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When we talk about electronic commerce, the options to buy and sell seem inexhaustible. Platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba have shown that it is a very profitable sector that builds consumer loyalty quickly. Two years ago, Miravia captured the attention of the Spanish market as another online store. Is it safe to buy at Miravia? In this article we put you in context so that you can clear your doubts.

Buying online always has its risks, especially when the platform we use has only been in operation for a short time. Maybe this is the reason why many wonder if it is safe to make purchases at Miravia. Well, just over two years offering its services in Spanish territory is enough time to know its pros and cons. Let us begin.

Miravia: youngest daughter of Alibaba and sister of AliExpress

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Miravia It is an e-commerce platform launched in Spain by the Chinese giant Alibaba, which is also the parent company of AliExpress. It opened operations in Spanish territory at the end of 2022, and since then has sought to connect with local brands and consumers. So this is an important initiative for Alibaba's expansion in the European market.

In Miravia you can find a whole range of medium and high quality products, from beauty, electronics and fashion products to supermarket items. Unlike AliExpress, which manages its online sales mainly from Asia, Miravia focuses on the Spanish market. Thus, it offers merchandise from both Spanish and international brands.

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The above represents an important advantage for both brands and local consumers. By operating exclusively with inventory available in Spain, Miravia works with national transportation agencies. This way, can guarantee relatively fast delivery times, usually between 24 and 72 hours.

For now, Miravia does not have physical stores in Spain, but its online presence has been strengthened since it began operating in Europe. In addition to offering consumers a wide variety of products, the shopping experience is slightly different than what we are used to. This has generated comments and opinions of all kinds, so it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of buying at Miravia.

The pros of buying at Miravia

Variety of products

Let's start with the positive that Miravia has and that can be advantageous for many consumers. Among the pros of buying from this online store, the variety of merchandise, shipping and returns policy, and personalized customer service. Let's review these features to see if they convince you.

Variety with good support

If Miravia has become so popular for something, it is because of the wide variety of products and merchandise that its inventory has. The platform is known for its wide variety of items from different sectors such as fashion, beauty, home and entertainment. So you can find almost everything you need in one place, organized under thirteen categories and differentiated by product type and brand.

Furthermore, this marketplace is owned by Alibaba, ensuring the support of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. This has contributed to users feeling greater security in transactions and suggests a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Fair shipping and returns policy

Another benefit of purchasing from Miravia is related to their shipping and returns policy, which is quite convenient. On the one hand, The first purchase you make on the platform is free, as well as orders that exceed 10 euros and that are sent by Miravia. This is especially advantageous for those who make regular or high-volume purchases.

On the other hand, the purchasing service allows you to return any product within the first 30 days at no cost, if these were sent by Miravia. In addition, the company offers a 3-year warranty on all products, and agrees to repair or replace it under certain conditions. terms.

Personalized customer service chat

Miravia Customer Service Chat

The platform also stands out for its customer service, service assisted by real people, and not by chatbots or Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This personalized service offers real-time help to resolve any issues that arise with orders and purchases. It is only available through the Miravia mobile app, Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

Also, the company makes a telephone line with automatic prefix available to the client (911 67 79 98), which means there is no additional surcharge. You can call from any operational line in Spain during the same support chat hours.

Offers and promotions to buy at Miravia

Finally, buy at Miravia gives you access to a range of offers and promotions, trial lots and even unique content created by influencers. This undoubtedly improves the shopping experience and helps you choose better while saving some money. In this sense, it is worth highlighting that the platform strives to maintain a safe shopping environment.

The cons of buying at Miravia

Cons of online shopping

As with any online trading platform, Miravia has some features that may be negative for some. This makes complaints accumulate and end up becoming recurring problems. Among the most frequent are:

Orders that do not arrive

Although the platform uses national shipping and transportation systems, there are cases in which the wait takes longer than it should. Even there are orders that do not reach their destination, which makes it necessary to contact the company to make the claim. Of course, we must remember that this is a common problem on online trading platforms.

Poor customer service

Having a customer support chat staffed by people does not guarantee the efficiency of the service. Some users complain that The answers and solutions offered do not meet your expectations, and sometimes they are not even carried out. Unanswered emails or unanswered calls are other reported failures.

There are scams

Miravia not immune to scams, such as articles of poor quality or that do not correspond to reality. There are also scammers who pose as sellers and try to take the money of the most inexperienced. Hence, it is always important to take measures to avoid falling into misleading advertising and be a victim of cybercrime.

The pros and cons of buying at Miravia

In conclusion, we can say that Miravia is an acceptable alternative for online shopping. It is clear that its advantages are tempting, such as its shipping and returns policies and its personalized customer service chat. However, there are risks inherent to electronic commerce that also affect Miravia and that require a more serious response on its part.

In any case, Having been in the Spanish market for more than two years and having survived in the attempt is an achievement for the company. It is clear that it has known how to deal with the difficulties to position itself in a sector with a lot of competition. If you want to dispel all doubts, take the risk, make your first purchase at Miravia and tell us your experience.

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