How to save contacts in Gmail

Gmail contacts from a computer

Are you a customer of the Google email service? Do you get confused when it comes to managing your contacts? From Mobile Forum We are going to teach you how to save contacts in Gmail, as well as how to create or import them from a mobile device.

Google has known how to play its cards well: the different Internet services are a success. YouTube or the same search engine are clear examples of what we are discussing. Also, if we talk about email manager, Gmail has become one of the most important worldwide.

How to save contacts in Gmail

Gmai contacts, where to find them

From now on, when we tell you about entering your Gmail account, we mean from a browser and not from any of the mobile applications that exist on the market.

That said, the first thing we must do is log into our Google mail service account. Once inside, we will have to go to the different icons that are in the right column and click on the one that refers to contacts (in the screenshot we indicate which of all is the one that refers to 'Contacts').

Once pressed, we the contacts that we already have stored will appear. However, now what we are interested in is managing all the entries we have well and, if necessary, adding new ones.

In the same way, if you do not want to enter Gmail, Google also has a direct address to Google Contacts.

Manage Gmail contacts

Once inside Google Contacts, we will find all our synchronized contacts again. Besides, We will have the possibility of managing all the entries, as well as adding or deleting contacts if we have duplicates, For example.

To add new contacts, we will have to press the dedicated button that we will find in the upper left part of the screen. When pressed, the next screen that will appear will be the one you can see below:

Add new contact in Gmail

From now on we will only have to complete the different fields: name, surname, place a photograph of the contact -if you wish-, the telephone number (personal and company), as well as we can also identify the contact with your company and your job position. It is that simple to add a new contact in Gmail –or Google Contacts–.

On the other hand, in the left column you have different menus. All of them useful and that will surely make your daily work easier if you are a person stuck to email. The options available to you are the following:

  • Contacts: the complete list of your stored contacts appears
  • frequent contacts: are the contacts with whom you tend to have conversations most often
  • Tags: the possibility of creating labels – the same as we find in Gmail – to facilitate and group contacts under the same label (friends, family, company X, etc.)
  • Combinations and requests: in this section you can better order the contacts that you already have saved. The Google system detects duplicate contacts or new contacts that have not yet been added to your list. From this option –and with a single click– you will have all this solved
  • Importar / Exportar: It is the way you will have to obtain a document with a CSV extension to be able to export all your contacts to a third-party application. Likewise, you can also import complete lists –also in CSV format– from other services to Google's own
  • Trash: important section if for some reason we have deleted a contact and we want to recover it. Remember that you have 30 days from when you deleted the contact to be able to recover it from the trash

Synchronize Gmail contacts from an Android mobile

Gmail from an Android mobile

Let's not fool ourselves: we have been using our mobiles all our lives. And the contacts will not be less. And now that we know how to navigate the Google contacts page, it's time to take care of manage –and synchronize– the contacts that we have stored on the mobile.

Si tu smartphone It works under the Android operating system, what you will have to have activated is the synchronization of your contacts from the settings of the mobile device. As? Very simple: go to the settings of the smartphone, look for the section that says 'Accounts', click on it and choose your Gmail email account.

Once inside that account –or all the ones you have–, You should check that the 'Synchronize contacts' section is activated. If not, do it. From then on and every few minutes, the synchronization of your account will become effective and you will always have your updated schedule.

Sync Gmail Contacts from an iPhone

Gmail from an iPhone

If, on the other hand, you are an iPhone user, it is not very difficult to synchronize all your contacts with Gmail either. Of course, we must also go to the iPhone settings. Once inside you should look for the section that refers to 'Contacts'.

You will see that there are different subsections. The one that interests us is the one that indicates 'Accounts'. There you will see reflected all the accounts that you have stored in the Apple mobile. It's time to Enter the 'Gmail' account and check the 'Contacts' option. It's ready. From now on all contacts will be synchronized between Gmail and your iPhone.

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