How to know who sees my hidden WhatsApp status

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In recent years, we have seen how users have begun to realize that privacy is an important part of their lives and they have begun to take measures, limiting the reach of their publications, using private profiles… so that only their close friends and family know what they are doing.

The stories have not contributed to this, the stories that Snapchat created and that have been copied by the rest of the platforms, although Instagram is the most successful and the least Twitter, whose function did not reach a year of life. WhatsApp also has its own statuses, so there is no way to escape this blissful trend.

What are WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses, like Instagram Stories, are small videos or images (including gifs) with a maximum of 30 seconds that are available through the messaging application among all those who have our phone number, it is not necessary that we have previously started a conversation through the application.

If we talk about privacy, obviously we cannot talk about WhatsApp, a platform that, like Instagram and Facebook, is based on offering options so that users can satisfy their curiosity without ever thinking about the target person, that is, the person whose privacy is being violated.

It is worth that WhatsApp, like the rest of Facebook platforms, allows us to establish private profiles so that nobody can browse our profile, but It is an option that the user has to activate and that in many occasions it does not even know that it exists.

How to know who has seen our WhatsApp statuses

As I mentioned above, anyone who has our phone number stored in the phonebook, has access to WhatsApp statuses that we publish on this platform, even if we have never previously established a conversion or we do not have your phone number stored in the phonebook.

When WhatsApp began to display the statuses in its application, it did so in the top of chats. Fortunately, as time has passed, WhatsApp realized that it was a very bad idea and created a new tab called States and placed in the first position.

Within the States section, all states are displayed (never better said) that the users, whose phone number we have stored on our mobile, has published on this platform.

WhatsApp, like Instagram and Facebook, allow us to know who, of the contacts that we have stored in the phonebook of our terminal, have seen our states. What is this for?

The only use this function has is satisfy users' curiosity who publish them and thus be able to fill their ego. For other people, who do not care about the ego, it allows them to know which family friends follow their states.

Thus, if they see that a family member has stopped seeing their status, they can tap on it to see if all is well. It never hurts to worry about family or friends from time to time making a phone call, that not only WhatsApp people live.

Who has seen my status

Who sees my WhatsApp statuses

For see who has seen our WhatsApp statuses We must perform the steps that I show you below.

  • First of all, access the tab States.
  • Then let's polish on our state and it will play.
  • At the bottom, that will show an eye with a number. That number represents the number of people who viewed our states.
  • Just above, it shows a farrow up. When you slide that arrow up, all the contacts that our status has seen will be displayed.

Who has seen my hidden state

hide whatsapp contacts

There is no way to power a hidden state, none. While it is true that the Facebook group is not characterized by privacy, they are not stupid and if a user hides their status from other people, it is so that only the people they want can access, not just anyone.

If not so, users would leave the platform and / or stop using WhatsApp statuses. The same happens with the statuses of Instagram and Facebook.

In the Google Play Store and from time to time in the Apple App Store, applications appear that in their description they claim to allow us to access the hidden states of WhatsAppHowever, once we download the application, that function does not appear by chance.

The same happens with internet pages that also assure us to be able to access hidden WhatsApp states. There is no web page that allows this function, since it would be a huge WhatsApp security flaw that would put its supposed security in question.

These web pages, all they want is to get hold of the credit card details to, as they claim, make sure that we are over 18 years of age, if that were the minimum age to use this platform. It should be remembered that to use WhatsApp, the minimum age is 13 years, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok ...

They see my WhatsApp statuses but they do not appear

hide WhatsApp status display

WhatsApp offers a feature that allows users to do not show read confirmation to the messages we receive, so we can never know if the user has actually read them.

This is usually used on a regular basis so that the most impatient users, not be continuouslye looking for an answer to a question that we probably haven't read.

This read receipt affects WhatsApp statuses. In this way, if a person has these options deactivated, they can see our status without leaving a trace in our history of status views.

When the number of views does not match the people who have seen our status, it is clear that we are faced with such a situation.

How to limit the people who can see WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses - who can see them

To limit the scope of the display of our states, we must access the WhatsApp privacy options, through the Settings button and access the States section.

Within States, 3 options are displayed:

  • Contacts: All our contacts will have access to view our States.
  • my contacts except: All our contacts will have access to view our States except the contacts that we add to this section.
  • Just share with: Through this option, we are going to limit the scope of our WhatsApp States only to the people we select in this section.

The changes we make to the WhatsApp display states they will not affect the statuses that we have previously published. This will not force us to delete the statuses that are still available and have not expired if we want to limit their scope.

If not, we can only limit ourselves to wait for it to clear automatically. The next status we publish will be limited to only the audience that we have set in the privacy settings.

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