How to empty OneDrive to reset storage to zero

How to empty OneDrive to reset storage to zero

How to empty OneDrive to reset storage to zero

Are considered good practices of use and computer security, keeping in our computing devices (computers, laptops, mobiles, among others) and online service user accounts, data (information and files) stored in a logical and reasonable order. Obviously, using clear or codified names depending on the importance of it. Keeping them well divided in their respective folders, using the categories (names) that are convenient. And of course, keep data stored online to a minimum.

For the latter, it is usually ideal and, therefore, very frequent to use cloud storage services, paid or free, such as Microsoft OneDrive. Which we must frequently clean and empty, if necessary. Therefore, today we will explore “how to empty OneDrive” to reset storage to zero, directly from the Web Browser, mainly.

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And as usual, before delving into this present publication on the use of office tools and cloud storage, and specifically about "how to empty OneDrive" from Microsoft, we will leave for those interested the links to some of our previous related posts with that theme. So that they can do it easily, if they wish to increase or reinforce their knowledge on this point, at the end of reading this publication:

“Because of the integration that Microsoft is doing within Android, the OneDrive option is ideal for all users. both Android and Windows users. The application to manage the files, which is pre-installed in Windows 10, allows us to automatically download the files with which we are going to work, just like Google One. Once we have finished working with the file, it is automatically uploaded to the cloud from Microsoft.” Top 5 free Dropbox alternatives

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How to empty OneDrive to reset storage to zero?

How to empty OneDrive to reset storage to zero?

Steps to know how to empty OneDrive

From Computer Using Web Browser

How to empty OneDrive: Web browser - step 1


Step 1:

Go to the OneDrive website and login user in it.

How to empty OneDrive: Web browser - step 2

Step 2:

Mark the folders or files that you consider necessary to delete, or all in case, you need completely empty your OneDrive accountthat is to say reset storage to zero. Remember, you can select all files in a folder or all folders one by one by clicking the circle to the left of the header row, or all at once by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard.

You can also select multiple files at once by selecting an item and scrolling through the existing items by holding down the Shift key, or by clicking the last item you might want to select from that list.

How to empty OneDrive: Web browser - step 3

Step 3:

Once all those necessary or desired elements have been selected, and after pressing the Delete button, located at the top of the elements area, we must choose between the Delete and Cancel options, as we see fit.

How to empty OneDrive: Web browser - step 4

Step 4:

If we press the Delete option (button), the deletion or emptying process will start and when it is finished, a small pop-up window will appear indicating that the X elements have been deleted from our files.

Also, it is valid to right-click on any selected item (file or folder) and select the Delete button. And remember, if you don't see the Delete button when you select one or more items, you may not have permission to delete one or more items.

Web browser - step 5

Step 5:

Only in case we suspect or detect that we have deleted one or more elements not necessary or required, we can explore the Recycle Bin option, and select those elements that we wish to recover.

Let's not forget that, items in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted 30 days later that they are deleted. And in case, it's this full, the oldest items are automatically deleted after three days.

From the Computer using the file explorer

For this, we must previously have downloaded and installed the OneDrive app on our computer. And of course, have it synchronized with our OneDrive user account. Yes, this is already done, we only have to go with our file explorer, and position ourselves in the OneDrive option of the Folder display column. To then select those elements that we want, or all if you want  reset storage to zero.

From the Mobile using the OneDrive app

As in the previous case, we must previously have downloaded and installed the OneDrive app on our mobile device. And of course, have it synchronized with our OneDrive user account. And once executed we must proceed to select those elements that we want, or all if we want  reset storage to zero. To do this, we must first keep our finger pressed on one of them to activate the selection mode.

And then go clicking all those additional elements that we wanted to eliminate. Once this selection is made, we must drag (move) them down to the recycle bin that appears below in the app. Finally, confirming that we want to delete them. And if necessary, then we can empty the recycle bin from the mobile.

Official OneDrive Support

In case you want to go deeper into this specific topic, you can directly explore the following link «Delete files or folders in OneDrive». While, to know more about the OneDrive app management and use of Microsoft cloud storage service you can explore this other called «OneDrive Help & Learning».

“OneDrive is an online file storage platform that you can access from anywhere. You will be able to save Office documents and other files in the cloud with ease, to be able to access them from any device. With OneDrive, you can share documents, photos, and more without having to send heavy email attachments. You can also work with OneDrive files directly on Windows or Mac.” What is OneDrive?

Summary of the article in Mobile Forum

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In short, knowing “how to empty OneDrive” and achieving it is not only something simple, but it is also something quick, when you know how to do it. In addition, doing it periodically if necessary, either totally or partially, can be a good computer security practice, which will help us to keep only what is strictly necessary on said free online service, and others. Also allowing us to keep much free online storage space for what is really important.

Finally, we hope that this publication will be very useful for the entire «Comunidad
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