How to see Google Maps in 3D while driving

Google Maps in 3D

Who hasn't gotten Google Maps out of trouble? This incredible tool came to make our lives easier. Therefore, it is not surprising that it receives regular updates, as well as improvements and new features. One of the most recent innovations allows see Google Maps in 3D while driving. Let's analyze what this feature is about, how to activate it and what benefits it offers.

Until a few days ago, Google Maps It had routes and a 3D layer to show places of interest. However, it was not possible to see both functions at the same time during navigation, since when starting a route the map became flat. With the new update, now 3D view has been incorporated during routes. Let's see what has changed with this.

Now you can see Google Maps in 3D while driving

Navigation app

Although it is true that for some time we could see buildings in the application, the novelty is that now you can see Google Maps in 3D while you drive. This applies whether you use the application on your mobile or from Android Auto. In fact, the 3D view on Google has been improving over time. That is why the fact that we can use it while driving is so useful.

For many users who used 3D view, it was a total disappointment not to be able to have it when driving. Everything was going well until the moment they started a route: the 3D disappeared and the map became flat. However, this has changed and it is now possible see the magnitude of the buildings around us as we move in the car.

How to activate 3D navigation in Google Maps while driving?

Activate 3D in Google Maps

Now, how do you activate 3D navigation in Google Maps? The first thing to do is confirm that you have the most recent version of the application. To do this, go to the Play Store > Tap your profile photo > Manage devices and apps > Available updates > View details > Google Maps and tap Update.

Then follow these steps to activate 3D navigation in Google Maps on your mobile:

  1. Open Google Maps on your device.
  2. Tap on the icon that selects the Map Type.
  3. Click on the option Relief.
  4. Under Map Details tap 3D.
  5. Select your destination and that's it.

With these simple settings you will be able to see all the buildings on your route. You may have to do some Zoom to appreciate them more easily, but generally you will be able to have a 3D view without any problems. To return to traditional navigation, you just have to uncheck the 3D option and that's it.

Once you activate navigation from your mobile, it Synchronizes with all devices on which the Google account is openIncluding Android Auto. Which means that from there you can also see the buildings in 3D while you drive. However, according to some users, 3D routes in Android Auto are not as widespread as those on mobile.

Now keep in mind that You must activate this function from your mobile before connecting it with Android Auto. Because? Because if you activate or deactivate it while both are connected, it will not be reflected in the Android Auto app. Furthermore, at the moment the car app does not have the option to modify this function. Only details such as traffic and satellite view can be added or removed.

Can you see Google Maps in 3D in navigation anywhere in the world?

Android Auto

Android Auto/Google

On the other hand, It is possible to use the 3D view of Google Maps in any city in the world? The truth is that this is a feature that is limited to regions where Google already has a 3D map. This means that although it is a feature that is already available to everyone, it will not work if the region you are in is not mapped in this way.

With everything, In large regions and cities you can have a 3D view during navigation. Of course, we hope that sooner rather than later we will be able to use this tool regardless of the region where we are, since it has its benefits. By the way, let's see what the advantages and disadvantages of this new feature are.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new tool?

Imagine that you are driving down the road in your car and from the screen you can see the buildings that surround you as you drive. This It is an excellent tool if you find yourself in an unknown place and you want to make sure you're going in the right direction. The truth is that it is an ideal function when we go on a trip.

Of course, using this feature could also have some disadvantages and perhaps that's why Google has been very cautious with it. In some cases, instead of being a help, could become a source of distraction while driving. And it is not necessary to mention the countless negative consequences that both the driver and his companions could suffer.

But what can you do to avoid any eventuality? To make responsible use of these navigation systems, it is important that you take conscious measures that reflect prudence. For example, It would not be smart to use Google Maps on your mobile while driving, the ideal is for your co-pilot to do it. And, if it is not possible, it is better that you make any adjustments in the app before to start driving.

Take advantage of this new Google Maps feature

Google Maps for driving

All the updates that driving applications receive, such as Google Maps, are designed to meet the needs of users and improve their quality of life. The ability to view Google Maps in 3D while driving is one of the most recent improvements. Therefore, if you are in one of the cities where this feature is enabled, don't take long to try it.

Yes, always remember to make any adjustments before starting your route to avoid any possible inconvenience. And, if you are in a small city and this option is not yet available, then wait patiently for Google to make the map of your area in 3D so you can use it and take advantage of it.

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