat with a smart chatbot, the possibilities go much further.

The list is long, and will become even longer as time goes by: implement better security systems for our devices, generate our own content, obtain higher quality images, audio and videos, have “almost human” virtual assistants, analyze large volumes of data, virtual reality or mixed reality applications...

The first brands to integrate AI into their smartphones

apple ai

We assume that all manufacturers are already fully involved in the research and development of this technology. However, there are some brands that have already taken the lead (or at least they have leaked it to the media):


There is a good chance that the next iPhones will come already equipped with their own chatbot, which could be called AppleGPT or AppleDifussion.

It is inevitable that this will not mean an increase in the selling price of the iPhone 16. This model will go on sale with some generative AI model of text and images that will be executed directly on the device.


The presentation of Gemini Dwarf (a generative AI model for mobile phones) already gave a glimpse of what direction Mountain View was working in this field. This model is based on the Tensor chips, already used since 2021 on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

These chips are specifically designed to optimize AI performance. In principle, only to achieve progress in the field of photography. However, Google is setting its sights on diversifying applications where Tensor chips can introduce interesting developments, such as the generation of text, audio or video.

What is going to happen to the price of phones?


What will be the impact of integrating Artificial Intelligence in the price of mobile phones? Although it is difficult to know, we already have a reference to rely on.

a few months ago, Google presented its new range of next-generation Pixel smartphones in the United States. Specifically, the new phones Pixel 8 y Pixel 8Pro. These devices will include tools capable of generating original images from existing photographs and adding subtitles to them.

These discrete improvements have meant an increase of about 100 dollars in the price of these models compared to those of the previous generation. Obviously, in this specific case, not all of the increase should be attributed to AI, but a large part of it should be attributed.

An Counterpoint Research It is expected that in 2024 they will be sold more than 100 million mobile phones with integrated AI tools worldwide. And by 2027, the presence of these smartphones will account for close to 40% of the market. In any case, we will have to wait for the next launches of the big brands (with special attention to the iPhone) to better gauge what this increase will be.

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