Which phones have emergency mode and why is it so important?

emergency mode

Some brands of come with an interesting built-in function, the so-called emergency mode. This mode is designed to prolong the smartphone's battery in cases of emergency situations, with the aim of being able to be used for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, we can find ourselves in There are many situations where this mode can be useful. For example, if we are waiting to be rescued by the tow truck on some lonely road, or we have gotten lost during an adventure in nature. This emergency mode will help us to be able to count on the cell phone for longer than normal.

So if one day we find ourselves in the middle of a complicated situation, this can be a very valuable resource: activate emergency mode so that our mobile device conserves enough energy to function as long as possible.

How emergency mode works

emergency mode

In most cases (there may be variations depending on the manufacturer), when this mode is activated, screen brightness decreases automatically so that battery consumption is lower. For the same reason, the background of the home screen will become black.

In addition to this, some of the device's functions will be limited. In reality, only those that are considered strictly necessary under the circumstances will be available. It must be insisted that the main purpose of this mode is to reduce battery consumption, that is, to make it last as long as possible.

Among the functions that we can use is the Telephone application through which we can make a call to a specific contact and, of course, make emergency calls. It is also possible to turn on the flash, sound alarms and send information about our location to other people through a message.

What cell phones have emergency mode?

It is important not to confuse the emergency mode, which is a special configuration of the terminal for especially compromised situations, with the emergency call numbers and services that are present in all smartphones. They are two different things.

The pioneer brand in enabling this mode on its mobile phones was Samsung. After her, there are some that have followed this path, like the Chinese Huawei. The instructions that we include in this post about how to activate and deactivate this mode are based on the devices of the South Korean brand.

Activate and deactivate emergency mode on Samsung phones

samsung emergency mode

The steps to follow to activate emergency mode On Samsung mobiles they are the following:

  1. First, we must hold down the Power button to display the options in this menu.
  2. On the screen they appear three options: Shut down, Restart and Emergency mode, which is the one we must press.*
  3. Finally, we click on "Activate". 

Once the emergency mode is activated, the screen has a black background and only some functions are available: flashlight, calls, internet browser, location sharing, etc. Additionally, an estimate of the useful time remaining on the phone's battery is shown.

(*) If it is the first time we use it, we will have to accept the terms and conditions.

On the other hand, if what we want is disable in emergency mode on our Samsung phone, this is what to do:

  1. First we press the three point icon which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, we select "Deactivate emergency mode."
  3. Finally, we confirm the action by clicking again on "Deactivate".

Other ways to save battery


As we have said, this interesting mode is only available in some brands. However, there are tricks and tips that will help us on any device, whatever the brand, so that the battery lasts longer. After all, that is the main purpose of emergency mode.

  • Close background apps. Many of the apps that we have installed on our mobile constantly consume battery power, even if we are not using them. It is important to close them when not in use, instead of leaving the window open.
  • Adjust screen brightness. The screen is the element of your mobile that consumes the most battery. The brightness level that is configured by default on our mobile phone is not usually the most convenient to save battery life. It is advisable to use a high brightness level only for watching videos or playing games. The rest of the time, it is better to have it at lower levels.
  • Do not let the battery drain completely. When the level is below 10%, the charger must be connected as soon as possible. With this, in addition to saving, we will be able to extend the useful life of the battery.
  • Use “Saving Mode”. Almost all mobile phones have this option, which allows us to adjust the brightness and reduce the speed of the processor when we are not using the device.

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