The best survival games for Android devices

android survival games

Survival games have a special magnetism that makes them different from the rest of the games. games action and extremely attractive. The player is immersed in a hostile, dangerous, unknown (sometimes even apocalyptic) environment, subjected to a constant degree of stress, since letting down your guard or being distracted for a second means death. That is, lose the game. In this post we are going to review the best survival games on Android, to live all those intense emotions on the screen of our mobile phone.

As you will see in the selection we have prepared, there is a great diversity of styles. There is a lot action, adventure, uncertainty, also a little horror… In some of them you can play as a team, however, in others there is no choice but to face the challenge alone. In any case, in the titles on the following list there is a common element: many hours of excitement and fun.

Dawn of Zombies Survival

dawn of zombies

Marching one of zombies. The player faces a world in which civilization has disappeared, devastated by the plague of the undead. The mission that awaits us in Dawn of Zombies Survival is to find a region known as "the Last Territories", the last free and safe redoubt on the planet.

The main challenge is to survive, since death stalks us in many ways: hunger, cold, darkness... And the constant threat of zombies, which can appear at any time. You have to find food, build weapons and tools, be cautious, strong and stealthy.

Dawn of Zombies Survival
Dawn of Zombies Survival
Developer: royal ark
Price: Free

Day r survival

day r survival

The post-apocalyptic world of Day r survival It is even more terrible than the previous title. In addition to hungry zombies, we find a world ravaged by nuclear war where radiation has created terrible mutant beings that want to end our lives.

The action takes place in what remains of the former Soviet Union (this is a very original aspect of the game, with 2.700 unique scenarios). Our goal: find our family crossing the immensity of post-nuclear Russia. The obstacles we face are many: hunger and thirst, physical exhaustion, aggressive animals, mutants and undead, strange weather events... Impossible to relax for a single second.

Day R Survival: Last Survivor
Day R Survival: Last Survivor

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

grim soul

Another of the best survival games for Android that we can enjoy completely free: Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival. We are in a world of medieval aesthetics, full of magic and fantastic beings. A world ravaged by a terrible disease known as the Rot.

Those affected by this evil end up transforming into terrible monsters. We must stop the disease to save the world. The player embarks on this mission, avoiding all kinds of dangers, in search of the keys that will help him find the solution.

Last Day on Earth

last day on earth

Year 2027. 80% of the world's population has died from an unknown virus. The survivors, immunized, face the impossible: the dead have risen from their graves and wander aimlessly across the planet, devouring the living and destroying everything in their path.

This is the main argument of Last Day on Earth, a game created in Russia. The player is abandoned on a barren plain, with no weapons and no food. He must start his survival from scratch and try to survive as long as possible in this hell on Earth.

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Developer: Kefir
Price: Free

Ocean is Home: Survival Island

ocean island

Can a tropical island paradise become hell? If we play Ocean is Home: Survival Island We will check if it is. Because there is nothing on the island. The player is a lonely castaway who has to manage to survive: find food, make clothes and tools, build a home, a means of transportation...

It should be noted that the setting is an abandoned and empty island, but not wild. There are remains of civilization that can be taken advantage of: houses, roads, etc.

Prey day

Prey day

More zombies, but in a different game proposal. Prey day It is a mix of survival game, with elements of strategy and classic aspects of type games. shooter. In addition, it is a collaborative game where we can interact with other players and, in some cases, also fight against them.

The ultimate goal is none other than to stay alive in a world full of zombies and mutants. We must finish them off before they are the ones who finish us off. But they are not the only enemy: there are other survivors who will not hesitate to shoot us in the back to steal our food, our weapons and our belongings. There is not even a second of respite!

Prey Day: Zombie Survival
Prey Day: Zombie Survival
Developer: GreenPixel Ltd
Price: Free

Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad


A precarious 2 x 2 meter raft is all the player has. Raft survival to face the world: an immense and inhospitable ocean. This is the premise of one of the best survival games for Android that we can find.

For some unexplained reason, the entire planet is flooded. But somewhere on the planet there must be emerged lands in which to start a new life. Our mission is to find them, overcoming all the difficulties that appear in our adventure sailing the seas. A very original and visually very attractive proposal.

State of Survival: Zombie War

state of survival

Our last recommendation takes us to the Halloween party, in 2018. What seemed like a joke is actually the beginning of the nightmare: the zombie virus spreads unchecked, plunging the entire world into chaos and terror. What still exists of the government and military is reorganized to deal with the destruction. The new state calls itself State of survival, because that is the only objective: to survive.

The result is a kind of role-playing game to enjoy on our Android phone. There is also a strong strategy component, as you have to look for resources and use them intelligently to try to rebuild civilization, while resisting the incessant attacks of the zombie hordes. A highly demanding game that will make us enjoy very intense moments.

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