How to send WhatsApp audios with famous voices


There are more and more audios of celebrities wishing you a good day and this is possible thanks, among other similar services, to fakeyou is one of the most popular audio creation tools with celebrity voices in the world. If you also want send audios on WhatsApp with famous voicesKeep reading because I explain it to you step by step.

FakeYou, one of the most powerful "Fake" tools

Audio converter with famous voices

If you don't know it, FakeYou is a tool based on artificial intelligence with which we can convert text into audio, but be careful, using voices of famous people. This app has been gaining popularity in recent months thanks to its ability to imitate with extreme precision the voices of famous people and celebrities from different areas, such as the internet, television, cinema and entertainment in general.

The platform is designed to be extremely easy to use and may remind us of a very similar one, SunoAI specifically. You simply have to think about what voice you want to use, yes, you must select the voice of a famous person already created from the list with almost 4.000 voices available and write the text that you want to convert to audio. The audio you generate must be send from WhatsApp to your contacts.

It's as simple as this, but if it's your first time with a tool like this, you may have some problems using it. Don't worry because I will explain how to do it step by step and then I will give you some advice that will come in handy when writing the message and you will avoid problems with babbling or bad intonations.

Guide to send WhatsApp audios with famous voices

fakeyou celebrity voice generator

I am going to explain to you how the audio is generated and how it is shared on WhatsApp, now, you have to create the message yourself. Give free rein to your imagination but taking care of your language, there are certain swear words that the tool does not process. You are warned.

  1. Open the browser and go to the FakeYou page and press «Text to speech».
  2. choose a voice that interests you from the list. You can open language filters and categories by clicking the arrow next to the voices.
  3. In the text field below, write the phrase What do you want the character to say?
  4. Click on the "Talk" to generate the audio.
  5. Wait a few seconds to play the generated audio.
  6. Now you have to touch the red button that says «Share/Download».
  7. In the new tab that opens, click WhatsApp share button.
  8. WhatsApp will open if you are on your mobile or WhatsApp Web if you are on a PC.
  9. Now you simply have to open the contact's chat whoever you want to surprise and hit send.

Ready, with this you have already sent your audio message. Now, it is very likely that, if this is your first time using the tool, the audio did not come out exactly as you wanted. It is normal that it does not turn out the way we want on the first attempts, you have to try until you find the measurement. Sometimes you may find that the audio has stuttering or other glitches, don't worry as it can be avoided.

Let's see a series of tips for improve audios in FakeYou.

Tips for making good audios on FakeYou

Audio converter with famous voices

If your audio has slurring, you can fix it by adding final punctuation to your sentence.. If the audio still has problems, add a comma at the beginning and end of your text so that the program includes short pauses. This usually corrects the problem. Now if the problem is that the words are not pronounced well, you may have a different problem.

Generally, when a TTS (text-to-speech) model does not pronounce words correctly or the way you want, You can experiment with the spelling of words until you get something that sounds better. Note that it will be easier if you put it phonetically, for example, "espaiderman" might sound different than "spider man."

And if what you need is to give drama or another feeling to your message, you can add some extra excitement with punctuation marks. She simply thinks of the phrase and uses “—-!” either "--?" to give it the intonation you want.

Apart from these tips, the only thing I can tell you is to practice a lot and try different shapes for your messages. With practice for sure you will get really funny audios. So now you know, share this article with your friends and start an audio war to have a fun afternoon on WhatsApp.

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