Steam VR: what is it, how to install it and main games

The popular digital video game distribution platform Steam launched its version for virtual reality in 2014 under the name Steam VR. The success of this initiative has been indisputable. Currently, it offers us more than 1.200 VR (Virtual Reality) experiences with all kinds of games and simulators, as well as an Augmented Reality mode in collaboration with Microsoft.

Steam appeared in our lives in September 2003 by the hand of Valve Corporation. Among other things, it offered protection against piracy, automatic installation and updating of games, saving in the cloud and a lot of other things that ended up seducing gamers around the world.

The leap to virtual reality has been a giant step that has enriched the gaming experience in an impressive way. With Steam VR we not only enjoy games, but now we also literally get into them. We live them.

How to install Steam VR

To be able to enjoy Steam VR it is necessary to be registered in the service. For this it is necessary crear una cuenta (it's free) to which the video games purchased by the player are linked. Before, of course, you will have to download Steam VR through this link.

After downloading, these are the steps to follow:

    1. First of all, you have to install SteamVR. The tutorial opens automatically on startup.
    2. Then we connect the helmet or visor to the equipment and we activate the motion controllers.
    3. Using Windows Mixed Reality, we will open the application Dete on the desk.

Through Dete we can start any SteamVR game from the Steam library. We can even start games without removing the viewer, searching for and installing them through Windows Mixed Reality. For everything to work as it should, we will first have to make sure of the following:

  • That our team has the most recent version of Windows 10 or Windows 11. In the system specifications we will have that the OS Build is 16299.64 or higher.
  • That there is no update awaiting download or installation. If so, all processes must be terminated and the computer restarted.

Minimum installation requirements

To install Steam VR on our computer we will need to have a Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or higher operating system. It also requires an Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 processor, equivalent or better, 4 GB of RAM, as well as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics (equivalent or better). Finally, we will need a broadband Internet connection.

At the moment Steam VR is compatible with the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, among others.

The best games for Steam VR

Forget the keyboard and enjoy the best virtual reality games with Steam VR. The titles that we present to you in this list will make us understand exactly why it is worth investing in a good viewer and enjoying an incredible experience.

Some of them are simply existing titles that have been adapted to the new medium, ideal for those who are making their first forays into virtual reality games and for those who want to try their most beloved game in a new way. Others on the other hand are magnificent virtual reality games created specifically to be lived in VR.

Here is our selection of the top 10, arranged alphabetically:

Archangel: Hellfire


Archangel: Hellfire, game available on Steam VR

This is one of the best virtual reality games for those looking for a fully immersive experience. Archangel: Hellfire is a mechanical shooter that includes a single player story campaign in its versions for PS4 and PC. This campaign places us in the cockpit of a robot the size of a building. From there we will control the two arms of the giant and we can use a huge variety of weapons to beat the terrible enemies that appear.

The PC version offers a free standalone competitive multiplayer mode. Control over the robot is total, with options such as the choice of different structures and mechanical masks. Purchasing the campaign DLC on Steam also unlocks some benefits in multiplayer.

Beat Saber

steam vr beat know

A healthy physical and mental exercise. Beat Saber is a fast-paced, kinetic game where the player must cut color-coded blocks to the beat of background music. Using two movement controllers, we will slide the air vertically or horizontally. It requires a lot of skill and concentration, while inviting us to a total immersive experience.

By default Beat Saber comes with 10 songs to accompany us in the game. However, PC gamers can use a track editor to create their own custom playlists or even download those of other users.


catan vr

Catan: from the gaming table to virtual reality

The board game experience Settlers of Catan brought into the real world in a very successful adaptation. Playing at Catan vr we sit at the table with other players (there can be up to four in line), using the different movement controllers to select and place our pieces. In this way we will build settlements, obtain resources and carry out exchanges.

Doom VFR


Virtual reality to tremble with fear: Doom VFR

A bit of terror. Because virtual reality is so "real" that there is no better way to be scared. Doom VFR is the VR mode adaptation of the popular game Doom, albeit presenting a different story and campaign, with new and colorful combat dynamics.

Half Life: Alyx

steam vr half life

One of the best VR games available on Steam: Half-Life Alyx.

For fans of the game, a glorious return to the world of Half-Life, but with many more options. In this case, we step into the shoes of Alyx Vance instead of Gordon Freeman, fighting hand in hand in City 17. Frenzied shootouts, human and alien enemies, new scenarios and complex puzzles to solve.

Half-Life: Alyx is one of the best examples of what virtual reality means to an action game: multiplying the vivid sensation and excitement of the experience.

Iron Man

iron man steam vr

Iron Man in virtual reality

Undoubtedly one of the best virtual reality games to convince us that we are in the Avengers universe. Thanks to Steam VR we can take control of the suit of Iron Man, explore the different scenarios, fight with the enemies and notice how the adrenaline level rises in our veins.

At the base of operations we will have the possibility to customize our costume and get even more juice from our experience as Tony Stark.

But if you are looking for something different, the game has a campaign mode that pits Stark and company against the supervillain hacker Ghost, an adventure in which other characters, good and bad, will also appear.

No Man's Sky

no mans sky

Exploring new worlds with No Man's Sky VR

The famous space exploration game can also be enjoyed with a virtual reality headset. No Man's Sky takes us to the heart of the new worlds and to the ecstasy of contemplating the vastness of space from the cockpit of our ship. Since the galaxy is a very large place, there is never a shortage of new things to see.

The VR version of this game incorporates numerous updates: multiplayer mode, new options for managing the fleet and the flagship, building bases ... A fascinating adventure to live with the five senses.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

bridge crew

Welcome aboard: Star Trek: Crew Bridge

If you want to fulfill your dream of joining Starfleet, this is your chance: Star Trek: Bridge Crew. You can choose between four different characters: the captain who keeps track of the objectives and gives the orders, the tactical officer (manages the sensors and the weapons on board), the helmsman who directs the course and speed of the ship and the engineer who handles power management and any repairs.

Bridge Crew requires us to constantly communicate with the rest of the crew as we explore space and defend against enemy attacks. The ideal way to enjoy this experience is online multiplayer.

Star Wars: Squadrons

steam vr star wars

The Star Wars universe on Steam VR

For fans of the saga. This is the best way to experience space combat set in the timeline of the original Star Wars trilogy. The player can choose from a long list of iconic spaceships, which we can also customize to our liking.

The aesthetics and essence of Star Wars: Squadrons They are true to the classic Star Wars tradition. We also have a single player campaign mode (you can choose your side: the Empire or the Rebels). There is also an online multiplayer mode, ideal for a great time of fun.


Non-stop excitement playing Stride in VR version

Probably the most physical game on this list. Stride is a freerunning which fits perfectly in virtual reality mode. It will demand our full attention, with continuous jumping and sliding. Its endless modes are a constant challenge that does not give us even the slightest respite.

In addition, it is a game with a lot of potential. New modes and extensions are in the works and are coming out as the game gains popularity around the world. A title that cannot be missing from your VR toy library.


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