How to charge the mobile without a charger with these tricks

How to charge the mobile without a charger with these tricks

How to charge the mobile without a charger with these tricks

Surely many of us try to leave the house with the mobile fully charged. Above all, leaving it charging at night. And when we leave, we try to take our Wall charger, in case we need to reload it. But, not everything is always as we think and wish, so we may find that there is nowhere to connect it. Reason why, it is always good to keep in mind to know «how to charge the mobile without a charger».

Possibly the first 2 tricks that come to mind for many is to carry a spare battery. Although, this is usually no longer possible in modern and mid-range / high-end mobiles. Others choose a External battery (Power bank), which is not a bad option, but sooner or later it will need to be recharged too, with a wall charger. So, here we leave you other useful tricks to solve this problem.

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And before delving into this present publication on one more topic, related to mobiles, their functions and uses. More specifically about «how to charge the mobile without a charger» using certain tricks available and easy to apply. We will leave for those interested, the links to some of our previous related posts with that theme. So that they can do it easily, in case they want to increase or reinforce their knowledge about it, at the end of reading this publication:

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How to charge the mobile without a charger? Tips and tricks available

How to charge the mobile without a charger? Tips and tricks available

Trick 1: The ideal option to charge an Android mobile without a wall charger

Wireless reverse charging

This new technology called Wireless reverse charging, Also known as Wireless PowerShare, riding a some brands of Android phones, mid-range, and high; It allows the power to charge a mobile by transferring energy to another mobile, just by putting them together.

So, the batteries are on the same side. To achieve this, the mobile with the highest amount of stored energy, and therefore, will supply the load, must remain upside down, while, the mobile that will receive the charge, must be on top of this, that is, face up.

Tips for using this technology

  • Preferably, the mobile that will provide the energy must be charged to 100% or more than 50%.
  • The Wireless PowerShare option only needs to be activated on the device that will send the power load.
  • Be patient, since the loading process is not very fast, but it is safe.

Surely, this technology will improve in the future and its use will be massive, when someone needs to know how to charge an android phone without charger.

Trick 2: The ideal option to charge an iPhone mobile without a wall charger

In the iPhone mobiles there is a technology called Wireless charging. This can be described as follows:

“Wireless charging, also called induction charging or electromagnetic charging, consists broadly of generating an electromagnetic field and emitting energy, in order to capture this energy at the other end. In the case of mobile phones, the electromagnetic field is generated by the charging support and on the other side is the receiving element, the smartphone. Both in the charging base and in the mobile phone there are coils for power transmission. By interacting with each other, a magnetic field is generated to induce alternating current that will recharge our mobile phone. In this way, the energy passes from the charger to the mobile phone without having to connect any cables.”

If you want to go deeper into this option, we recommend exploring our previous post about «How to charge the iPhone mobile without charger»:

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Other tricks just as useful when there is no wall charger

Other tricks just as useful when there is no wall charger

Wireless charger

Handy alternative for those times when we don't have chargers, charging cables, or wall outlets available. Although, it is only usually useful in last generation mobiles. Such as, the newest models of iPhone mobiles (+8), and some Android mobiles. Since, almost all of these have a built-in wireless standard compatible with wireless charging stations or other similar devices, to charge the Smartphone.

Solar charger

Like wireless chargers and external batteries, this option is not only very practical, but it is also a favorable alternative to the use of renewable energy from the Sun. Although, since it must be charged only with solar energy, we must be careful to have it well charged, when you have access to the outdoors on a very sunny day.

rotary charger

They are not very common or practical, but they can certainly prevent many, at certain times, from running out of energy. Because these are capable of charging the battery of a phone through the energy created and accumulated through the turn of a crank. Therefore, it is a slow method and requires a lot of physical effort, although for the same reason it is very ecological.

Backpacks with integrated power batteries

As its name indicates, these contraptions or gadgets can help us, in unexpected moments, to charge the mobile, without the need to carry a charger at all times. They are not usually used very frequently or cheap, but they are very helpful on walks or long walks.

USB port of a computer

If we have USB charging/connection cables, obviously if there is a desktop or laptop computer present, this would be a very accessible alternative to charge the mobile. Although, a negative point of this method will always be the slowness of the charging process, if a laptop is used. This is because USB ports on laptops are not designed to support high-speed charging.


Through charging-capable wireless headphones, vehicle cigarette lighter ports, and special apps. Although, the latter should be considered and used with great caution.

Summary of the article in Mobile Forum


In short, knowing «how to charge the mobile without charger» having useful tips or tricks, can be of great help to many, in unexpected and urgent moments. Since the mobile connectivity, whether for personal, professional or labor matters; can be something extremely necessary or important. And running out of battery (charge) inevitably can often mean the occurrence of unwanted events or situations for anyone, both with loved ones, as friends or acquaintances from study or work.

Finally, we hope that this publication will be very useful for the entire «Comunidad
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