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Receive messages and calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp It's annoying and even dangerous.. Therefore, it is important to know what to do to increase the security of WhatsApp and avoid spam calls and messages. In this post we are going to review the procedure to configure the Meta messaging app and reinforce the privacy of your account.

There are some measures you can take so that only your contacts can write to you or call you through WhatsApp. The messaging app itself has been incorporating security options such as blocking messages and calls. How to activate them and what other alternatives do you have to prevent unknown numbers from bothering you on WhatsApp?

Why do I receive messages and calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp?

Person receiving a call from an unknown number on WhatsApp

Almost all of us have received a message or call from an unknown number on WhatsApp at some point. Sometimes it is nothing more than a simple mistake, but in most cases it is an attempted scam. When something as unusual as this happens, it is normal for us to ask ourselves: "How did this person get my contact number?" Knowing this can help you take extra measures to prevent strangers from writing or calling you without your consent.

  • Someone took your phone number from a group you belong to.
  • If you have published your contact information in an advertisement on the web, any stranger can take it and write or call you.
  • Some scam attempts come from bots or automated programs that send spam messages to lists of random numbers.
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Thus, there are several reasons why you could receive messages and calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes this situation can be prevented; At other times, there is nothing you can do to stop them from trying to contact you. What you can do is take measures on your mobile device so that these messages do not represent any threat.

Set WhatsApp so that only your contacts can write or call you

Prevent unknown numbers from writing to you on WhatsApp

Let's see now how you can increase security on WhatsApp to prevent unknown numbers from writing to you. There are some configuration options within the application itself that reinforce the privacy of your account. You just have to activate them and you will see that spam messages and calls will no longer be a problem.

It should be noted that there is no Until now an option or application to prevent unknown numbers from writing to you on WhatsApp. If someone does it, whether by chance or intentionally, the report of the call or message will remain in your chats. It is at this point where you can take some actions to eliminate the hassle or prevent you from being scammed.

Report and block unknown numbers

Every time you receive a message or call from an unknown number on WhatsApp, you have the option to report it and block it. This way, that number will not be able to contact you using the messaging app. This is the most recommended measure you can follow to prevent that stranger from bothering you.

When an unknown person sends you a message or calls you via WhatsApp, a chat is enabled with the options Add to contacts and Block this number. If you do not recognize the sender or suspect that it is a scam attempt, you can click on the Block this number option. WhatsApp will then ask you if you want to 'Block and Report' or just 'Block'; Choose the option you think is best.

Next, you have to specify the reason why you want to block that contact by choosing from the options: Spam, I no longer need it, Offensive messages, I will not register or Other reason. Select the option you prefer and click on Block contact to confirm the action.

In case you decide to report the unknown number, the chat will be deleted immediately. Additionally, WhatsApp will analyze the last five messages sent to you by that number to determine the nature of the threat. In all cases, the sender will not receive any notification that you have blocked and reported them, so that your Privacy is not compromised.

Silence incoming calls from unknown numbers

Silence calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp

Another option to increase the security of WhatsApp is to silence incoming calls from unknown numbers. This measure does not prevent you from receiving unknown calls, but only silences the ringtone to avoid being interrupted. The missed call will remain in the calls tab waiting for you to decide what to do with it.

For silence incoming calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the three point menu in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Press on Settings and then select the option Privacy.
  3. Slide the screen and click on the option Calls
  4. Activate switch to silence calls from unknown numbers.
  5. When you see the missed call notification, you will have the option to block the number or add it to your contacts.

Manage who can add you to groups

Manage who can add you to WhatsApp groups

Sometimes unknown people take our number from WhatsApp groups to which we belong. And if that person adds us to other groups, our personal information will be even more exposed. Therefore, if you want prevent your phone number from falling into unknown hands, go to WhatsApp and manage who can add you to groups. This is the way it is done:

  1. Open WhatsApp, click on the menu of three points and choose Adjustments
  2. Now choose Privacy and select the option Groups.
  3. Select option Contacts so that only they can add you to groups.

Set your account privacy

Many scammers choose their victims by taking into account their profile photo, their contact information and the statuses they post on WhatsApp. Based on this data, they decide who they are going to call or send a message to, as well as its content. Therefore, if you want reduce the risk of being scammed from unknown numbers, it is best to remove your personal information from public view. In WhatsApp, it is done like this:

  1. Go to Settings / Privacy.
  2. In the 'Who can see my personal information' section, set your preferences for Last Seen Time, Online, Profile Photo, Info, and Status.
  3. For added security, choose the My Contacts option in each of the sections above.

In conclusion, if you want to prevent unknown numbers from writing to you or calling you on WhatsApp, take the measures already indicated. In most cases, These measures will be enough to keep annoying contacts and potential scammers at bay..

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