Why does iPhone restart itself at night?

reboot iphone

There are times when an iPhone can have strange behaviors that baffle us. Among the strangest are sudden restarts, for which there is no apparent cause. For example when iPhone restarts itself at night without us doing anything.

Although it may seem like a mystery to us, the truth is that there are many possible explanations for these situations in which it would be said that our smartphone is acting on its own, or worse still, that it is being controlled remotely by someone. Everything can be explained by hardware failures or incompatibilities with an installed app, among many other reasons. That is what we are going to deal with in this post: solving the "enigma" and offering solutions.

If an iPhone restarts by itself during the night, it is very likely because our smartphone has been "intervened" previously, either by ourselves or by the previous owner, in case it is a security device. second hand. It is what is known as jailbreak, that is, the unlocking of apps and default options of the operating system of Apple devices. A controversial method that has its advantages and disadvantages.

Precisely one of the negative consequences of making this type of arrangements on the mobile is that performance failures and situations like this can occur that have nothing to do with a forced restart. There is a specific method to solve this problem (we explain it later), but before resorting to it, there are other things we can try:

Methods to avoid spontaneous restart of an iPhone

reboot iphone

To return to regain full control of our smartphone, which includes deciding when we want to restart it, we must try to end the cause or causes that cause this situation. Below we present a series of actions that we can execute to achieve this:

Check battery status

It is the first thing we must do, since on numerous occasions that is what is behind the spontaneous restarts of a mobile phone. To perform the check, all you have to do is charge the iPhone. Sometimes when the level is too low, these types of resets occur.

Once the iPhone battery, we must go to the menu "Settings". From there, we first select "Drums" and then "Battery status". This screen is where we will be able to know what level of battery deterioration is, if there is any.

Restart the iPhone

It seems contradictory: restart the device to prevent it from restarting itself. But it makes sense: A simple manual restart is often used to fix small software errors. The method to do this is to press the power button until the option to start appears on the screen. «Slide to turn off». Then we let a couple of seconds pass and press the power button again.

IOS update

When an iPhone restarts on its own at night, it may be due to the incompatibility of some old virtual component with the rest of the operating system. Nothing that can't be solved with an iOS update by following these steps: Settings> General> Software Update.

Delete conflicting apps

When the origin of the error is in an application that generates conflicts, it is evident that the best way to fix it is to eliminate it following the method that we all know:

  1. We open the home screen and look for the problematic application.
  2. We press the app icon until an "X" appears in the upper left corner.
  3. We click on the "X" and confirm the action by selecting "Delete".

iPhone restarts itself at night: the specific solution


The solutions explained so far apply to spontaneous restarts of the iPhone, but if this only happens at night, it is likely that we will face a different problem (probably generated by jailbreaking) which requires a more specific solution. To put it into practice, we first have to explain what it is. Cydia.

As many Apple users already know, Cydia is a software application for iOS devices that allows you to download and install applications that are not available in the App Store. Many iPhone users have this app downloaded on their phones and use it regularly. For example, to apply the solution we explain here:

  1. First we enter the Cydia app.
  2. Then we proceed to add a repository in which we will find a tweak Specially designed to solve this problem easily. To add it, first click "Sources" and then "Add".
  3. At this point you must add the following URL: http://codyqx4.github.io/cydia. Then we press "Add".
  4. When the process of adding the repository is completed, we go to the search function where we write "iOS 9 Reboot Fix".
  5. Finally, you just have to open the package and check that the tweak added is what we need. All that remains is to download and install it.

With these tweak correctly installed, the iPhone nightly restarting problem during the night should be permanently resolved.

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