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Shein is one of the most popular online clothing stores of the moment, a place where we can find the most interesting clothes. One of the keys to Shein is its point system, that allows us to have access to discounts. This system is undoubtedly something that contributes to many wanting to have an account in this store and seeking to earn points, something possible in various ways.

Now, we tell you all about this point system in Shein. This way you will be able to know the way in which points can be obtained in a simple way within this clothing store. Some points that you will be able to use later in your next purchases and thus obtain discounts on those purchases.

What are points in Shein and what are they for

Points in Shein

Shein has a points program in its store, which is designed so that users can get discounts on their purchases within it. These points can be obtained in various ways and will thus be accumulated in the user's account, who can then decide if they want to use them when making a purchase, so that the price to pay is lower thanks to the use of these points.

The store offers many ways to earn points, so those interested will always find a way to earn points to use on their purchases. Although it is important to bear in mind that a series of limits are established in this regard, on the maximum amount of points that can be earned or obtained on a daily basis. These are the maximums:

  • Maximum 8.000 points per day in general.
  • A maximum of 2.000 points per day for comments.
  • A maximum of 500 points per day for events.
  • Maximum 200 points per day for surveys.

That is why we must be careful When trying to earn points in Shein, that we are not going to exceed the maximums that the store establishes in this regard. Although it is usually difficult to reach these maximums, because it means that we really have to carry out many actions in the same day and also, it is usually not possible to do so many surveys or comments in one day, for example.

How to earn points in Shein

Earning points in Shein

This is what most users are interested in, the way this is possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to earn points in Shein, so surely you will find options that will be of interest to you. The store and app on phones allow you to earn points without too much effort. You will not have to do anything weird to get points in your account, which you will use later on purchases. We tell you the methods that exist to obtain points in a really simple way.

Verify your account

The first step we have to do when we start using this store is to verify our account. This action has a reward, because the fact of verifying our email and account already gives us 100 points in Shein. When you open an account in the store, you will receive an email asking you to verify the email address. You will only have to carry out the indicated steps (usually click on a link) and your account will be verified.


Every purchase you make in Shein will earn you points. The normal thing is that the store will give us one point for every euro or dollar we have spent in any order. That is why if we have placed a large volume order in the store, which could amount to hundreds of euros, we are obtaining a good amount of points in our account in the application. These points are added to the account when the receipt of the order is confirmed.

Comments on products


If you have placed an order, the store gives you the possibility of making comments or evaluations about those products you have made. This is one of the most effective ways that we can use to obtain points in Shein, since the store places great importance on the comments of the users and seeks to stimulate comments or evaluations about the products. You will be allowed to comment on all the products that you have received or purchased in your account.

In addition, it seeks to stimulate the those comments or ratings are as detailed as possible. Therefore, there is a point system for comments in the store. This is what you can win in this case:

  • 5 points for posting a comment.
  • 10 Points for posting a comment and including an image (at least one).
  • 2 Points if you include a comment with a size rating.

As you can see, it is very interesting to publish reviews of the products you have bought in Sheinas it is a simple way to earn points on your account. To be able to make comments you will have to wait until you have received the order and then in the app, enter your profile and go to the sent section. There you have access to all your orders and you will be able to make a comment on the products you want.

The store allows you make a comment for each product of that order. That is, if you have bought five different products, you have the possibility to leave five different comments or ratings. Depending on the type of comment you have left, you will be able to earn up to 50 points in this case, so it is a most interesting option for the majority of Shein users. You will not be able to comment if you have not purchased a product in the store.

Open the app daily

An option with which Shein seeks to keep users in the app on a daily basis. Accessing your account in the application every day will allow you to earn points. This is a daily check-in, which means that we must access the application daily for 7 days, so that every day we can earn more points in our account. We will only have to access the account, it is not asked to do anything else in this regard.

In this 7-day cycle we will be able to earn more points each day that we enter. In fact, in a week we can earn a total of 37 points in the app, without having to spend money. Simply by opening the app and accessing our account, we have already obtained those points.

Shein polls and events

In the application on Android and iOS of Shein we we found a survey section. This section is another of the ways to earn points quickly and easily, which we will use later in our purchases. The application usually has enough surveys available, which we will be able to answer then, so that we will earn some points for the account. The normal thing is that these surveys are quite fast and in just five minutes we have completed them, although they usually indicate how long it takes to start.

The amount of points we can earn in these surveys in Shein is variable. There are surveys where we can earn 20 points and others give us only 1 or 2 points, so there are times when it may seem that it is not worth completing this survey. If we are looking to get a certain amount of points and we are short, completing a couple of surveys is presented as a simple way to achieve it. Only users in the app on Android and iOS will be able to do it, it is not accessible from the web.

The store also organizes various events, which have a tab in the app. We can see what events there are and we can earn points simply by participating in them, for example. It is another simple way to earn them.

Do the points expire?

Shein expiration points

One of the doubts of many users in Shein is if the points they have earned expire. The answer is yes and this is something we have to be really attentive to, because we cannot keep those points in the account forever. Also, the time it takes to expire is something that changes dramatically, depending on how we got those points in the first place.

This assumes that the points we have obtained through a comment have a different expiration date those we have obtained in an in-app survey on Android or iOS. In the points section within the application we have a history where we can see all the points that we have obtained, which indicates the way in which we have obtained those points and also their expiration. So we know when to use them in a purchase that we plan to make.

There are some points that expire after a week, while others can last up to three months. It is therefore of great importance that we always keep this expiration date in mind, especially if we were waiting to reach a certain amount of points before placing an order in Shein, because it may happen that when the time comes to place that order there will be a series points that we have already lost, because they have expired. Always keeping your point balance in mind is a good way to make sure you don't go to waste or forget to use some.

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