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Programs to scan

If we have a scanner or printer, they usually have a serial program with which we can scan a document. Although in many cases, third-party programs give us more options in this regard. For this reason, many users are looking for a program that suits their needs. Below we collect a series of programs to scan.

Thanks to these scanning programs you will be able to get more out of it to your printers, since they will give you more options than the programs that come standard with these devices. In addition, there are options that are more comfortable or have a simpler design. Therefore, it is good to know some of the options that we have available in this regard and that we can download now.

The programs we have compiled will be able to also download for free on your devices. So you will not have to fear in this sense, they are scanning programs that fit what you are looking for, but that will not cost you anything. So you can choose any of them. Some of them have paid versions, so you can also use them, if you are looking for something for your companies, for example.


NAPS2 program scan

One of the best known options in this market segment. Its acronym reads "Not another PDF Scanner«, which already serves as a good cover letter. This allows us to see that this program is going to give us many options. Since in this program we have the possibility of scanning documents or photos of all kinds of formats. It has support for formats such as PDF, JNP, PNG and TIFF, for example, so we won't have too many problems in this regard.

Another aspect in which this program stands out is that it has great compatibility with scanners of all brands, in addition to the portable versions that it has, which we will be able to download on its website in a simple way. We are given the possibility to choose the driver we want for our scanner, in addition to being able to configure all kinds of options. It is possible to configure the options of dpi size de page o depth de bits, among other. So it will give us many options. You can also edit everything that we have scanned, being possible to rotate, resize or crop.

This is an open source program, which is presented as a very safe and easy-to-use option. It has a simple design, in addition to being available in Spanish, so you will not have any problems using it. Without a doubt, it is one of the best scanning programs that we can currently use.

PaperScan Scanner Software

This second program on the list is an option that has been gaining presence in the market. It has a free version and a paid version., but with its free version we will have enough. The paid one can be something for companies. This is an ideal tool when it comes to scanning documents on a Windows 10 computer. It is also an option that is compatible with the vast majority of multifunctional scanners or printers on the market, so we can use it in all cases.

This is a program compatible with many formats. In its free version we will be able to save everything we have scanned in various formats, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF y WEBP. In its paid version we find a series of additional functions, which are what will allow us to edit those documents that we have scanned. These are functions that may be of interest, but in many cases are of more interest to business users.

PaperScan is a good program to be able to scan documents on your computer. In addition, you will be able to download it for free at any time. Its paid version has a cost of 149 dollars, but for most of you it will not be something necessary, but its free tools will be enough.

Orpalis Paperscan

Orpalis Paper Scan

The third program on the list is a name that may not sound familiar to many of you, but it has earned a place among these best scanning programs. It is another option that stands out for its good compatibility with Windows 10, so that we can use it with all kinds of printers and scanners on the market, for a comfortable and trouble-free use. This is a program that also gives us a series of functions.

We find different plans of use in the same, one of them free and others paid. Its free version will work well for most users, since it will allow us to scan these documents in a simple and comfortable way, which is what we are looking for in this case. This version will allow us to scan text and pass it to Word or scan photos. Also, it supports various formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, WEBP and more. So it is a program that we can use comfortably.

In the professional version of this program, which is mainly aimed at companies, we find a series of additional functions. These are functions such as batch scanning, as well as editing these documents that we have scanned (cropping, resizing, retouching...). It is a program that will allow a simple scan and if you were looking for something for your company, its paid version provides a series of additional functions that may be of great interest.


This program is an option that has a very clear purpose: convert all the documents we scan into a PDF. Therefore, it is an option that can be adjusted for many users, especially if you want to work with a PDF format, or want to send the documents that you have scanned in this format. It is a very useful tool, which is also very easy to use, so it is undoubtedly a great option.

This program will carry out all these conversions quickly, in addition to being able to use it if we are working with various documents. Now that it has the ability to convert multiple documents at the same time, making it a program that we can use both at home and at work. Once this process has been carried out, we will be given several options, so that we can save them, send them by mail and more. It is very efficient this way.

Scan2PDF is a program that has a very specific function, but it is undoubtedly the most outstanding option in this regard, because it gives us a series of additional functions that allow us to get a lot of use out of it. It has an easy-to-use interface, and we can also download it for free on our PC. Therefore, it has everything to be a program that conquers many users.


The name of this program already gives us a clear idea of ​​what we can expect from it: really fast document scanning. It will convert documents or photos into a PDF file quickly and easily. In addition, this is a program that gives us the possibility to scan several photos at the same time and convert them all into a PDF file, even being possible to combine them into a single document, for example.

We are even allowed correct the quality of the images that we want to scan, to get the best possible result. This program allows us to scan presentations, digital photo frames, album pages and even scrapbooks. In addition, it allows us to directly scan images from albums, which is undoubtedly something very comfortable. Among other functions we have the editing ones, such as being able to edit the name of a file and include important data such as the date, the number and more. So it gives us many possibilities in this regard.

ScanSpeeder is a simple program in terms of interface, but with many features available that make it interesting. In addition, it is compatible with Windows 10, so the vast majority of users will be able to use it on their devices. If you are looking for something that is fast and simple to use, then it is a good program to consider in this regard.



For those of you looking for Mac scanner software, then this is the option you need. VueScan is a free program that will do just fine. This program will allow you to get the most out of your scanner, as well as provide high quality image scanning. It also leaves us with many functions that are of interest or that make it especially complete in this regard.

We can use it with all kinds of formats, such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF, in a simple way. Also, it has a multiple exposure function to take two scans with different exposures and then combine them into one image. It also allows us to save what we have scanned automatically or work with the files and edit them. This program gives many options in this regard.

Also, it can not only be used on Mac, since it also has versions for Windows and Linux. Therefore, many users will be able to benefit from it on their computers in a simple way.

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