Chatgpt not working, possible causes, solutions and the best alternatives

How to solve problems in chatgpt

Chatgpt is a tool developed with artificial intelligence with which we can have a fairly fluid conversation. Being such a robust and powerful model, we can think that it will never fail. However, this system – like any other – can present problems for different reasons, but it can also be solved or simply look for other alternatives. Let's see what to do when technical difficulties occur with this AI model.

Problems and solutions when using Chatgpt?

Best Alternatives When Chatgpt Crashes

Chatgpt is a tool that allows us find answers on any topic in real time and quite fluidly. However, you may have presented some crashes recently with this AI model. Apparently it was a problem directly with the server and if so, there is not much to do, just sit and wait for it to be resolved.

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If you use Google Chatgpt or OpenAI, the problem may be rrelated more to a lack of updating. Also, it may be a failure with the VPN which has been blocked or disabled by mistake and in that sense it is impossible to use the model.

If the error persists, you can try using a different browser than the usual one.. The problem could be with the Google service – if you use Chrome – resort to other alternatives. Also, you can change the internet access point, either using mobile data. This can be an excellent solution to solve these problems.

Finally, It is always good to verify that the problem is not something local. That is, if other users have reported the error similar to yours, it is surely global. In these cases you just have to wait for it to be resolved on the server side. That is why we will recommend some alternatives to Chatgpt.

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5 alternatives to Chatgpt

Possible failures when using Chtgpt

Chatgpt is a powerful tool for generating content, research, images, summaries and other types of responses. However, it may fail at any time. To avoid stopping your research while these problems are solved, here We present 5 alternatives to this AI model:


elicit is a tool developed with very efficient artificial intelligence that gives you immediate answers about different types of sources. It is based on searching for information on verified sites, it has a powerful search engine and language analysis.

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This tool is generally used in academic and scientific research, with automated systems that facilitate large workflows. It uses a semantic language model and the results fully adjust to the user's needs.


chatsonic It is a very powerful tool, with functions similar to Chatgpt. It offers instant and quality results for any topic you want to search for. Create professional briefs, strategy ideas, creative content and more.

The best thing is that it has its own API which makes the use of its search engine accessible on custom websites. This way you can increase the power of your chatbot. It has a free version and a paid version.

Claude AI better than ChatGPT
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It works like a search engine and uses the Google database. In addition, it is connected to the internet all the time to offer current results. Also, generate images and all types of multimedia resources you want.


YouChat is one of Chatgpt's strongest competitors. To use it you just have to ask a question and wait for the model to answer you. It has a chatbot assistant that will help you with everything you need.

Its interface and operation are similar to Google, which makes it a very easy tool to use. In addition, it has a live chat section where you will find very precise answers to your requirements. The best thing is that it offers a list of sources of additional information to its answers that can help you.


An excellent alternative to Chatgpt is Socratic, a fully optimized tool with synthetic and clear responses. One of its advantages is that it has the support of Google AI, which represents security in the responses offered by the system. It is normally used in educational topics, but it adapts perfectly to any field, for example business, problem solving and research.

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Socratic by Google
Socratic by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Jasper Cat

JasperChat It is a very powerful tool and one of the most economical on the market. It can be used in the corporate sector to drive business or simply at home to ask a question. It has numerous functions to solve high-impact problems or create content on social networks.

It is made up of three powerful tools such as a smart chat, the content creator and an art generator. It is quite complete and covers almost all aspects that require attention within a company. It works in 29 languages, the business version is capable of adapting the language of the brand and its clients. It is always connected to the internet to obtain information in real time.

Gemini or ChatGPT
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With these alternatives you will no longer have to spend time without being connected to artificial intelligence. Don't let the failures or problems generated by Chatgpt make you lose valuable opportunities and resort to these options. What do you think of this proposal in case Chatgpt stops working?

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