What should I do to return a cell phone that I don't like?

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Like every year, the Christmas holidays have brought an avalanche of gift mobile phones. In Spain there are many people who have received a smartphone as a Christmas or Epiphany gift. However, many of these smartphones are not exactly what we want or need. Can a cell phone be returned? In principle, it can be done the same as with any other product, although there are some particularities that are worth knowing.

Obviously, things are a little more complicated than, for example, in the case of a shirt or shoes that are not our size. The most important thing is to know if we are within the return period to go to the store to make the change or request a refund.

Before seeing how the return process works, it is important to clarify that this is a right that all consumers have. It is necessary to discard the old belief that only a defective or damaged product can be returned. You can also request a return for other reasons, for example, because it is a gift that we do not like, as long as the request is processed appropriately.

Return period of 14 days


The legal text that supports these and other issues is the Law 3/2014 for the Defense of Consumers and Users. It details that anyone can return a purchased product at no cost, as well as request an exchange or refund. This applies to both purchases in a physical store and online purchases.

You just have to pay attention to the 14 calendar days which are considered a return period without costs. If the cell phone is one of our Christmas gifts that we received on December 25 (or January 6 if it is a gift from the Three Kings), We must look at the purchase date that appears on the ticket, since it is the one that marks the beginning of that 14-day period.

For example: if the mobile phone had been purchased on December 20, the period to return it would end on January 3. It must be insisted: these are calendar days, which include holidays and non-holidays. Within this period, the buyer has the right to a free return, which also includes shipping costs in the case of an online purchase.

To keep in mind: it is common for the seller to require that the product (in this case, the smartphone) has not been used and is returned in its original packaging. That is why it is important not to open the box if we are sure that we want to return the cell phone. Although this does not void the right of return, it can complicate the process, since the seller may object to it.

If you have opened the packaging and have verified that the mobile does not work or is damaged in some way, The seller cannot use this as an argument to refuse to offer us a free replacement or repair. As long as we claim it within the 14-day period, of course.

How to request returns

amazon returns

Let's see below how to start the application process when it comes to new mobile phones (purchased by ourselves or received as a gift) or second-hand mobile phones:

Mobile phones purchased by ourselves

You just have to Contact the seller and submit the request within the aforementioned period. In the physical store with the corresponding ticket, or in the online store from our customer profile, clicking the return option.

Certain sellers, such as Amazon, they are not so demanding with the issue of packaging and sealing (as long as the smartphone is in perfect condition). Other online stores may give us some problems if we have opened the box.

Mobile phones received as a gift

In this case, it will be necessary to talk to the person who gave us the cell phone to get the gift tickets or the purchase invoice. If the device has been paid for in cash, there will be no problem receiving the refund directly. On the other hand, if it has been paid by card, the money will be returned to the card holder.

Second hand cell phones

It is increasingly common to buy refurbished or second-hand mobile phones, also when giving a gift. To return a mobile phone with these characteristics, everything will depend on the means through which we acquired it.

In general, online used cell phone stores are governed by the same rules as conventional stores. However, everything may be different in the case of smartphones purchased in platforms for buying and selling used objects. In the case of Wallapop, it is possible to use your own payment and shipping system. This has special protection for the buyer that contemplates the possibility of returns. If payment is made by hand, everything will depend on the seller's good will.

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