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Have you ever wondered how your cell phone can be hacked? You may not think about this very often, but the truth is that This is a real possibility. And since we have personal and confidential information on our phones, we should learn how to protect them from possible hacking.

Mobile phones are in the crosshairs of hackers, who They seek to take over your personal data. Bank account records, login passwords, contacts and files are some of the things they want to steal. Anything that serves to impersonate your identity and have access to your money or private life.

What methods are most often used to hack a mobile phone? How to know if phone security has been breached? What can you do to get rid of a hacker if he has taken control of your mobile? Answering these questions will help you know your enemy and take measures to avoid unnecessary risks.

In what ways can your mobile be hacked


Cybercriminals have developed different methods to hack their victims' mobile phones and access their personal information. The first thing they try is establish a connection with the device in question. After, They seek to deceive the owner into taking some action that allows them to violate the security of the mobile phone.. Let's see how some attackers have achieved this.

Hack your mobile phone through public networks

A common method for hacking mobile phones is to take advantage of the vulnerability presented by connections to public networks. A hacker could create fake wifi hotspots in places such as shopping centers or airports. These points appear legitimate, but are designed to intercept personal data.

Cybercriminal with a mobile
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Another technique is el SIM Swapping, which involves duplicating the SIM card to gain control over the victim's communications and accounts. To achieve this, scammers collect personal information from the victim, such as their date of birth or phone number. After They create a false identity and try to convince the operator that they are the legitimate owner of the line.

Hack the mobile via Bluetooth

It is also possible to hack mobile phones through Bluetooth connectivity. A common tactic is forced pairing, where the attacker tries to pair their device with that of their victim without their knowledge.

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  • To do this, they manipulate the Bluetooth functionality of the device to make it appear as a legitimate connection.
  • Once the devices are paired, the cybercriminal will go after the personal information that is on the mobile.
  • It can even send malicious commands and even intercept communications.
  • Hence It is recommended to disable the mobile's Bluetooth when not in use and not accept unexpected pairing requests.

Install unofficial apps and programs

Hackers often try to get us to install some malicious application or program on our mobile, even without us realizing it. They can send an email with an attachment (virus) which, once downloaded, runs and starts spying or stealing. The same can happen if we download apps from unofficial channels, which may be modified to create holes in the mobile security.

Phishing through social networks

Social networks are widely used by cybercriminals to reach their victims' mobile phones and try to deceive them. For example, create fake profiles on Instagram or Facebook and send friend requests or direct messages that seem legitimate. But the reality is that they contain malicious links that redirect to fraudulent home pages designed to steal passwords.

Hacking your cell phone: signs that your cell phone has been hacked

Hacked cell phone

As we have seen, hacking your cell phone is possible and can have serious consequences for your personal security. However, a hacked mobile behaves in an unusual way, so if you look closely you might be able to recognize the problem. Some of the signs that something is wrong with the mobile device are as follows.

The phone is slower than normal

If malware is consuming the mobile's processing resources or taking up its bandwidth, the computer will slow down. Web pages will take a while to load, apps will crash and you may even have problems sending messages or receiving calls.

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When you hack your phone, the battery drains very quickly.

Due to the forced multitasking generated by malware on the mobile, it will also consume more energy, causing the battery to drain faster. Of course, this alone does not mean that your phone has been hacked, since battery failures are very common and are due to different factors. But It could be an indication of hacking if, in addition, the mobile phone presents other symptoms from this list.

The phone gets hot

It is normal for the mobile phone to heat up if we use it intensively, such as when we watch a movie or play games. But If it gets hot when you're not using it, then someone else may be doing it...

Unusual notifications and messages

If they reach you on the phone strange notifications and unusual messages, you may have been the victim of a hack. This can also cause applications to not work well or even cause new installed apps to appear.

Hacking your mobile: What to do to get rid of a hack?

Protect your phone from hacking

If you are clear that your mobile phone has been hacked, It is vital that you act quickly to eliminate the threat and reduce damage. Remember that not only your safety is compromised, but also that of your contacts. Therefore, the best thing you can do when faced with a hack is the following:

Disconnect your mobile from the Internet

Disable the device's Wi-Fi and mobile data connection to cut the link that may exist between your mobile and the hacker. This way, you prevent the attacker from having more time to continue snooping through your personal information.

Perform a security analysis

In second place, performs a security scan to scan your computer looking for possible threats. To do this, you may have to connect it via USB to a computer and scan it as if it were a pendrive using an external antivirus program.

Another option is to temporarily connect the mobile to the internet to download an antivirus. Once the download and installation of the antimalware program is complete, disable the internet connection and run an analysis.

Delete suspicious apps

Delete any suspicious application from your phone, especially those that you installed shortly before the problems started. Look in the list of applications if there are any that you don't recognize and delete them, as sometimes they install in the background.

Restore the factory settings of the mobile

A more drastic and effective alternative es reset the mobile factory settings. With this you eliminate any malicious application or program that has previously sneaked in. Of course, make sure to back up your most important files or have a backup in the cloud.

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