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Mobile Forum It is a website of AB Internet. On this website we deal with share all the information regarding the world of technology: from step-by-step tutorials with updated information, to detailed analysis of useful and curious gadgets for your day to day.

The editorial team of Móvil Forum is made up of a group of general technology experts. They will offer up-to-date and rigorous guides on how to perform certain procedures on your computer, as well as help you with purchasing advice on various technology products.

We leave you with all of them so that you know them a little more. Welcome to Móvil Forum and thank you for having us.



  • Daniel Terrasa

    Editor specialized in technology and internet issues with more than ten years of experience in different digital media. I have worked as an editor and content creator for e-commerce, communication, online marketing and advertising companies. I have also written on economics, finance and other sectors websites. My work is also my passion. Now, through my articles in Móvil Forum, I try to explore all the news and new opportunities that the world of mobile devices offers us every day. Join me on this adventure to find technology understood as the engine that can improve our lives.

  • Andres Leal

    Since I was very young I have been very curious about everything related to scientific and technological advances, especially those that make our lives easier and more entertaining. I love staying up to date with the latest news and trends, and sharing my experiences, opinions and advice about the equipment and gadgets I use. This led me to become a web writer a little over five years ago, primarily focused on Android devices and Windows operating systems. I have learned to explain in simple words what is complicated so that my readers can understand it easily.

  • Alberto navarro

    I have been a lover of geek culture and video games since I was very young. I try to master all the technological innovations that surprise us every day to bring them to you in a light format that manages to awaken your technological curiosity. You should know that I have been a user of Xiaomi and POCO mobile phones for about 10 years and I love the brand with its benefits and its defects. In general, I like the Android world and I have tried countless applications from the Google Play catalog, from casual games to applications for all types of uses. Although I am also very interested in technologies based on artificial intelligence that make our lives easier. In my articles I combine my studies in Sociology and Digital Marketing to bring you, every day, the most interesting and the latest trends on the internet.

  • Isaac

    Passionate about technology, especially electronics, * nix operating systems, and computer architecture. Professor of sysadmins Linux, supercomputing and computer architecture. Blogger and author of the microprocessor encyclopedia Bitman's World. In addition, I am also interested in hacking, Android, programming, etc.

  • Lorena Figueredo

    My name is Lorena Figueredo. I have a background in literature and have worked as a technology writer for over three years. I have a great passion for mobile phones. This started at a young age and came to fruition years later when reporting tech news for the website I worked for for several years. Since then, I have strived to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the industry. Currently my work at Móvil Forum consists of analyzing new devices, gadgets and technological applications. I also create tutorials, guides and software comparisons that are useful to users. I strive every day to provide detailed analysis to help readers choose the best smartphone or app for their needs.

  • Joaquin Romero

    The mobile devices that the market offers us can confuse you a little when choosing which one is right for you. This applies to other technologies and innovations that brands continually launch. My intention is to be a personal ally that provides you with the best advice to facilitate your decision and improve your knowledge in the sector. We know that technology changes constantly, but I am that direct connection that you will have with the latest developments and news on global technological events. My goal is to develop explicit, easy to understand and very precise content so that you can apply it in your life. Can you imagine being able to control everything from your mobile device? I show you how you can do it and be an expert. I am a systems engineer, Full Stack web programmer and content writer.

Former editors

  • Ignatius Hall

    My first computer was an Amstrad PCW, a computer with which I began to take my first steps in computing. Shortly after, a 286 came into my hands, with which I had the opportunity to test DR-DOS (IBM) and MS-DOS (Microsoft) in addition to the first versions of Windows ... The appeal that the world of computer science at the beginning of the 90s, guided my vocation for programming. I am not a person who is closed to other options, so I use both Windows and macOS on a daily basis and sporadically the occasional Linux distro. Each operating system has its good points and its bad points. None is better than another. The same happens with smartphones, neither Android is better and neither iOS is worse. They are different and since I like both operating systems, I also use them regularly.

  • Jose Albert

    From a young age I have loved technology, especially what has to do directly with computers and their Operating Systems. And for more than 15 years I have fallen madly in love with GNU / Linux, and everything related to Free Software and Open Source. For all this and more, nowadays, as a Computer Engineer and professional with an international certificate in Linux Operating Systems, I have been writing with passion and for several years now, on various technology, computing and computing websites, among other topics. In which, I share with you every day, much of what I learn through practical and useful articles.

  • Miguel Rios

    I am a Geodesta engineer with more than five years of experience in the sector. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by technology and how it could improve our lives. For this reason, I decided to dedicate myself to Web and application development for Android, one of the most popular and versatile platforms in the world. I love creating innovative and functional solutions that meet user needs. I have worked on several projects in different fields, such as education, health, leisure and e-commerce.

  • Juan Martinez

    I have been passionate about technology and video games for as long as I can remember. I love exploring everything the digital world offers, from personal computers to the latest generation consoles, including Android phones, Apple products and all kinds of gadgets and accessories. For more than 10 years, I have been lucky enough to dedicate myself professionally to what I like most: writing about technology and video games. I have collaborated with various media and platforms, covering news, analysis, opinions, guides and tricks about PCs, consoles, Android phones, Apple and technology in general. I like to always be up to date and well informed about what the main brands and manufacturers are doing, as well as review tutorials and play to get the most out of each device and its operating system.

  • Eder Ferreno

    I am passionate about technology and writing. In my free time, I write articles about Android devices, the operating system that I like the most and that I use daily. I love staying up to date with the latest news, tricks and tips to get the most out of my smartphone. I also enjoy trying new applications and games that surprise and amuse me, and then I share with you on my blog. I hope you like my content and that you leave me your comments and suggestions.

  • Ruben gallardo

    I have been a technology writer since 2005, when I started writing about the first Android devices that hit the market. Since then, I have collaborated with several prestigious online media, covering the latest news and trends in the technology sector. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to test and analyze hundreds of products, from smartphones and tablets to wearables and smart TVs. And although many years have passed, I continue to enjoy explaining technology in the simplest way possible like the first day. Because I believe that if we understand it well, our lives will be easier. My goal is to help readers get the most out of their devices by offering tips, tricks, tutorials, and recommendations.

  • Ricardo Ollarves

    I am a Computer Engineer by profession and a geek by birth. My passion for technology is absolute, although my strong interest focuses on mobile phones, Android and Artificial Intelligence. I'm sure I could talk for hours about these topics, using simple, fun language without much technicality. Since I had my first Android smartphone, I was fascinated by the possibilities that this operating system offers. I like to stay up to date with the latest news, tricks and applications that improve the user experience. I am also interested in Artificial Intelligence, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. I like learning about algorithms, models and tools that allow us to create intelligent solutions to various problems.

  • Aaron Rivas

    I am a writer and editor who is passionate about technology, especially Android devices. I dedicate myself to writing about computers, gadgets, smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, various operating systems, apps and everything related to geeks. My interest in this field began since I was little, when I was fascinated by exploring the functions and possibilities of the first personal computers. Since then, I have not stopped learning and updating myself on the latest news and trends in the technological world. I really enjoy my job, as it allows me to share my knowledge and experience with other users and fans. Additionally, I love testing and analyzing new products and services that come onto the market, and offering my honest and professional opinion.

  • William garcia

    Passionate about technology, computing and learning. Computer student at the University of Carabobo. I love writing and sharing my research with others: there is no better connoisseur than the one who teaches. For 3 years I have been working as a content writer for a variety of websites, specializing in technology, gadgets, applications, development and current affairs, while in my free time I love reading and studying programming.

  • jose rivas

    I am a computer scientist and audiovisual producer passionate about the world of Android devices. Since I had my first smartphone, I was fascinated by the versatility and innovation that this operating system offers. For this reason, I constantly dedicate myself to seeing what's new in new technologies to stay awake and up to date. I like to share my knowledge and experiences with other users, whether through articles, videos, podcasts or social networks. My goal is to inform, entertain and educate the Android community about the best applications, tricks, tips and news related to this ecosystem.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Almeriense, lawyer, editor, geek and lover of technology in general. Always at the forefront in terms of software and hardware products, since my first PC product that resists me fell into my hands. Constantly analyzing, testing and seeing from a critical point of view what the most current technology has to offer us, both at the hardware and software level. I try to tell you the successes, but I enjoy the mistakes more. I analyze a product or do a tutorial as if I were showing it to my family. Available on Twitter as @ miguel_h91 and on Instagram as @ MH.Geek.

  • Jordi Giménez

    I am an editor passionate about technology, especially Android devices. Since I was little I have liked to tinker with any electronic device that had buttons, lights or sounds. My first smartphone was an HTC Touch, which I bought in 2007, and since then I have not stopped following the latest developments in the Android world. I love testing all kinds of gadgets, from smartwatches to smart speakers, and I'm always looking for the best performance, the best camera or the best battery. In my free time, I like to go for walks, listen to music or read, always accompanied by one of my favorite devices.