How to factory restore a phone

How to factory restore a phone

In this opportunity we show you how restore a phone to factory, this regardless of whether you have an iOS or Android system. If it is a topic of your interest, in the next few lines we will give you a step by step on how to do it without complications.

Restoring a mobile device to the factory represents the complete removal of your apps, settings or even saved files in the same. This process will leave your mobile phone as it is as if it were new and requires configuration for its use.

Learn how to restore a factory mobile

How to restore your phone to the factory

This procedure It can run without any problems on mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems. Although the procedure changes slightly, it is possible to perform it in a few steps. Next, we present a brief, but concise guide to do it.

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Factory restore your iOS device from settings

How to restore your iPhone to the factory

The procedure that we are going to follow is quite simple, we only have to follow a few steps and that's it. Remember that Before doing any type of factory reset, it is important that you have made a backup. Many devices can be configured to perform this action periodically. The steps to follow are:

  1. In your menu, enter the option “Settings”. This is the same as the general configuration of the mobile. You will find it, depending on the theme you use, as a gear.
  2. A new screen will be displayed, where it will be necessary to locate the option "General”. He gently presses on it.
  3. Subsequently, a new screen will appear and we will scroll to the bottom, on the option "Delete”, we will find “Resetting”. We click on it.
  4. On the new screen it will offer us a series of elements that we can safely restore on our device, here we must choose the second, “Delete content and settings”. This option will allow us to delete all the content and general configuration of the equipment.
  5. At this point, to request confirmation of the procedure, the unlock code or password used in the Apple ID is required. It is important that you have it on hand, as this will be the key to achieve the procedure. iphone

After the above process, we must wait a few minutes while performing factory reset. It is essential that you have enough charge on your device, as a charging error can cause damage to the computer's operating system.

After completion, the mobile it will turn on and we must configure them again, using our credentials and recovering the backup copies that we decided to keep on the computer.

Factory restore your iOS device from iTunes

How to restore your mobile iPhone itunes factory

This procedure is also very simple and it will allow you to do it from your computer that is connected to the iPhone. You need to have the latest version of iTunes for your computer. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Connect the mobile to the computer and open iTunes. In case it asks, you need to confirm that you trust that device.
  2. Click on the equipment icon, which will appear in the left sidebar. When you click it will open new options.
  3. You must click on the optionSummary” and there you will find the option “Restore iPhone".
  4. Confirm that you want to restore by clicking on the button “Restore". Itunes
  5. Wait a few minutes while the operation completes. At the end, you will have a device without any additional installed elements to those that come from the factory. It only remains to configure it again and apply some backup copy that you consider.

Factory restore your Android device from the settings menu

Factory restoring an Android device is a fairly simple process and can be done in two very different ways. Here we show you a very simple way through the menu and we tell you about a slightly more complex one that can also be useful.

The steps to follow to factory restore your Android mobile from the configuration menu are:

  1. Enter the menu of "Configuration”, you will find it as an icon of a small gear. This is the general configuration of the mobile.
  2. Later, go to the option “About of the phone”. Here you will be able to see the general information of your equipment, its operating system version and some other elements of interest. Android1
  3. Here you can choose between two options, “Backup and restore" or "Factory restoration”. In case you do not usually back up your data, I recommend choosing the first option.
  4. In the option “Factory restoration” will give you a list of what are the elements to delete. If you agree to proceed, you must click on the bottom button, “Delete all data". Android2
  5. As a next step, it will ask you for your computer password and we must click on the button “Accept".

When finished, the device will change the screen, in which you will not be able to perform any action, just wait for the mobile to delete all the content and restart. When turning on again we can apply the last backup carried out and restore some elements that we consider necessary.

In case we do not need the backup copy, we must enter our credentials and start the configuration the team the same way you did the first time.

Restore Android mobile with button combination

restore a phone to factory

Este process is for advanced usersHowever, even if you are just starting out, it can be an excellent option to get to know him. Remember that if you do not have enough experience, do not try it, it can bring serious inconvenience to your mobile.

The process consists of making a combination of the side buttons of the mobile to access an advanced user menu. This combination may vary depending on the make or model of your mobile.

These combinations are usually regularly “Vol+ + Power","Vol- + Power" or "Vol+ + Vol- + On”. This combination is applied when the phone is on the model logo. The combination is pressed for a few seconds and a new screen will appear.

Later, in the menu, we can only scroll with the volume keys and accept with the power button.

We will look for the option “Factory reset”, we click on it and confirm. Here the process will be a little faster and you will achieve excellent results. Do not be scared by this type of menu, it is a great recovery method, especially when something goes wrong with some updates to the version of the operating system used.

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