How to change from upper case to lower case in Word


Can you imagine receiving an entire Word document in all caps and need it for a presentation? Well, no need to worry: it is possible to switch from uppercase to lowercase in Word in a moment. Also, this will work for all operating systems that include Microsoft's word processor.

It is very possible that at some point you have started to write a document in Word and, without realizing it, all the text is in capital letters. Do you need to delete all the text and start over? Of course not; Microsoft already considers these cases and offers a quick solution to convert all text that is in uppercase to lowercase or vice versa. Let's see how to proceed.

Perhaps you need part of a text from a website or e-book, but that entire paragraph or page is in uppercase. However, In a few steps we can convert that entire paragraph or page into a whole -visually- friendlier text.

How to change from uppercase to lowercase in Word – step by step

convert uppercase to lowercase in word

The first thing we must do is open the document in Microsoft Word, the most famous word processor on the market and the one that is used the most throughout the world, both at a business level and at a user level as well as at an educational level.

Once the document is open, we must mark all the text that is in capital letters with the mouse -as if we were going to mark it in bold, underline, etc.-. Once we have this, we must go to the top toolbar of Word. We must go to 'Start' and then look in the 'Source' section. Although in the attached image we point out which button you should press. Similarly, you should look for an icon between the menu represented by a capital 'A' and a lowercase 'a'.

Options offered by this character change button

By pressing the button, we will see that we are offered different options. And they are the following:

  • sentence type: This means that, just as we would start each sentence, the first word would have the first letter capitalized
  • Lower case: all the characters that we mark will become lowercase
  • Capital letters: all the characters that we mark in the text will become capital letters
  • Capitalize each word: this option offers you the possibility of putting each first letter of each word that makes up the indicated text in capital letters
  • Toggle case: with this option we will be able to insert the two types of letters in a text
  • one-byte character: the characters that we usually use
  • two-byte character: used in some Asian languages ​​to be represented on the screen

With all these options we will be able to play with our words and letters displayed in a Word text. But that's how simple it is to be able to switch from upper case to lower case in Word. However, Microsoft's office suite works under subscription. This can be monthly or yearly. With the second option you usually have a more competitive price. In case you want to have a Personal subscription and pay it monthly, it amounts to 7 euros. For its part, the annual payment option is 69 euros. With this you will have up to 1 TB of OneDrive space and you will be able to use your account on 5 different devices.

How to change from uppercase to lowercase in Google Docs

change from uppercase to lowercase in google docs

Although Word is the word processor par excellence, it should be remembered that in order to use it we must, yes or yes, go through a monthly or annual subscription -in the previous section we have commented on the prices-. It is for this reason that many users prefer to opt for some alternatives, based on the cloud and, above all, free. AND one of those options that is gaining momentum is Google Docs, the word processor based on the Internet from the big G.

In this case we can also do the same thing that we have taught you in the previous section dedicated to Word. Now, to make the pertinent changes in Google Docs we will have to follow other steps. We tell you below:

  • The first thing is to host the document that we need to edit on Google's servers
  • We open that document to edit it
  • We mark all the text that we need to change from uppercase to lowercase in Google Docs -the same thing we did in Word
  • Now we go to the top toolbar and click on 'Format'
  • The first option in the drop-down menu that appears is 'Text'. Mouse over that option
  • In the new menu, at the bottom of the whole, we see the option to 'Use of capital letters'. Hover your mouse over it again
  • On this occasion, the options offered to us are reduced to only three: 'lowercase', 'uppercase', 'First letter of title in uppercase'
  • Choose the one that suits you best

Remember that Google Docs, being cloud-based, allows you to access the documents you have from any computer with an Internet connection. In addition, there are dedicated applications for mobile platforms such as Android or iOS. We leave you the download links below.

Google Docs
Google Docs
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
‎Google Docs
‎Google Docs
Developer: Google
Price: Free

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