Best PowerPoint Templates for Education

Education PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint is a tool that continues to be of great importance in education. It is common for a presentation to be made in this tool to present a topic, whether it is the teacher who creates said slideshow or if you want to present a work that you have done. It is not surprising therefore that many users find PowerPoint templates for education that they can use in their presentations.

If you were looking for new PowerPoint templates for education, we leave you below with a selection of the best. In addition to telling you how you can download them, so that it is possible for you to create said presentation in the well-known Microsoft office suite program. Whether as a teacher or as a student, these templates will help you.

The good news is that there is a huge selection of templates currently available for education, with designs of all kinds that adjust to all kinds of situations, themes or presentations. So we will always be able to find something that fits what we need. In this way, making a presentation using PowerPoint will be much simpler, by having some slides that are striking or interesting, that have a design that helps our presentation, in a way that everyone understands the subject or maintains interest throughout it. presentation.

Then we leave you with a selection of the best PowerPoint templates for education that we can currently use, in addition to the way in which we can download them on the PC. In addition, all the templates that we show you in this article are free, which is undoubtedly something of great importance for students who have to present something.

Template with colored light bulbs

Light bulbs education PowerPoint template

Light bulbs are commonly used as a symbol of ingenuity and creativity., something that comes from having a good idea. There are expressions about this indeed, so they are a good choice for a presentation in this case. This is one of the best PowerPoint templates for education to use these bulbs in a fun way, but in no time it will detract from such a presentation. These bulbs will be present in each of the slides, but as you can see, in different ways, so that they integrate perfectly.

This template has a total of 25 slides, which are fully editable. This will allow you to customize them to your liking and need at all times. You can change the text, its position or the position of those photos without any problem, so that it is a more personal presentation that fits your theme. In addition, we can easily add graphics to them, something that is undoubtedly important for many users.

One of the most interesting PowerPoint templates for education. Furthermore, it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, so that you can use either of the two tools when making your presentation in class. You can see its design, as well as proceed to its free download this link. A good template to take into account and that leaves us with an innovative design.

Template with technical drawing

Technical flat template

Those who need to make a presentation on topics such as engineering, construction or programming They will be able to use this template. It is a template where we have a technical plan. It imitates the styles of project plans, in addition to having the font used in technical drawings in construction or in industry. It also comes with that standard blue background, but users can adjust it to their liking at any time, because you can change that background color to suit your presentation. Another one of those cool PowerPoint templates for education.

This template maintains this theme throughout all of your slides. These slides, 25 in total, are editable at all times. It is allowed to change the color of the same, the letter, font, size of the same, as well as the photos. In addition, they are compatible with all types of graphics or icons, something that is necessary in a presentation on a topic such as engineering or programming. In addition, many icons are provided to users, so that they can create a much more complete template or presentation at any time.

Like the other PowerPoint templates for education in this listing, We can download it for free on our PC, available at this link. This template can be used in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, so it does not matter which of the two programs is the one you use in your case. If you were looking for a template with a theme clearly inspired by engineering or construction, it is one of the best options you can download.

Template with doodles

Education doodles template

One of the best PowerPoint templates for education that we can download is this one with doodles. As you can see in the photo, it has a large number of drawings with elements that are typical of education. From pens, world balls, books, notebooks, balls, pencils and many more. It is a good template to use if we have to present topics intended for a younger audience, for example, as it will help make this presentation much more accessible to this audience.

The drawings used in the template have been drawn by hand. This template is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, like the others that we have shown you in this list. It imitates visual notes, so it is a good help for students to learn through visual techniques, since it allows to maintain interest at all times thanks to the use of those colors and drawings. In addition, it is a customizable template. We can change the colors at any time, thus creating a much more dynamic presentation.

All the slides in this PowerPoint template are editable, so that you can adjust everything depending on the type of presentation you are going to make. It is possible to change the colors, font, as well as to introduce photos, graphics or various types of icons without any problem. A good template for education that you can download for free from this link.

Template with teamwork

Teamwork presentation

It is very common to have to do teamwork and then you have to present what you have done. This PowerPoint template clearly captures that teamwork in its design. It is therefore one of the best PowerPoint templates for education, with a modern design, visually interesting and that seeks to reflect at all times the work that people have done in this project. In addition, you can change the background color of it in a simple way, to better fit the project in question.

It is a slightly more modern template compared to others. Thanks to this, it is not only one of those PowerPoint templates that we can use in education, but even companies can use it in project presentations. As in the other templates we have seen, it is customizable, so that we can adjust the elements present in it to our liking, so that it better conveys the message we want. Again, it is fully compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

The next time you have to do teamwork and it is necessary to make a presentation, this template will be a good help. It has a modern design, helps to convey your message and also perfectly reflects that teamwork that has been carried out. This PowerPoint template can be downloaded now for free at this link. 

Template with desk

Presentation desk template

The fifth template in the list is a template that we can use in many cases. It presents a design with a realistic desktop, with elements such as a laptop or papers and other typical objects of one, for example. This is something that helps anyone who sees that presentation to recognize the elements, as well as the process of creating it, for example. It is also very versatile, since we will be able to use it in presentations on many different topics, something that helps make it ideal in education.

Can be used in a presentation at all levels of education, but also if we are looking to give a more informal touch to a talk, for example, making it more relaxed and contributing to the participation of the people who attend. All the elements within this presentation can be customized, so that it is very comfortable and thus better fits the topic we are talking about. The use of graphics and icons in it is supported. In addition, it is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Downloading this template for PowerPoint education is free, available at this link. You have a large number of slides available in it, so you can choose which ones you want to use in the presentation. A good option that you can use in many different situations, so do not hesitate to use it in your presentations.

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