The best games for children rat

Games for children rat

Ratchildren are those teenagers who they spend hours locked in their room playing online with other players. This is at least its definition, a concept that has been with us for a few years and that seems to be going nowhere. This movement has its origin ten years ago and is still very much alive today. If you are or consider yourself one, these are the best games for rat children.

There are a number of games that are closely associated with rat children.. Therefore, below we leave you with a selection of the best games for rat children. Whether you are one or consider yourself one, these are games that should not be missing in your repertoire and that you will be able to play for hours without any interruption.


What to do if the Minecraft username could not be verified

We begin with one of the games most associated with rat children. Minecraft is a classic on the market, a game that has been available for many years, but continues to have a huge legion of followers worldwide. This is also a game that has a large percentage of so-called rat children playing it continuously, so it is a title that could not be missing from a list of this type.

Why is Minecraft one of those rat kid games? You will be able to see that the so-called rat children are those expert players in this game. They know all the recipes, they defend their territories like nobody else does, they build better than anyone else, they know all kinds of tricks to advance and they can craft all kinds of objects that will help them advance. They are the players who stand out the most in multiplayer in it, they move like a fish in water in Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the games where the first wave of these so-called rat children took place and it continues to be one of the favorite games of this type of user. So if you are looking to become one or want to know if you are one, if you spend many hours in Minecraft, you already know the answer.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty is next to Minecraft one of the games where you could see that first wave or generation of the so-called rat children. This wave coincided with the advancement of this game in the market, which became known especially in the late 2000s. These are the dates on which that first generation of rat children was born, according to many web pages. The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty is one of the keys or reasons that have helped its popularity among these users.

The large presence of rat children in this game is something that has always caused controversy with multiplayer mode or Battle Royale between users. There is a large presence of rat children, from many countries around the world, so you are going to face them in all languages. They are those players who will insult you if you kill them or if you are in a better position than them, the ones who will insult you if you play worse than them or if you kill few enemies. Whatever you do you know it won't be good enough.

The various versions of the game that have been released, its many sequels, continue to be popular with rat children. That's why Call of Duty is still considered one of those essential games for rat kids. Its multiplayer mode is one of the reasons why there are so many in this title and it seems that there will be no changes, since it is still a game that has a legion of the most faithful followers around the world today.


fortnite special characters

Fortnite is one of the most popular games for rat kids today, a game that is especially popular with the new generation of rat kids. It is a game that for many has taken over from titles like Call of Duty on the market. Their Battle Royale is the perfect setting for these rat children, who are those users who scream and insult more than anyone when they are playing, surely you will be able to identify them very quickly when you are playing.

Rat children are the ones with the best skins, those who build the best, those who know all the hidden tricks in Fortnite or those who have the best weapons in the game. So you know what you are going to find: insults everywhere. For not having that most recent skin, for not being so good at shooting, if you kill them before they finish you, if you end up better or worse in a list ... No matter the reason, expect shouts and insults everywhere.

Fortnite is a game of enormous popularity, although for many users the environment in the game ends up being somewhat toxic, in many cases due to those excessive insults and fights that many users seek.


GTA is another of the sagas where we find more rat children, no matter what edition of the game it is. It is one of those titles that is very popular among these users. Especially in the multiplayer mode of this game (for example in GTA 5) there are a lot of rat children present, something that many of you surely recognize by now. Since they are identified in the same way as in other games on this list.

If you run into them, if you kill them before they kill you, if they kill you ... No matter the situation, if you do something they don't like you can expect a lot of insults from their part. This series of games is still very popular among rat children, thanks to the presence of this multiplayer mode in them, so you will find many of them when you are playing on any of your devices. It is good to be prepared for it, as it is a constant in these types of games, unfortunately.

How to Identify Rat Children

Rat Boy

We have mentioned some of the best games for rat childrenAs well as those games in which we have a greater number of these so-called rat children. In addition, we have told you something that we can expect on a regular basis from him, which are insults. The reality is that there are a number of aspects that will help us quickly identify a rat child in any online game. These are the characteristics or ways of acting that will help us to know that we are dealing with a rat child when playing:

  • Age: Their name says it clearly, and it is that they are children, in many cases from 8 to 16 years old. They are kids who have little experience and for whom their response to everything is to insult, since they do not know anything else. Also, the games they play are usually the popular games of the moment or those that their favorite YouTuber is playing at the moment.
  • Yelling and insults: This is one of the clearest ways to identify rat children when we are playing online. We can expect a lot of yelling and also a lot of insults. They believe they are better than the other players in the game, so we can expect that attitude from them, with a lot of yelling, arrogance and name calling involved. Especially if we are better than them is when we can meet those screams.
  • Trolls: This is a very typical attitude when they don't play well in a game. If things do not go as they expect, it is usual that they will start to annoy you and behave like real trolls. It is a common attitude, which we must take into account, but it is something that indicates that clear lack of maturity on their part.
  • Microphones: Another aspect that is usually common in rat children is that they are the ones who always have their microphones open. They are the ones who scream and make the most noise of all with a voice of the highest pitch. This is something that can distract many players and be very annoying, so you must be prepared for this phenomenon when you enter one of these games.
  • do you copy: One aspect in which we can also recognize them is that many of their phrases or their behavior are simply copies of some popular YouTubers at that time. Surely you can recognize that they copy expressions that we already know from other people, but this is something predictable, since they are children.

If you take this into account, you will be able to know that it is a rat child and thus not enter his game. Games that have online multiplayer mode are a place where we can expect a lot of child rats, unfortunately for many. So it is good that you are prepared and that you do not let their presence ruin your gaming experience, because this is not something that is worth it.

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