The future of Google Maps with augmented reality, closer than ever

google maps augmented reality

La Artificial Intelligence It has more and more weight within the Google ecosystem, reaching more functions and applications. And giving them a boost that until recently was unimaginable. This week, for example, we attended the presentation of Google Maps with augmented reality, which offers us an amazing new way to use this tool.

For now, all these changes and improvements are limited to application updates for the United States, although it is expected that they will soon be extended to the rest of the world. What is certain is that The way we understand and interact with Google Maps today will change forever.

What is augmented reality?

Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify some concepts, since many times there is some confusion around the augmented reality. This concept, which began to be developed in the early 90s, refers to technologies that allow a user visualize part of the real world through a technological device with graphic information.

augmented reality

Other of its main characteristics is that it combines real and virtual elements, allows us to interact with it in real time and supports 3D images.

Moreover, Many people still confuse the concepts of augmented reality (Augmented Reality or AR) and virtual reality (Virtual Reality or VR). The main difference between the two is that the virtual one does not exist, it is totally fictitious, while the augmented one is based on the real world. Halfway between the two is mixed reality, although that is another topic that we will not deal with in this post.

Google Maps and augmented reality

The introduction of AI and augmented reality in Google Maps has as purpose create immersive experiences that leave users with their mouths open. This great leap has been presented with the name of AR Experience, currently only available on Android devices.

This is a completely innovative experience that will allow users to enjoy the points of interest included in Google Maps in a completely different way. One of the areas in which the impact of this new tool will be greatest is in : Not only does it offer more enriching experiences, but it helps us contextualize the results. It even gives us the opportunity to travel in time, showing us the same places as they looked in other times. Truly prodigious.

It is undeniable that, after each new update, Google Maps achieves change our way of exploring reality, always for the better. The "fault" of everything lies in Artificial Intelligence, which will undoubtedly play a leading role in the immediate future.

Other new features of Google Maps

immersive view gogle maps

In addition to augmented reality, there are many new functions that AI incorporates into Google Maps, such as the four that we discuss below. Although they will not be available at the moment in most countries, it is most likely that before a year passes we will be able to start enjoying them. They are the following:

Search with generative AI

As surprising as it may seem, thanks to Artificial Intelligence it will now be possible to chat directly with Google Maps. Instead of using the bar to type an address or a name, we can refine our search requests more adding clues to make the results more complete.

For example, we can ask you to search for "streets with bohemian charm in Paris." The application will browse its gigantic database, images, reviews and other information to provide us with a list of proposals that satisfy our requirement. This leads a step beyond the classic search in Maps.

Multiple search

Another new feature that can radically change the way this application is used is the multiple search option. This function allows us combine words and images when searching on Google Maps, which ensures a more refined search and more accurate results.

Lenses in Maps

The function that we knew before under the name “Search with Live View” also grows and changes thanks to the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. Now, clicking on the icon "Lens" in the search bar and raising our smartphone, we will have within our reach abundant information about what surrounds us, whatever our location: shops, cafes, museums, ATMs, metro stops...

immersive view

Routes with immersive views offer us a completely different way to preview during any scroll. Thus, we obtain a multidimensional and very realistic view, to which other information of interest is added such as the traffic state or the weather forecast. It is the closest thing to "being there" without being there yet.

To begin with, this feature has only been implemented in some cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​​​Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Tokyo or Venice.

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