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When it comes to e-books, most users will think of Amazon's Kindle. Although it is true that it was the pioneer in the field of electronic books, it is not the only company that sells this type of device. Kobo, a manufacturer of Japanese origin, it is the main rival of Kindle.

Amazon is not available in every country in the world, so its e-book quota is limited to its presence. However, Kobo devices are available worldwide. What is an electronic book without books? Nothing. If you want to know how to put books on kobo from computer, I invite you to keep reading.

Kindle or Kobo

Kobo e-reader

If you think the time has come to switch to electronic books and you are not very sure which is the best option, Kindle or KoboIn this article we will try to get you out of doubt.

Same price for books

The first thing you should be clear about is that the price of the books is the same, not so that of the devices. In Spain, the sale price of books is the same both in digital format and in physical format.

No company, not even Amazon, you can lower the price of introductory books by a single penny during its first year of sale on the market. So if you're interested in reading the latest books, it doesn't matter which device you choose.

One has passed within a year, the large shopping malls they have some room to lower the price of books, but within limits that cannot be exceeded.

Compatible eBooks

Both in stores and outside the official book distribution channels, we can find a large number of electronic book formats. PDF, ePub, Mobi, CBR, Raw Flat Files, Word Files...

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The manufacturer Kobo, uses the ePub format (also supports PDF) while Amazon with the Kindle uses the Moobi format. Considering that most books are published in ePub format, and that it is the format preferred by publishers, Kindle is at a disadvantage.


Storage space

While Kindle offers devices with limited space no possibility of expanding the space With an SD card, at Kobo, we have no problem expanding the device's storage capacity with memory cards.

Font size

In this section Kobo once again surpasses Amazon's Kindle, as it offers a wide variety of fonts that we can customize in addition to allowing us more freedom to adjust the margins, the size and distribution of the lines giving the reader absolute freedom to personalize their reading experience.

price differences

The price of both Cheapest Kindle such as from the Kobo Entry eReader, round the 100 euros, so the price is not a decisive factor to take into account. The important thing is the benefits offered by one and the other.

How to Copy Books to a Kobo from Your Computer

The first thing we must take into account before fighting with our device to copy new content is that if they have to DRM freeotherwise you won't be able to read it on your device.

The protection that these files include, sIt can only be read on the device on which it was purchased and it is the most used method to prevent books from circulating freely on the Internet without any type of protection.

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Another aspect to take into account is that we must use the original cable that the manufacturer included with the e-reader. Some cables include a hub and are intended to charge the device, but not to transfer content from a computer.

For copy books to kobo from computer, we must perform the steps that I show you below:

copy books to kobo from computer

  • First of all, we need to connect the supplied cable to both the Kobo e-book reader and our computer.
  • Seconds later, on the screen of the electronic book, it will show a window informing us that has detected that the equipment has been connected to a computer. In that window, click on Connect.
  • Next, on our computer, a new storage unit called KOBOeReader.
  • To copy the books to our Kobo reader, we just have to drag them to unity. We can copy both files in ePub format and in PDF format, as long as they do not include DRM protection.

Once we have finished copying the books, we must eject the drive from the system. From Windows we can do it from the File Manager, right-clicking on the drive and selecting Eject.

On macOS, the process is the same, but we can do it from the desktop of our equipment where the unit where we have copied the content in book format is shown.

How to find the books we have copied

To access all the content that we have copied, we go to our Kobo device, click on the starting screen, where all the books that we have copied will be shown.

Copy books to Kobo from Dropbox

Kobo also allows us to add content in book format through a cloud storage platform. for now, only supports dropbox, the oldest cloud storage platform on the market.

In this way, you can download books from a computer managed by Windows or macOS, upload them to our Dropbox account and always have them at hand for when we have the need to add new content in our Kobo book reader.

For add books to our Kobo device from Dropbox, We must perform the steps that I show you below:

Copy books to Kobo from Dropbox

  • First, from the home screen, click on the three lines horizontally located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Next, click on Settings
  • Within Settings, click on Accounts.
  • Next, click on the Dropbox section, where we must click to link our account.
  • At that time, will show a code, code that we must introduce in the web
  • Finally, we enter the data of our Dropbox account to link the device and our Dropbox account.

Copy books to Kobo from Dropbox

To access the books stored in Dropbox, click on the three horizontal lines and then on my dropbox.

All the books that we want to have on hand in our eReader must be stored, yes or yes, in the Rakuten Kobo folder, otherwise they will not appear in this section.

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