The best AI apps to create good morning greeting images for WhatsApp

Create images with artificial intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, anyone can, without having knowledge of graphic design, create business cards. good morning with which to surprise family and friends. Of course, you don't need knowledge in design but you do need your own creativity to combine a pretty image with nice text. If you want to surprise on WhatsApp and say good morning to your contacts with an image, don't hesitate. Stay reading what I'm going to tell you how to use them and what are the best AI apps to create good morning images.

Creating good morning greeting images is easy if you know how

Good morning

One of the advantages that artificial intelligence has is that, despite being supposed to be used to develop complicated scientific research processes, analysis of large volumes of data or medical diagnoses, this does not mean that can be used for simple things like saying good morning.

And they are precisely These little things are what make these types of tools interesting.. Luckily, there are people who know that details are important and that is why there are several ways to create images with which to say good morning to your family and friends on WhatsApp, or any app.

Now, not all tools based on Artificial Intelligence like Chat GPT have the opportunity to create images. For example, in the case of Chat GPT, unless you are paying for the premium service, you would not be able to create images from scratch. So if you want to create an image by AI you have to specifically look for image creation tools.

Likewise, so that you don't have to complicate your morning looking for apps to create good morning images, let's see 3 apps to create good morning images.

Best apps to create good morning images with AI



Canva It is perhaps the most popular tool in recent times to create personalized designs at the user level. This tool, For many, it is the continuation of what Powerpoint was at the time.

And with Canva you can create designs of any type in seconds and from the comfort of your mobile. Of course you can also create a nice card to wish your family and friends a happy day on WhatsApp, it's very simple and I'll quickly explain how you can do it.

Simply download the free app from the link below. Once you have it open, log in and right after you must tap where it says “Create a design” and select the size you prefer for the format of your image, a square format is perfectly fine. Now you have the freedom to write and add the images you want or take a template as a sample for your design.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to use the Canva's free online AI image generator. Simply ask for what you need, for example: a teddy bear hugging a stuffed heart. You simply have to place the "Good morning" text in your own way.

Play with the texts, colors and photos as you like to create your personalized design. When you have finished it to your liking, simply Click on the “Download” button to be able to share it with your contacts or groups on WhatsApp. There is no easier way to have a unique and original good morning image.

Canva: Design, Photo & Video
Canva: Design, Photo & Video
Developer: Canva
Price: Free

Adobe Express

Adobe Express

adobe express is a tool that allows you to create your own images with a powerful creation engine, which is quite easy to use. This tool allows you to create custom images using artificial intelligence.

Specifically, it has available the “Text to Image” feature which is particularly useful for generating custom images from simple descriptions. If you need to design a "Good morning" image and you don't have much idea about graphic design, Adobe offers you the solution.

To start creating your "Good Morning" image with Adobe Express, you have to download the application from the link below. Then log in or create a new account in Adobe and go to the main screen to click on “Create new” button. choose the option that I mentioned to you, «From text to image». And now, in the text box, type "Good morning" or any similar phrase that corresponds to what you want to find in your new design.

When you have it, you can add many details to it by modifying the style, colors and style predefined so that it remains as you had planned. When you finish, Tap where it says "Generate" and Adobe Express AI will create multiple images based on your description. Choose the image you like best and adjust it again if you need to.

When the generated image is to your liking, just select it and download it to share it on WhatsApp with your loved ones.

Adobe Express: KI für Videos.
Adobe Express: KI für Videos.
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free



Today Picsart es the second most popular app in the Google Play Store for this type of demands. In fact, it is the second app with the most revenue in the photography sector. And this app is working great and the results of its artificial intelligence image generator are very popular with the general public.

Basically, Picsart works in a similar way to the previous ones. This app uses artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest design ideas so that you can later customize to your liking. Obviously, this implies that we can create one or more images to say good morning on WhatsApp. So let's see how it's done.

Start by downloading and Start Picsart AI Photo Editor on your mobile from the link I leave you a little further down. When you are already inside the app and have logged in with your account, you can click on the “AI Image” button. Once you've hit it, the app will take a few moments to prepare a unique design based on your script, in this case something related to good morning.

When the AI ​​image has been generated you will have a menu to customize it. This menu allows you to adjust colors, text, place stickers, etc.. Give free rein to your imagination to make the image adapt to what the recipient of these “good morning” likes. For example, if you wish your mother a good morning, put “Good morning Mom” in the text, so that she feels as unique as she is.

If you are already satisfied with the design, download the option you like the most on your mobile. When you have it ready, send it to the person you want and you will see how surprised she is.

Picsart Bilder bearbeiten AI
Picsart Bilder bearbeiten AI

That's how simple it is to make a personalized "Good morning" image for the people you want and without knowing about design. Keep in mind what I just told you, if you have the opportunity to personalize the message for specific people, Take advantage and place your names in the image, this will give them the feeling that you have cared about them and have taken the trouble to generate an image to brighten their day.

Or, if you have many contacts to wish a good morning, you can create several models to play with every day. But be that as it may, try to be affectionate in the message and you will surely receive similar messages that will brighten your morning on heavy days.

And remember, if someone in your family wants to send these types of images or asks you how you did it, share this article It will surely be great for you to know how to create good morning images.

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