How to know if WhatsApp or Instagram is down

Instagram Whatsapp down

Last October there was an event that many did not hesitate to describe, not without a certain catastrophic spirit, as "Great digital blackout." In reality, that was a momentary interruption of the services of some of the most popular social networks in the world. Millions of users around the planet, disoriented and alarmed, then asked themselves: Why is WhatsApp or Instagram down?

Although on that occasion the fall affected the trio of social networks led by Mark Zuckerberg (neither Facebook was spared), the truth is that it was an anecdotal event. One-off errors are quite common, but a massive failure like that is very rare to occur often.

Yes, it is more likely to find occasional falls, equally annoying, although less serious. The typical case is that of wanting to access the application and find that it is not loading. The logical question that arises at those times is whether it is a question of a problem with our mobile phone, the internet operator or your own app.

To shed some light on the question and find out how to find the answers we are looking for, we suggest you keep reading. Both when it is Instagram that does not work and when the problem is WhatsApp:

The first thing: rule out that it is a mobile problem

Before taking any other action, the first check we must do is that of our own phone or device.

First of all, you have to check that mobile data or WiFi is enabled on our smartphone. We can quickly find out just by consulting the options panel. In passing, we will also check that airplane mode is not activated (sometimes it is activated by mistake).

Even without carrying out these checks, if from our phone we can open and use other applications and instead we cannot make Instagram or WhatsApp serve, the matter is clarified: the problem is not on our device.

Let's now see how to address the question if Instagram or WhatsApp has been crashed.

How to know if Instagram is down

Once we have ruled out possible mobile connection failures, it is quite likely that the problem is from Instagram. To ensure that this is the case, it is best to enlist the help of websites specialized in check service status. These pages are very easy to use and will provide us with answers in a few seconds:

Is it Down right Now?

is it down

To find out if WhatsApp or Instagram is down: Is it Down Right Now?

The name of this website leaves no room for doubt: Are you down right now?. There, periodic checks are carried out on the status of different websites. Among them is that of Instagram, with a series of basic information such as the updated status and the response time. If everything works as it should, the word is displayed UP in green next to a text that reads "Instagram is UP and reachable."

In addition, below this information a series of blue bars where is the response time. Of course, the shorter these bars are, the shorter the response time and, therefore, their operation will be correct. Of course: if you do not see any bars, worry, because that means that Instagram is down.

Link: Is it Down Right Now?

Down Detector


Check how Instagram works with Down Detector

Our second proposal to find out if Instagram or WhatsApp has fallen is Down Detector. Unlike the previous option, this website does not do regular checks, but instead It is nourished by the information and reports provided by users from all over the world.

In this way, the web shows us a graph with the evolution of incident reports. The graphs are very easy to interpret: a very sharp spike is the unmistakable sign of a major problem. And if so many users have stopped having access to the app, that can only mean that the service is down.

We can also participate in Down Detector and contribute by reporting any problem. For that there is the red button that appears just below the graph.

Link: Down Detector

How to know if WhatsApp is down

In the case of WhatsApp, it will be the application itself that will give us clues of a possible malfunction. For example, if we have not received messages from other users for some time or when sending messages without the double check. But the fundamental alarm signal is the appearance of the clock symbol next to our messages: this clearly indicates that the instant messaging app is not working.

Again the question arises: Is it our thing or has WhatsApp fallen? There are several ways to find out:

Via Twitter

Every time there have been big drops in WhatsApp, other apps such as Facebook and Instagram have accompanied it in the stoppage. When this happens, there are many users who immediately get into Twitter looking for information through the hashtag #whatsappdown.

The platform thus becomes a meeting point for all those affected. There they learn the reasons and the possible duration of the fall, or simply vent their frustration and hang out there waiting for the service to be restored.


outage report

How to know if WhatsApp or Instagram is down

To verify if WhatsApp has fallen we can use the pages mentioned above, both the Is it down right now like Down Detector. However, one more should be recommended, both for its reliability and its degree of precision: OutageReport.

This website reflects, up-to-the-minute, all the reports on errors and incidents in WhatsApp transmitted by users from anywhere on the planet. In addition to this, Outage Report has a real-time map on which to check in which countries the service does not work as it should.

Link: OutageReport

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