How to change the keyboard of your mobile: Easy guide to personalize your device

change mobile keyboard

When we think about customization options for our smartphones, we rarely realize that we can also modify some elements that initially seem immovable, such as the keyboard. In today's post we are going to talk about it and we are going to explain it to you. how to change the keyboard of your mobile In a simple way.

The way to carry out this operation differs depending on the case, above all it depends on If it is an iPhone or an Android mobile. The important thing is that we are going to find a lot of possibilities for the keyboard, some more practical, others more fun.

The possibilities on Android are broader, although the method to change the keyboard will have certain peculiarities depending on the brand of the smartphone. In the case of the iPhone we find more restrictions. Here we should talk better about modifications to the appearance and functionality of the keyboard. We analyze everything below:

Change the keyboard on an Android mobile

change mobile keyboard

The standard process to change the keyboard of an Android mobile is relatively simple. Furthermore, it is equally valid for a mobile phone as it is for a tablet. There is a native way to carry out this operation, although there are also many external applications that can help us.

Standard method

This is the basic way to change the keyboard on mobile phones that use the Android operating system without modifications by the manufacturer. These are the steps to follow:

  1. First we open the application Settings of the mobile.
  2. Then we will System.
  3. Then we select the option "Languages ​​and text introduction".
  4. Among the following options, we choose "On-screen keyboard".
  5. Now, to add a new keyboard (it will need to have been installed on the mobile first), click on «Manage on-screen keyboards» and we simply choose the one we want to use.

On Huawei phones

If your phone is Huawei brand, the way to change the keyboard is as follows:

  1. Let's go to the mobile settings.
  2. We press the option "Advanced settings".
  3. There we select «Language and text input».
  4. Then we access the section "On-screen keyboard".
  5. Then we click on «Manage keyboards» to activate the keyboard we want to use.
    Finally, we return to the option Default keyboard and we choose the keyboard we want.

On Samsung mobiles

Changing the keyboard of a Samsung mobile is done like this:

  1. To begin, we go to the mobile settings and access the settings section. "General Administration".
  2. There we select the option «Language and text input».
  3. Then we go to "On-screen keyboard".
  4. Then we choose the option «Manage keyboards», from where we will be able to activate the keyboard that we want to use.
  5. Finally, let's go to the option «Default keyboard» and we choose the one we want.

On Xiaomi phones

Finally, if what we want is to make this keyboard change on a Xiaomi device, this is what we should do:

  1. As in the previous examples, let's first go to the Settings of the mobile.
  2. From there, we access the section "Additional settings".
  3. We touch on the option «Language and text input».
  4. Then we go to the option "Current keyboard", where we simply have to choose the one we want to activate and use.

Download alternative keyboard

As can be deduced from the previous paragraphs, before getting rid of the old keyboard, it is necessary to download the new one. The one we want to use. Although there are many options, not all keyboards are created equal. We will find the most popular options for downloading practical keyboards on Google Play. These are some of the best:



When we talk about alternative keyboards for Android mobile devices, the first name that comes to mind is Gboard. This keyboard is already included by default in most Android phones on the market. Its functions and benefits continue to increase with each new update. One of them is the possibility of performing Google searches from the same keyboard. Very comfortable.

Gboard: the Google keyboard
Gboard: the Google keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free



In all likelihood, the most complete alternative keyboard for Android. chroma is an open source application whose functions not only equal, but in some aspects even surpass those of GBoard. Among its most notable features we must mention its extensive folder of themes, font types, styles, etc. as well as text prediction based on Artificial Intelligence.

Minuum Keyboard

minium keyboard

This option is especially recommended due to its versatility. And it is that Minuum Keyboard Not only does it offer us an incredible variety of customizable themes and fonts, but it also has very interesting functions such as the floating keyboard on the screen.

Minumum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Minumum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Developer: whirlscape
Price: 3,40 €

How to change the keyboard of an iPhone mobile

iphone keyboard

The keyboard that comes by default on the iPhone It is considered one of the most complete. It is characterized by having a sober appearance and incorporating very interesting predictive software. However, for many users it may fall too short and they need something more.

Fortunately, iOS allows us to choose different keyboards. As in the case of Android, it is possible to download a keyboard application that interests us, although Apple also has a series of alternative keyboards of the house from which to choose.

How to access those other "hidden" keyboards on the iPhone? It is simply a matter of following these steps:

  1. The first thing to do is go to the app Adjustments
  2. Then we go to the section "General".
  3. Next, click on the section "Keyboard" and, within it, we choose the one marked as "Keyboards".
  4. There we press the button "Add new".

At this point, we are going to find ourselves with two different possibilities: opt for an external keyboard that we have downloaded through an app or choose one of the options that iOS offers us.

One or several keyboards?

Changing a keyboard for a new one does not necessarily mean having to choose one or the other. The ideal is power choose between several keyboards and select the one we want to use at all times. Doing this is not complicated, we have already seen how to do it in the instructions that we include in this post.

This decision will depend, above all, on the preferences and needs of each user. You also have to know that it can be a little uncomfortable to constantly change keyboards, since there is no simpler and faster way to do it than as we have explained.

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