Is it possible to create a temporary Gmail email? Main alternatives


Tired of your inbox filling up with unnecessary messages? One of the most practical solutions is to create a temporary email or disposable email (you can even create a Gmail temporary mail). This is a very used form when registering in forums or on promotional websites, to name two very common examples.

This type of accounts have an expiration date: they can last for hours or days. The idea is to reserve our usual email account for more important matters, diverting the traffic of spam messages to one or more secondary accounts.

What is a temporary email and what is it for?

We understand a disposable or temporary email to be a rapidly generated email account without having to provide any additional information (name, telephone, postal address ...). In this way, the user can receive or send messages completely anonymously.

After having used this resource, the temporary account generated by the server is automatically deleted once the period chosen by us has elapsed. With it, all received messages also disappear. All trace is erased.

What is the purpose of using these types of accounts? Mainly, to avoid receiving SPAM messages in bulk. The main reason is to avoid massive SPAM. And this is no small thing, because we also get companies to include us in their database, for spammers to get hold of our confidential information or for our data to be sold to third parties. In general, these temporary emails are completely safe.

Basically, there are two ways to create this type of email account:

  • Using Gmail's own tool.
  • Resorting to a website or platform that generates disposable emails.

Each of them has its pros and cons. Let's see how they work:

Servers to create temporary email accounts

This is our small selection of options for creating temporary email accounts:

10 minute mail

10 minute email

An email that only lasts 10 minutes: 10 Minute Mail

The name gives us a good clue of what this platform offers. This is nothing more than receiving messages for ten minutes. No need to create an account.

10 Minute Mail It works like this: when accessing your website, a temporary email address is automatically generated. All you have to do is take note of it and use it on the websites and forums you want for ten minutes. This short period of time can be extended by pressing the button. Get 10 more minutes.

After these ten minutes, both the address and the stored data are deleted from the system.

Link: 10 Minute Mail

Temporary Mail

temporary mail

An interesting alternative:

What differentiates of other similar platforms is that the new email created not only helps us to receive messages, but also to send them. This is, therefore, a good resource to communicate with other people anonymously and discreetly. The address that is generated lasts for several months, although the messages are deleted every other day.

Link: Temporary Mail



Maildrop as an alternative to Gmail temporary mail

It works the same as 10 Minute Mail, that is, a temporary email address is provided as soon as we enter the website. The only difference we will find in Maildrop is that you have to look for the link, click on it, access the mailbox and check that an email has been received.

Of course, it is not a window open for only 10 minutes, but a whole day (24 hours), with a reception limit of ten emails.

Link: MailDrop



MailSac It can be a good option if we need a temporary email account for a little longer, try this one. It is a free service, although the paid subscription (for example, the simplest of $ 16 a month) has very interesting advanced functions.

Link: MailSac

now my mail

now my mind

now my mail

Another fast and uncomplicated option to generate a temporary email: now my mail. The process is extremely simple: when we access the web, click on the CAPTCHA box and press the «Create» button. Each message lasts about fifteen minutes before being deleted by the system.

Link: now my mail

YOP Mail

YOP Mail

Generate temporary emails easily with YOP Mail

Still one last alternative to generate temporary emails: YOP Mail, a server that will provide us with a solution if we want to discreetly register on any forum or service platform. Among some of its most interesting functions is that of generating random emails or the possibility of obtaining alternative addresses for each inbox.

There is, however, a small negative detail. If privacy is complete on other platforms on the list, with YOP Mail anyone who enters our address can see our messages. As for the emails received, they are kept in the system for eight days and then they are automatically deleted.

Link: YOP Mail

Create a temporary email account in Gmail

If you are a Google email user, you can without having to create an address (we can use our own) new or submit to the limits imposed by the servers. It is only a matter of adding a series of configuration codes. Let's see how to do it.

  1. First of all, you have to enter Google script to make a copy of this code in our account.
  2. Next you have to locate the address shown on line 13 and replace it with our email account.
  3. Then you have to go to the menu "Run", where we will click on "Execute function" and then in "Initialize".
  4. The next step is to authorize Google Script to activate temporary email.
  5. Now comes the time try some of the code. We show an example below:

For example, if our email is daniel.movilforum@ and we want messages to be blocked on a certain date such as 01.05.2022, we will write the mail like this:

In this way, the script will process the messages every five minutes according to the expiration date of each one. In this case, the 01.05.2022.

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