Spotify stops after 10 seconds, what's wrong?


Si Spotify stops playing, you do not know the reason and you want to solve this annoying problem, you have come to the right article. Spotify, like WhatsApp, works in the background to allow users to enjoy their entire music catalog with our smartphone with the screen off.

However, depending on the manufacturer and the customization layer, the application may stop working, although it has not been closed. The reasons that affect the operation of the application vary and there is no single solution.

Here are the reasons why Spotify stops playing and how to fix it.

Energy save mode

Spotify Background

As I mentioned above, each manufacturer includes a customization layer, a customization layer that includes different battery management modes to try to extend it as much as possible.

Some manufacturers configure the layer so that the applications that are running in the background stop doing so when we stop using the application to use another or when we turn off the screen of our smartphone.

In this way they reduce the battery consumption of applications in the background. The problem, in the case of Spotify, is that the application works 90% of the time in the background and should not close at any time.

The solution to this problem is to access the battery section of our smartphone and deactivate the reduced battery consumption mode if we have it activated. This mode automatically closes all background applications when we stop using them.

If this problem is displayed without this mode activated, in the same battery section we must look for an applications section. In this section, the device will allow us to configure the operation of the application in the background.

Depending on each manufacturer, I cannot show you the steps to follow, but it is not difficult to find the battery management section on each device, taking into account everything that I have mentioned in this section.

background data

background data

Another reason why Spotify stops playing is found, once again, in the customization layer of each manufacturer. Some manufacturers limit the use of the data connection that applications can make when they are not in the foreground.

In this way, they prevent applications that we are not using from consuming data unnecessarily. The problem, as in the previous section, is that the data is essential for Spotify.

If you want to keep your data plan, Spotify allows you to download your playlists. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite music without the need for an internet connection. In addition, you will save battery.

smart data saver

If the application stops playing when we start using another application, we should take a look at the mobile data section to check the use that applications can make of mobile data.

It is more than likely that the manufacturer's customization layer has placed a limitation on the use of mobile data by applications in the background. In the mobile data section, we must locate the applications section and allow Spotify to consume mobile data.

As in the previous section, we cannot show you the steps to follow since this function depends on the customization layer of each manufacturer. It will not be difficult to find the specific section.

Data usage limit per app

data usage limit

Once again, we come across another problem of mobile phone manufacturers' customization layers. Some manufacturers, such as Huawei, allow you to set a maximum data usage limit for apps.

Although natively, it is the user who wants to set it, it is likely that you have set it in an attempt to control Spotify's mobile data usage.

We must take a look at the Data usage menu to check if Spotify has a maximum data usage limit set. If so, we need to remove it for the app to keep running smoothly and without any limitations.

If your data plan is not very generous, you should consider the possibility of downloading the playlists you want to listen to on your device, as long as you are a premium subscriber.

The ability to download playlists or individual songs with Spotify is only available to paid users, not free accounts with ads.

Reinstall the app

If the app is working properly, battery management and mobile data consumption are the only factors that can affect how Spotify works in the background.

If, after reviewing both sections, the application continues to stop playing in the background, it is likely that the application conflicts with another application.

In this case, the best we can do (there is no other solution), is to delete the application and reinstall it again, but not before restarting the device.

Rebooting the device after deleting the app will remove any leftover Spotify from memory. Upon re-installation, the app should work without any issues again.

Spotify stops playing on computer

windows firewall

The Spotify application, like any other application that needs the internet to work, such as Netflix, only works if we have an internet connection.

Without an internet connection, the app will open but won't work. If Spotify stops playing on your computer, you should first of all check that you have an internet connection.

To check it, you just have to open the browser and visit any web page. If so, Windows Firewall is likely limiting the application's access to the internet.

If so, we must access the Firewall control panel and activate the Private and Public boxes. To do so, we must follow the steps that I show you below:

  • In the Windows search box we write Firewall and click on the first result.
  • Next, in the right column, click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Next, we search for Spotify Music and check the Private and Public boxes.
  • Finally, click OK so that the changes are applied to the system.

If still, the application stops playing, the only solution left to us is to use Spotify via website.

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