The best gaming mice to play fast with your movements

gaming mice

The gaming mice They are a fundamental piece in the puzzle to have a team 100% prepared for your favorite video games. Many simply play with conventional mice, but those designed specifically for gaming can give you a bonus in your games, which could mean the difference between losing or winning. Even more so if you are determined to enter the world of eSport, where every little detail adds up.

Also, there is no perfect gaming mouse for any video game. Purchases can be fine-tuned to optimize performance in some specific categories like strategy, shooters, etc. Here you have all the keys you need to choose the best one for your particular case.

The best gaming mice

If you are thinking of acquiring one of these devices, here are some of the best gaming mouse recommendations what can you buy:

Razer Naga Trinity

This is one of the best gaming mice you can buy for MOBA / MMO type titles. With 5 Gs optical sensor, 16000 DPI, optimized for more speed and precision, and with technology to guarantee smoother movements. It includes 3 interchangeable side plates, with a system to offer tactile and auditory information to confirm that each action has been executed, 19 programmable buttons for all kinds of functions, such as spells or attacks to launch them quickly. Its design is also ergonomic and improved for right-handed use and uses a USB connector.


Logitech G Pro

It is an alternative for those who seek a good wireless gaming mouse. This Logitech G Pro offers a very precise and fast optical sensor. It can be set from 100 to 25600 DPI. With mechanical button tensioning system, ergonomic design, configurable backlighting via RGB, very light, possibility of use by ambidextrous people, removable side buttons, and autonomy of up to 48 hours.


Razer Basilisk X HyerSpeed

This other Razer model is also wireless, and with a very low latency. Its battery can last up to 450 hours in Bluetooth mode, and up to 285 hours in wireless dual mode. It has mechanical switches on its buttons like gaming keyboards, allowing precise and fast keystrokes. It has 6 programmable buttons for the functions you need, 5Gs, and an optical sensor of up to 16000 DPI. In addition, it is very durable, supporting up to 50 million keystrokes.


Logitech G502 Hero

Another of the best gaming mice is this Logitech with cable and USB connector. Has a Hero 25K sensor, high precision, and up to 25600 DPI, 11 programmable buttons, scroll or super-fast wheel with two customizable modes, customizable weight to adjust the touch to your liking (with weights that can be added at 3.6g), customizable RGB lighting and synchronization with effects and animations, mechanical tensioning system on the buttons, and highly precise.


Mars Gaming MM218

Another of the specialized gaming brands is Mars Gaming, with products like this mouse with USB cable. A device that offers RGB chroma lighting with 11 effects to choose from, good features, and a fairly inexpensive price. Its design provides great grip, and its advanced optical sensor reaches up to 10000 DPI. You can program the buttons and even increase and decrease the DPIs during the game to adapt them to the style of play.


Razer Viper Ultimate

This mouse has very fast wireless technology, with a high transmission speed, low latency, and that offers a smooth experience, even in environments with more noise. Optical sensor with up to 20000 DPI of high precision that registers even the smallest movement. With a light weight of only 74 grams, designed for eSports, true ambidextrous, fast and smooth, with optical switches, and a battery that lasts up to 70 hours of autonomy.


How to choose the perfect gaming mouse

gaming mice

When choosing the perfect gaming mice you have to take into account various technical details:

Sensor Type

One of the main factors to take into account when choosing a gaming mouse is the sensor type that mounts the mouse:

  • Optical- They use an infrared (IR) LED to work, and they are much faster. For this reason, they can be better in video game titles where better precision when aiming is of interest.
  • Laser: they use a laser VCSEL LED, and achieve greater precision for the pointer or cursor. Another positive point of these is that they work on any surface, something that opticians do not.

An optical sensor might be better for video games that require fast movements, while a laser mouse could benefit shooters or FPS, as you will have more precision when aiming and shooting.


Generally, conventional mice usually have 2 buttons and the scroll. On the other hand, gaming mice have some additional functions that make work much easier during the game. Some have programmable buttons so that you can configure the action that they will execute during the game. A way to have this function more at hand and that can help a lot to perform actions faster.

Gaming mouse acceleration

Acceleration is the relationship between pointer speed and speed of hand movement. In other words, you have surely noticed that when you move the mouse gently in any direction, the cursor moves a short distance on the screen, while when you move it quickly, even if the space traveled on your mouse pad is the The same as when you did the slow movement, the cursor has advanced much more on the screen: that is the acceleration. It is measured in G, where G equals 9.8 m / s or meters per second. Although it can be configured, it is important to choose a mouse with the correct ratio. Some titles require high speed of the cursor, so acceleration becomes important.

Refresh rate

La refresh rate is another important detail when choosing the mouse. It refers to the transfer and response rate between the mouse and the PC. It is measured in hertz (Hz), and they usually go from 250 Hz to 1 Khz in gaming mice. It is best to set the frequency as high as possible, as that will mean less time will elapse between mouse movement and a cursor response on the screen.

Weight and design

El weight is also important, as some prefer slightly heavier mice and others somewhat lighter. It is a matter of taste, since the sensations when moving them can be more or less pleasant. There are even adjustable weights that you can change to lighten the mouse and improve agility or add weight to improve movement precision.

The design, beyond aesthetics, or whether it has RGB lights, etc., is also essential. It must be ergonomic, since during the hours you spend playing you will avoid joint or muscle aches and pains, and even some injuries such as tendinitis. On the other hand, there are also some specific models for left-handed (ambidextrous), which greatly facilitates the use of these people.

Connectivity: wireless vs wired

Gaming mice can be wireless or wired. The former allow to eliminate the cable, giving greater freedom of movement, but will need a battery to function. While the cable will avoid depending on a battery that runs out, with infinite autonomy. But which one is better for gaming?

  • Wireless- Greater agility by having no cable can be beneficial by not snagging on anything like cables sometimes do.
  • Wiring: On the other hand, the cabling offers a better response, so it can be better for the most demanding.

Grip type of gaming mice

There are many types of mice, some even specifically designed to take advantage in MMO, others for FPS, etc. You can also find several grip types:

  • palm-grip: the palm grip allows the mouse to be held in such a way that the hand rests completely on the mouse. It is the most common form, and it is recommended for users with larger hands.
  • claw grip- This grip shape is claw-shaped, with the index finger and middle finger arched back to form a perpendicular angle for clicking. The support in this case is in the wrist area. This is more accurate.
  • finger-grip: it is grasped with the tips of the fingers. Only the thumb and two fingers touch the mouse and the hand stays in the air completely. It is the most accurate of all, and very positive for FPS titles, but it is also the one that can generate the most injuries and fatigue.

Polling rate or polling rate

This rate is the how often the mouse reports its position to the controller. It is also measured in hertz (Hz), so you are indicating the number of times per second. Gaming mice with 1000 Hz or 1 Khz report the position of the pointer 1000 times per second, that is, once every 1 ms. The higher the rate, the shorter the delay in the response of the on-screen pointer to movements.


This characteristic refers to the precision of the gaming mouse, and is measured in DPI (Dots per Inch) or dots per inch. The higher the DPI rate, the faster the mouse cursor will move on the screen, but the less precision it will have. That is, a minimum movement will advance more or less points on the screen. At high DPI, even a minimal touch will scroll a lot, at low DPI, it will take more movement for the cursor to move.

On screens with high resolutions, such as 4K or WQHD, a high DPI is positive so that you can move the cursor quickly around the screen. For example, a 1000 DPI would mean that for every inch (2.54 cm) of scrolling that you move the mouse with your hand, it would move 1000 pixels on the screen in the direction in which you moved it. That is, on screens with high resolutions (more px), with low DPI the cursor movement would be slower.

Thus, a mouse with more DPI is not always better, as some think. In fact, a high DPI gaming mouse can be detrimental in some types of video games. For video game titles where agility is needed, better high DPI, for games where precision is important, better low DPI. If you play a variety of categories, better something in between that offers a good compromise for everyone. On the other hand, keep in mind that the DPI can be modified in the system configuration, but you will never be able to go above the maximum or below the minimum determined by the mouse manufacturer.

En conclusion:

  • Shooters or FPS: better a low DPI. Otherwise, a simple movement or touch could move the pointer and miss the shot.
  • Precision games: where you have to aim, or not go out of certain margins, etc., better under DPI.
  • Games where speed is needed: Better a high DPI, since the cursor will respond very fast and will generate very fast movements even with small hand movements.

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