Lenovo vs HP: Which brand is better to buy a laptop?

lenovo vs hp
When we look for information on the Internet to decide which laptop to buy, we find significant dialectical clashes between supporters of HP and Lenovo. Each of these groups presents their arguments with vehemence and conviction, which fills us with doubts when choosing: Lenovo vs HP, That is the question.

From the outset, we can say that HP (Hewlett-Packard) It is a prestigious brand with many years of experience and well known practically all over the world. In fact, to this day it is still the most popular brand.

However, the Chinese Lenovo has been gaining space in the market in recent years until reaching the honor of being the world's best-selling laptop manufacturer. It must be said that just dominating the market in China, a country with 1.400 million inhabitants, is enough for it to reach the number one position, but there are many other reasons for the popularity of its products.

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In this post we are going to make a detailed comparison between one brand and another about all the aspects that interest us when buying a computer. The choice is yours.

Series and models available

hp laptop

Both one brand and another have a wide variety of laptop models. These are the series of each of them.


Right from the start, Lenovo put an emphasis on creating light and intuitive designs, with a wide variety of colors and designs. The size of its laptops is smaller than that of HP, with a lot of flexibility in its formats to adapt to the diverse needs of its users. These are his five series:

  • Thinkbook, the conventional line of practical computers.
  • Yoga. Laptops that stand out for their versatility.
  • IdeaPad. The basic range, simpler.
  • Legionoriented to the world of gaming.
  • ThinkPad, the line with the most careful design and highest performance.


As a general rule, HP laptops have more classic designs and, when using superior quality materials in its components, also more resistant. On the other hand, it is the brand that is most committed to large screens. These are its five lines:

  • zbook, range of powerful computers, suitable for professional use. 
  • EliteBook , with a design focused on its use in the business world.
  • Essential, the basic and most economical range.
  • pro book with the same characteristics as the Essential range, although with higher performance.
  • OMEN. equipment for Gaming.


intel core 5

In the Lenovo vs. HP battle for performance, there is a slight advantage in favor of HP. This is because the processors with which it equips its computers are usually more efficient than those of Lenovo, although it all depends on which series and which model we are talking about.

While HP tends to have a preference for Intel or AMD processors (Ryzen 5), Lenovo only equips its laptops with those from Intel. Both brands have in their range models equipped with high-end Intel Core 9 processors.

As for memory, both Lenovo and HP offer different capacities in each of their models. Both brands usually offer different memory capacities in the same model, usually 8 GB and 16 GB.

Image and sound

laptop sound

Although most of the models of both brands move in a screen size of between 13 and 15 inches, HP offers larger models (up to 22 inches) and offers better resolution on all of its models. Almost all of their laptops have Full HD and even some of the most recent ones, also 4K quality. Instead, only some of Lenovo's models can boast Full HD. In short, a new point in favor for HD.

The matter is more balanced if we focus on the section on audio. The number of speakers built into the laptop varies greatly depending on the model and that, in the case of gaming laptops, is a matter of great importance. HP usually incorporates its system HP Audio Boost to achieve a more immersive experience, while to achieve this goal Lenovo employs the speakers Dolby.

Price range

We do not forget this aspect, no less important than the rest, when it comes to buying a laptop. And here the balance clearly tips in favor of Lenovo.

What is the reason for this price difference between the two brands? There are several reasons that could explain this. Firstly, HP's dominant position in the market and its recognized prestige throughout the world, which allows it to maintain high prices without losing customers; On the other hand, there is Lenovo's commercial strategy, aimed at offering products of similar quality to HP at lower prices.

Lenovo vs. HP: Conclusion

laptop hp

It is very difficult to establish a verdict clear in the comparison Lenovo vs HP. In general, the former has the advantage of knowing how to adapt to tighter budgets, while the latter offers higher quality products. It all depends on what we are looking for.

For example, if what we want is to find a laptop with the better value for money possible, we will find it in both brands. In the low range, the Lenovo will always be better; on the other hand, within the premium range, without a doubt you have to choose HP.

Thus, we could say that the strengths in which Lenovo manages to overshadow HP (which is why it has become its biggest competitor) are the aesthetics of its laptops, more elegant and visual, and their affordable prices. For its part, HP remains superior when it comes to high-end computers, in which the brand has become synonymous with quality and good performance.

Finally, we must consider what use we are going to give the laptop in question. For example, if you're looking for a gaming laptop, there seems to be some consensus within the gaming world in that the best laptops are the HP of the OMEN range. However, if we talk about convertible laptops (those whose use can be both PC and tablet), Lenovo's are much more practical and versatile. Every case is a world.



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