Install ChatGPT on your Xiaomi mobile

ChatGPT on your Xiaomi mobile

The artificial intelligence-based language model ChatGPT already has a mobile application that you can download and use for free on your Xiaomi device. Let's see how ChatGPT works on your Xiaomi mobile.

Get the most out of your Xiaomi mobile with the new ChatGPT app


Most of the high-end phones that are being launched on the market have some tool based on artificial intelligence capable of surprising anyone. If you have a mid-range or low-range mobile from the Xiaomi brand you can have high-end functionalities by bringing artificial intelligence closer to your terminal with ChatGPT .

This application It works on most Android phones and is also free. With this tool you can have a conversational robot on your mobile that will give you instant answers about whatever you want to know. You can ask the app to help you make decisions, help you research or summarize study topics, or help you creatively.

It is also a tool that learns as you give it information, if it is not able to understand something you can make it understand so that it influences its next responses.

The application has a small limitation and that is that ChatGPT knowledge reaches January 2022, so any event or event that happens after that date you will have to inform them yourself.

Below you have a link so you can download ChatGPT on your Xiaomi mobile safely.

Chat GPT
Chat GPT
Developer: OpenAI
Price: Free

How ChatGPT works

Chat GPT

The operation of this conversational tool is very simple. Once you have downloaded the app, when you open it, you will see that you need to log in with your Google account or another account you already have.

Once the session has started, you will have a text box below in which to write your requests to the chatbot. After a moment ChatGPT will understand your proposal and respond fluently. And that's it, you can now ask as many questions as you need.

Another function that you should know is that At the top left you have a single button that takes you to a history of recent conversations With the chatbot ordered by date, you can delete any conversation at any time.

The rest of the features come in the app payment plan, ChatGPT Plus. Let's see what it includes.

What ChatGPT Plus includes

How GPT-4 can help you

While the app's free plan gives you access to GPT-3.5, The Plus plan gives you access to GPT-4, the company's most capable language model.

In addition to this, it offers you the opportunity to use the different GPTs, which are personalized and specific versions of this language model and are used for specific topics. And not only that, but you can create your own GPTs without needing to know code or programming.

And last but not least, it offers you access to very interesting AI-based tools such as DALL E.

All this has a price of about €20 per month. Not bad if you are using this app a lot and it answers many questions.

But if you are new to artificial intelligence and want to know more, let me explain some tips that I would have liked to know before diving fully into the world of AI.

Tips for using ChatGPT on your mobile

ChatGPT on your Xiaomi mobile

Many people, when faced with the gigantic amount of possibilities that a language model like ChatGPT offers us, do not know how to use this type of tools. And something normal since there are so many possibilities that you can block yourself and not decide.

So that you do not have blockages and can enjoy this app, Let's see some tips that can help you improve your experience with ChatGPT on your mobile.

  • Be specific in your requests: Always try to be clear when expressing your ideas. The more specific the request you write, the better the result you will get.
  • Provides context: Be careful with this tool because when it does not have context it usually invents it. The more context you give the AI, the better it can understand what you need.
  • Experiment and play: Try different types of requests to see what you can do with the app. Try to get the most out of the app by telling it to play games together or anything that comes to mind.

That's all, just ask questions and learn how to ask them. Have fun with ChatGPT on your Xiaomi mobile but Be careful with the personal information you offer to this tool. It is always safer to avoid giving personal information online, even to a language model.

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