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Since its launch in 2016, the Nintendo Switch has become one of the consoles most sold in recent years, a portable console that has its audience and that is none other than lovers of Nintendo classics and young children.

The Nintendo Switch is a console that does not drop in price over time and it is very difficult to find, if not almost impossible, any interesting offer for this console. If we can't afford to buy it, we can use a Nintendo Switch emulator for PC and Android.

I say that, for PC and Android, because Apple does not allow emulator apps to be available in the App Store, so use an iOS device to play the Nintendo Switch It is not an option.

Nintendo Switch emulators for PC



The Yuzu emulator is, by far, the most popular Nintendo Switch emulator for PC and with which we can play almost any Switch game with excellent performance.

This emulator has been created by the Citra developers, a popular Nintendo 3DS emulator. For users not experienced in the world of emulators, it can be a bit tricky at first, however, and the internet and YouTube there are a large number of guides and tutorials.

Yuzu is so popular that it is used as a base to create other emulators for Switch that we show you in this article, it allows us play up to 4K resolutionIf our equipment has good performance and is compatible with Nvidia and AMD graphics.

It supports the most triple A games, so we can play any of the most attractive best sellers of this console as Legend of Zelda. In this link, you can find a list of all games compatible with Yuzu.

The negative points of this emulator are that not all controllers are compatible, problems in maintaining a fixed speed of photographs and its complexity when configuring.

To download Yuzu, you can stop by this open source project y download it for free.



Unlike YuZu, Ryujinx is an emulator much easier to configure, but it does not offer us the same features, but we can consider it as the second best option to emulate the Nintendo on a PC, Mac or Linux, allowing us to play games at a maximum of 60 fps in a stable way with adequate hardware.

Being easier to configure, if you do not have to complicate your life to enjoy Switch games on your PC, this is the best application, an application with a very simple interface to use and has more than 1.000 compatible games, although only half of them work correctly today.

To download the Ryujinx emulator, you can from their website clicking on this link.

cemu emulator

cemu emulator

Cemu was one of the first emulators capable of running Nintendo Switch games, but, in addition, it also allows us to enjoy titles from the Gamecube and the Wii U. Although it is not the best option to enjoy titles from the Switch, the developers periodically update this emulator to improve its performance and add new features.

It is compatible with Nvidia and AMD graphics, requires Windows 7 64-bit or higher and 4 GB of memory, with 8 GB the recommended amount. On this link, you can see all the games that are compatible with this emulator.

Allows us play most titles at 1080 and 60 fps, it has a large number has a large number of advanced options that allows us to modify the rendering, resolution, shading and, in addition, it allows us to modify the titles directly from the launch settings, which can make the experience even more fun.

The negative point of this emulator is that the number of supported titles is quite small and the configuration of the controls is anything but simple. You can download this emulator directly from its website through this link.

Nintendo Switch emulators for Android

Inside the Nintendo Switch, there is hardware accompanied by an ARM processor, the same one that was in the mid-range of mobile telephony from 4 years agoHowever, the number of emulators available for this ecosystem is mainly reduced to two.

Android Nintendo Switch Emulator

Android Nintendo Switch Emulator

Android Nintendo Switch Emulator hit the market in 2020 and is capable of running some of the most popular games on this console such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Let's Go ... however, due to the limitations of smartphones and despite support up to 81 titles, most of them hang during the game.

This is one of the emulators that use the cYuzu PC emulator code, which we talked about at the beginning of this article, thus violating the free software license.

At the moment, this emulator only works with a specific control knob where the smartphone fits, however, the idea is to launch a version that is compatible with any control knob.

You have more information about this emulator through this link.

Skyline Emulator

Skyline emulator is an open source emulator for Nintendo Switch that is still developing and it is designed to be 100% compatible with Android, however, you can already start testing it, since the code is available through GitHub, although being in the development phase, it is most likely that it crashes on more than one occasion.

Are Nintendo Switch emulators legal?

No emulator is legal, since they are using a technology developed by another company, in this case Nintendo, without having rights, despite the fact that none of these emulators is paid.

In addition, all available games are available for your download for free, which contributes, even more, to hurting the Japanese company economically.

What is clear is that whoever uses an emulator is because you do not have the economic capacity to buy the console, so the supposed economic damage that console manufacturers always allege comes to nothing.

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