How to delete people from photos: free online tools

Delete people from photos

Sometimes when we take a photo, someone has sneaked into it who really shouldn't be in her. This is something that can make that photo not look the way you want, a clear problem for users. Therefore, we want to delete these people from the photos, for which we are going to need a program that makes it possible.

Then we leave you with a series of tools that will help us delete people from photos. In this way, if in any of our photos there is a person who should not be in it, we can eliminate it without too many problems. These are tools that we are going to be able to use online without having to pay money and without having to install something on our devices.

At present we have many programs that allow us to remove photo people without too much trouble. Although many of these programs are paid, so they are not always available to any user. The good news is that there are tools that can be used online, without the need to install anything on your PC or phone. Thanks to them we can delete people from photos without having to pay money for it. We have compiled some of these online tools below.

These web pages will allow us to delete people from photos, but they can also be used if we want to remove objects, animals or the backgrounds of some images. So they are going to give us quite a few editing options in this regard, especially when it comes to deleting something from said photo. All of them can be used online, so you don't have to install anything on your PC, but you can use them from your browser, in addition to not having to pay money to be able to use them on your devices.

Delete people from photos
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Remove B.G.

This is possibly the best known website in this field, as well as being a really easy to use tool. it is a website that will remove people from photos automatically, so we will not have to do anything in this regard. This website gives us several options when it comes to retouching a photo, because we can eliminate people, objects or even the background of them, so that we are going to obtain the desired result at all times. We can use it with all kinds of photos or drawings.

On this website you will have to upload the photo where there are people or objects that you want to eliminate. You won't have to do anything else, because the website itself It is responsible for detecting these people or objects automatically and it will delete them then. When you have done this, the photo will be as we want and we will be able to download it. If there are still elements that we do not want or do not like, we can click on the edit option. Then we ourselves can make changes to the photo in question.

This website stands out for its good performance, as your detection tool is really accurate, so we are not going to have to do anything in this regard when we want to delete something or someone. The web itself will detect those people or objects that should not be on it. The fact that the entire process can be done in the browser is another advantage of it, since we are not going to have to install anything in this way on the PC. The results are positive and you will be able to edit these photos without having to pay money for it. So it is a website that is recommended to use at all times.


Secondly, we find another web page that will allow us to easily delete people from photos. As in the previous case, not only can it be used with people, but we will also be able to eliminate objects that should not be in that photo in question. It is a page that works well, but a series of conditions must be met in order to use its editing tool. Since the photos must be in JPG format, PNG format or WebP format. In addition, the maximum weight per image is 10 MB and the maximum resolution allowed by the web is 4.2 megapixels. If we want more options, we can download its desktop version.

Fortunately, is an online tool that stands out for its ease of use. When we have uploaded the photo to the web, we are only going to have to click on the object with the brush or select it with the lasso. When you have selected this, you will only have to click on the button that says Erase and wait a few seconds. That object or that person that was bothering you in the photo will be eliminated in this way in a matter of a few seconds. So it is really comfortable to use. If there are several people or objects, we will only have to repeat this until all have been eliminated from the photo.

Both the website and the desktop application can be used for free. So if for some of you the web is somewhat limited in its options, you can always download this program. The operation is going to be very similar and there will be fewer limits or conditions when it comes to editing photos, such as their size or resolution, for example. In both cases it is a good tool to remove people from photos for free.


This third website on the list is very similar to the previous option, so it is also a good option to consider. This website will allow us to automatically delete people from photos or objects from photos. In addition, it gives us some editing options that can be very interesting. Since people or objects that we have cut out of a photo, we will be able to paste them in another different photo if we want it. This is how unique photos are obtained, for example.

In addition to removing people and objects, we will also be able to remove the background of an image. It is not necessary to have knowledge of photo editing, because this website will do everything automatically, thus being something especially comfortable for inexperienced users. You will only have to upload the photo you want to the web, which will then do everything for you. The photos that are uploaded can have a maximum weight of 10 MB and can be in JPG, PNG or WebP formats, in addition to a maximum resolution of 4,2 MPX, as in the previous case as well.

We do not have to register to be able to use this website., so it is something very comfortable and that will give us a very fast photo editing at all times. Also, if you want to know more about how it works, there are a series of tutorials available on the web. So all users will be able to use this online tool easily. A good way to delete people from photos, without having to pay money to do it.

Another web page whose name may sound familiar to many users. Like the previous options, it will allow us delete people, objects or backgrounds from photos Let's go up to it. This deletion is something that will happen quickly, because the page only takes a few seconds to do this, which is one of its great advantages. In addition, its operation is very simple, so that even users with little experience in this field will be able to use it.

When we have opened the web, we will only have to upload the photo (we can also drag it from a folder on the computer). Then we will be able to use the tool available in it to remove that object unwanted. The size of the eraser on the web is something that we can adjust to our liking, so that if it is an object or person that takes up a lot of space, we can use a larger eraser to eliminate it more quickly. As we eliminate objects or people we can see what this photo in question looks like.

The website first shows us a series of test photos, so that we can fully understand how it works before we start editing our own photos. It is a good way to practice and you will see that this is not something complicated to use, so it is worth doing. A good website that works well, is easy to use and that you will be able to use without having to pay money for it. If we want to be able to see the results of our photos in high resolution, we are going to have to register on the web. To be able to edit is not something we have to do, it is optional at all times.

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