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Gmail is the most widely used email service worldwide. Millions of users have an account on this platform, which they access frequently. Forgetting the access password is something that many surely recognize, since it is something that happens from time to time. The problem is that many users do not know how to recover the password in Gmail.

Here are the various options we have if we need recover our password in Gmail. If you have forgotten your password to access your email account on the platform, we are given several methods with which to recover it. So you will not be left without being able to regain your access.

Gmail gives us a series of options that we can resort to when we need to recover that password. Among these options there is always one that fits what you need at that time or that will be more comfortable for you to re-enter your account in this email service. Gmail gives us many options, so in some of these steps it has to be possible to recover that access to the account. We tell you all that we currently have available on the platform.

Recover with your last Gmail password

Gmail Google account recovery

It may happen that you have recently changed the password in your Gmail account and that you do not remember the new password that you have established, but you do remember the password before the change. This is something that can be very helpful in this case. The first thing we are asked when trying to recover the Gmail password is if we remember our last password that we have used in the account. So if this is the case, we can use it to gain access again.

This is a way to provide additional information to Google, as a way of confirming that it is really us. If you remember those previous password that you used in your account, then you can enter it. This is a step that will serve to identify you to Google and you will be able to start the process of changing the password again and thus have access to your account in the email service again.

Use your Android mobile

Many users have an Android phone, where they use the same Gmail account that they are trying to access now. If this is your case and you did not remember your previous password, your phone is another method that you can use to recover the access code to the platform. In the second step when trying to recover the password we are asked if we have an Android phone. We then click on the Yes button, so that a process begins in which we will use the mobile.

By clicking on that button, then a window will appear on the mobile. In that window we are asked if we are the ones who are trying to log into the Gmail account. We then confirm that it is us, and on the next screen we will be able to establish a new password for our account. So this process is very fast and allows us to recover the Gmail password in a matter of no time. If you have an Android phone, it is one of the best options, since it is something especially simple.

SMS or call

Recover account with phone

If the previous method has not been helpful, if for example you do not have an Android mobile or you do not have your mobile with you at that time, Gmail gives us more options to recover the access password. It is still possible to use our phone to confirm our identity and thus have access to the account again. In this case, we are allowed confirm or verify identity by SMS or call, so that later we can enter the account again. A traditional method, but one that is still available.

On the screen when we are trying to recover the Gmail password, we will be asked if we want to choose an SMS or a call. The result in both cases is the same: a code will be sent to us which is the one that we have to enter later on the PC screen. If we have chosen the call, we will receive that phone call and that code will be dictated to us in order to move on. This code is what Google uses to confirm that it is really us and thus be able to carry out that account recovery. Once you have entered the code that they have sent you, click on next. It will be confirmed that this code is the correct one and then on the next screen you will be able to change your password to access Gmail.

For this method it is essential to have our smartphone with us, since otherwise we will not be able to receive that SMS or the call. If it happens that you do not have your phone with you, there are still options to recover the account at all times.

Alternate Email

When we create an account in Gmail, we are usually asked to give an alternate email address. This account is something that can be of enormous help to us in moments like this, in which we try to recover the Gmail password. There are users who do not have a phone number registered or associated with their account in the mail service, but have that alternative email account associated with it. Then you will be able to use this account in this process.

This step will work the same way as the previous one. A code will be sent to that alternative email account, which is the one that we will then have to enter in Gmail, in order to regain access. First we will be asked to confirm if that alternative email address is the one we have or to which to send the code and then we wait for it to be sent to us. Then we enter it in Gmail and click on next. In the next screen we can carry out the change of the password of our account.

The alternative email account it can be from any other mail service, like Outlook, Yahoo or more. As long as you continue to have access to it, to be able to have that code that they send you from Gmail, there will be no problem in this regard.

Security Question

Gmail password

None of the above methods may have worked and you still haven't been able to recover your Gmail password. Fortunately, there are still methods and options available, although if we are getting to this point, the reality is that this is something that is getting complicated. An option that is still available today is the security question. Many users once established a security question as a way to confirm their identity when accessing the account, and that is also used at that time when we try to recover the access password.

The bad news is that this security question is not something that works by itself, but Google is going to ask us also the date we opened that account of mail in Gmail. We may know the answer to the security question, but if we do not have that date as well (year and month are requested), then this method may be somewhat useless. You can try to answer this fact, if you have an idea about the approximate date you started using your account on the platform. It is important that we get as close to this date as possible on this question.

Last option

Delete Gmail

Unfortunately, it may be the case that all the above options have failed to recover your Gmail password. In this case, you will see that you get to the last page or option in the recovery form in Gmail. Here we are given the possibility to put another email you can check, either one from Gmail or on another platform. We have to verify it after clicking next, because a code will be sent to that address, so that it can be determined that this account is under our control.

Google will contact you through that email address, if they determine that this is really your account. The company will then indicate a series of steps to follow, so that you can finally regain access to your account on the platform. It can also happen that they do not have enough data to determine or verify if it is yours and then they tell you that it is not possible. In that case it assumes that we are left without access to the account in Gmail, we have not been able to recover your password in any way, unfortunately. The problem is that in this process we cannot contact anyone in the company, so there is no way to explain this situation and thus help us to regain access.

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